The Best College In Each State For Psychology Majors To Get Jobs

by Ryan Morris
Best Places For Jobs, Major-Specific, Rankings - 4 years ago

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Analyze this, folks.

Whether you’re looking at counseling, arbitration, human resources, or just plain old psychology itself, there’s a lot of different careers out there for a budding young Psychology Major. But with all the great Psychology programs out there, it’s tough to decide which college is best to attend.

If you’re going for purely academic purposes, the decision can often be a little easier — you go for the program that best fits your interest. But what if you’re more interested in finding a job with your major than you are in continuing your research?

We were curious, so we did a little digging. Using College Scorecard information, we put together a list of the top schools in each state for Psychology Majors in terms of post-graduation employment.

You’ll find the complete list below, but first, here’s a quick top ten:

  1. Gustavus Adolphus College — Saint Peter, MN
  2. Illinois Wesleyan University — Bloomington, IL
  3. Virginia Military Institute — Lexington, VA
  4. Allegheny College — Meadville, PA
  5. Siena College — Loudonville, NY
  6. Spelman College — Atlanta, GA
  7. Clarke University — Dubuque, IA
  8. Rhodes College — Memphis, TN
  9. Goucher College — Baltimore, MD
  10. Stonehill College — Easton, MA

Looks like there’s at least one thing in Minnesota besides dairy and snow.

How We Determined the Best Colleges for Getting a Job in Psychology

Using College Scorecard data, we determined what colleges from each state had 1) the highest rates of employment 10 years after graduation and 2) the highest rates of Psychology Majors as a percentage of the student body.

We ranked all the schools according to these two factors, finding which schools from each state did the best with both employment rates and percentage of Psych students weighted equally.

Lastly, we ranked the final list of 51 schools (the 50 states plus D.C.) according to their overall rankings, and voila!

Below you’ll find a more detailed Top Ten, followed by the full list.

1. Gustavus Adolphus College


Location: Saint Peter, MN
Percent Psych: 2.83%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 95.59%
A co-ed liberal arts college founded by a group of Lutherans. Named after King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, also known as the “Golden King” or the “Lion of the North,” who I’m pretty sure is not a real person and is in fact a character from Game of Thrones.

2. Illinois Wesleyan University


Location: Bloomington, IL
Percent Psych: 2.65%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 95.37%
A liberal arts college located in Bloomington, Illinois Wesleyan University has a number of well-known former students and faculty. One of these is journalism professor Elmo Scott Watson, best known for his role on Sesame Street as the small red puppet boy.

3. Virginia Military Institute

Location: Lexington, VA
Percent Psych: 2.52%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 96.59%
A military academy located in historic Lexington, VMI keeps showing up again and again and again on our lists.They must be doing something right over there.

4. Allegheny College

Location: Meadville, PA
Percent Psych: 2.78%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 94.62%
A private coed liberal arts school that is the oldest college west of the Alleghenies to use the same name throughout its existence. I don’t know if you’ve looked at a map lately, but there are a few places that are west of the Alleghenies, so that’s pretty impressive.

5. Siena College

Location: Loudonville, NY
Percent Psych: 3.09%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 94.00%
A Roman Catholic liberal arts college founded in the Franciscan tradition, Siena College is named after Bernardino of Siena, which is really cool — although, not really how naming something after someone works, right? I mean it’s named after Siena, which is where Bernardino was from. Maybe Bernardino College was taken? :/

6. Spelman College

Location: Atlanta, GA
Percent Psych: 4.64%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 93.67%
America’s oldest private liberal arts historically black college for women, Spelman College has a long history of involvement in both the Civil Rights movement as well as the feminist movement. I can’t think of anything funny to say about this one, so instead I’ll mention that the incredible and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker is an alumni of Spelman.

7. Clarke University

Location: Dubuque, IA
Percent Psych: 2.59%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 94.29%
Not the first four-year liberal arts college to grace this list and by no means the last, but Clarke University distinguishes itself (for me, at least) by being the alma mater of George. R. R. Martin, creator of the Game of Thrones book series. And if you can believe it, I wrote the earlier joke about Gustavus Adolphus before I was aware of this information.

8. Rhodes College

Location: Memphis, TN
Percent Psych: 2.33%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 95.77%
A private liberal arts college, Rhodes is best known for its eponymous Scholars and for it’s prestigious Mock Trial program, which has so far refused to allow me to participate as an amateur competitor despite my insistence that I am “pretty good” at “law stuff.”

9. Goucher College

Location: Baltimore, MD
Percent Psych: 2.79%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 93.80%
A private coed liberal arts college, Goucher is one of only two colleges in the country that requires its students to study abroad. It’s also credited with founding the game Humans vs. Zombies, so you have them to blame for that.

10. Stonehill College

Location: Easton, MA
Percent Psych: 2.31%
Employment Rate 10 Years: 94.46%
A Roman Catholic private liberal arts college that, as far as I can tell, is neither made of stone nor built on much of a hill. Maybe I’m focusing on these names too much.

Putting It All Together

That’s all! Be sure to check out our official page for Psychology Majors for more information on how to get a job in psychology.

Best of luck!

Detailed Ranking of the Best Colleges for Getting a Job in Psychology

Rank College City St % Of Psych Majors Employment Rate
1 Gustavus Adolphus College Saint Peter MN 2.83% 95.59%
2 Illinois Wesleyan University Bloomington IL 2.65% 95.37%
3 Virginia Military Institute Lexington VA 2.52% 96.59%
4 Allegheny College Meadville PA 2.78% 94.62%
5 Siena College Loudonville NY 3.09% 94.00%
6 Spelman College Atlanta GA 4.64% 93.67%
7 Clarke University Dubuque IA 2.59% 94.29%
8 Rhodes College Memphis TN 2.33% 95.77%
9 Goucher College Baltimore MD 2.79% 93.80%
10 Stonehill College Easton MA 2.31% 94.46%
11 Saint Michael’s College Colchester VT 1.97% 95.77%
12 Carroll University Waukesha WI 2.22% 93.60%
13 Transylvania University Lexington KY 2.05% 94.17%
14 Denison University Granville OH 1.97% 94.68%
15 Bates College Lewiston ME 2.08% 93.75%
16 Presbyterian College Clinton SC 2.86% 92.49%
17 Wabash College Crawfordsville IN 2.15% 93.38%
18 Hastings College Hastings NE 1.79% 96.06%
19 Sacred Heart University Fairfield CT 1.96% 93.67%
20 Colby-Sawyer College New London NH 1.73% 95.63%
21 Alma College Alma MI 1.88% 93.20%
22 Wake Forest University Winston Salem NC 1.74% 93.78%
23 Lyon College Batesville AR 2.40% 91.67%
24 California Lutheran University Thousand Oaks CA 2.76% 91.30%
25 Rider University Lawrenceville NJ 2.04% 92.09%
26 University of Puget Sound Tacoma WA 1.94% 92.33%
27 Lewis & Clark College Portland OR 3.58% 90.86%
28 Birmingham Southern College Birmingham AL 1.94% 92.17%
29 Texas Lutheran University Seguin TX 2.27% 91.36%
30 Xavier University of Louisiana New Orleans LA 1.90% 92.01%
31 Providence College Providence RI 1.46% 94.15%
32 Bethany College Bethany WV 1.77% 92.50%
33 Truman State University Kirksville MO 1.72% 92.55%
34 Augustana College Sioux Falls SD 1.41% 93.92%
35 Catholic University of America Washington DC 2.03% 91.16%
36 Wesley College Dover DE 1.43% 91.63%
37 Carroll College Helena MT 1.40% 91.70%
38 Ottawa University-Phoenix Phoenix AZ 3.15% 88.96%
39 Millsaps College Jackson MS 2.04% 89.74%
40 University of Central Florida Orlando FL 1.89% 89.96%
41 University of Jamestown Jamestown ND 1.02% 93.21%
42 Kansas Wesleyan University Salina KS 0.93% 93.26%
43 The College of Idaho Caldwell ID 2.33% 86.77%
44 Randall University Moore OK 1.19% 89.38%
45 University of Denver Denver CO 1.56% 87.92%
46 University of the Southwest Hobbs NM 1.86% 85.67%
47 Chaminade University of Honolulu Honolulu HI 2.19% 82.01%
48 Sierra Nevada College Incline Village NV 1.88% 84.54%
49 Westminster College Salt Lake City UT 1.68% 85.54%
50 University of Wyoming Laramie WY 0.96% 89.18%
51 University of Alaska Fairbanks Fairbanks AK 0.26% 83.14%
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