20 Best Companies to Work For in Baltimore

We used online company ratings and reviews in order to help us put together our own list of the best companies to work for in Baltimore.

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There’s a lot to do in Baltimore, like checking out all the great restaurants, enjoying the local culture, taking a walk through the town’s parks and museums, and overall just immersing yourself in all the stuff that makes Baltimore…well, Baltimore.

All the great things that make Baltimore home to thousands of families and individuals also make it a haven for job searchers of all stripes, some looking for the very first time, others seeking a change of pace, and others still who are desperately calling every business they can find and hoping that their next big interview will be “the one.”

But there are new companies springing up across the Baltimore area all the time, and this begs an important question for job searchers: which companies are the best for employees to work for?

We were curious — so, using company scores from websites that aggregate reviews like GlassDoor and Indeed as a baseline, we created our own list of some of the best companies to work for that were based within a 30-mile commute of Baltimore, MD.

Does your company make the top twenty? Read on to the full list to find out.

1. Enlighten IT Consulting

Source: Facebook

Location: Linthicum Heights
Company Description: Enlighten IT Consulting is a network solutions company that was founded in order to cater to the technological needs of the Department of Defense and other government intelligence groups.

Employees of Enlighten enjoy the company’s excellent pay and benefits structure, as well as the wide variety of available contracts that help keep employees interested in their work.

2. Tensley Consulting Inc.

Source: Facebook

Location: Annapolis Junction
Company Description: Tensley Consulting Inc. is a contract-based consulting business, another company that provides network solutions to US intelligence agencies.

Employees of the company appreciate the way that working at the company serves as an excellent learning experience for new workers, along with the frequent lunches and constant support provided by upper management.

3. Edwards Performance Solutions

Source: Facebook

Location: Baltimore
Company Description: Edwards Performance Solutions is a private consulting company that provides business solutions to its customers in a variety of business aspects including management, productivity, and profitability.

Employees of Edwards Performance Solutions like the way that the company helps its employees earn certificates and works to provide its workers with flexible scheduling and a supportive work environment.

4. Humphrey Management

Source: Facebook

Location: Columbia
Company Description: Humphrey Management is a property management firms focused on residential apartments and homes, with a dedication to providing excellent customer service and managing developing communities.

Employees of the company enjoy the company’s commitment to supporting healthy habits in its employees as well as the excellent training and community building events that the company puts on throughout the year.

5. Audacious Inquiry

Source: Facebook

Location: Baltimore
Company Description: Audacious Inquiry is a health information and technology company that works to help deliver care solutions to patients and physicians and make the healthcare world more connected overall.

Employees of the company appreciate the excellent office environment that the company has cultivated along with the awesome projects that the company tends to take on.

6. Campbell & Company

Source: Facebook

Location: Baltimore
Company Description: Campbell & Company is an investment manager company that focuses on managing futures and cash equity strategies to its customers.

Employees of Campbell & Company love the company’s compensation and benefits package alongside the collaborative environment, which combine to make lifelong careers at the company a worthwhile investment.

7. Heritage Financial Consultants

Source: Facebook

Location: Baltimore
Company Description: Heritage Financial Consultants is a consulting and asset management company that helps clients manage, understand, and grow their wealth.

Employees of Heritage like working for the company thanks to their great team of coworkers, supportive company culture, and a strong sense of values.

8. Friends Research Institute

Source: Facebook

Location: Baltimore
Company Description: Friends Research Institute is a research company that receives both private and public funding in order to conduct research in fields such as criminal justice, mental health, substance abuse, and infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

Employees of the research group enjoy the fair way that the company treats all of its employees as well as the family-like atmosphere that the company cultivates for itself.


Source: Facebook

Location: Baltimore
Company Description: CARCHEX works as a consumer advocate throughout the car-buying process in order to deter fraud and help consumers save money.

Employees of CARCHEX enjoy the high income potential of their careers as well as the plentiful availability of tools and resources that the company provides them in order to ensure that their work is done accurately and correctly.

10. PCI Strategic Management

Source: Facebook

Location: Columbia
Company Description: PCI Strategic Management is a technology consultation company that provides solutions and expertise to government intelligence organizations, the third on our list to do so.

Employees of PCI appreciate the company’s awesome, supportive culture, as well as the premium benefits that the company doles out to its workers.

11. Straughan Environmental Inc.

Location: Columbia
Company Description: Straughan Environmental Inc. is an engineering management and consulting company that helps clients plan and design their projects according to the unique needs of both people and the environment.

Employees of the company like the way that the company’s upper management seem to genuinely care about the company’s employees, as well as the interesting projects that the company takes on.

12. Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White

Source: Facebook

Location: Baltimore
Company Description: Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White is a law firm based in Baltimore that deals primarily with civil litigation and high profile criminal cases.

Employees of the company enjoy the company’s dedication to helping its younger employees grow, as well as the way that the work they are assigned is always pertinent to cases being worked on.

13. ELTA North America

Source: Facebook

Location: Annapolis Junction
Company Description: ELTA North America is a designer and manufacturer of electronic systems, primarily creating these systems for the benefit of the US Government.

Employees of ELTA North America love the company thanks to its quick growth in a short period of time, as well as due to their appreciation for the CEO and upper management.

14. Window Nation

Source: Facebook

Location: Glen Burnie
Company Description: Window Nation is a window replacement company, one of the leading American window replacement companies and the 5th largest home improvement company in the US.

Employees of Window Nation appreciate the company’s excellent culture and team-based work philosophy, which helps workers interact with customers more easily and effectively.

15. Point Breeze Credit Union

Source: Facebook

Location: Hunt Valley
Company Description: Point Breeze Credit Union is a credit union and “financial partner” that hopes to help its customers meet their financial needs and achieve their goals for the benefit of a larger community.

Employees of Point Breeze Credit Union enjoy the great team of coworkers they get to work with, along with the excellent benefits the company offers its workers.

16. iNovex Information Systems

Source: Facebook

Location: Hanover
Company Description: iNovex Information Systems is a design and engineering consultation company dedicated to bringing low-cost technical solutions to consumers in order to maximize returns on their customers’ investments.

Employees of the company like the friendly, open atmosphere the company promotes along with the transparent leadership team.

17. Survice Engineering Co.

Source: Facebook

Location: Belcamp
Company Description: Another engineering services and tech solutions company based in Baltimore, Survice Engineering Co. works with the US government in support of the national defense.

Employees of Survice love the company thanks to its great group of coworkers and excellent upper management.

18. ClearEdge IT Solutions

Source: Facebook

Location: Jessup
Company Description: ClearEdge IT Solutions is a technology company that uses big data and analytics to help provide their customers with high-tech solutions to data problems.

Employees of ClearEdge IT Solutions appreciate the company’s hands-on owner and the bevy of social events that the company puts on for the benefit of its workers.

19. Angel Publishing

Source: Facebook

Location: Baltimore
Company Description: Angel Publishing provides investment research for the development of strategies and solutions related to finances, marketing, and human nature.

Employees of Angel Publishing enjoy the company’s excellent training programs, welcoming office environment, and high-quality coworkers.

20. Glass Jacobson

Source: Facebook

Location: Owings Mills
Company Description: Glass Jacobson is a CPA and wealth management company that prides itself on working with a wide variety of different business types as well as on providing its employees with an excellent culture.

Employees love the company precisely for this understanding and empathetic culture, as well as the way the company continues to update itself and its technology to keep up with the times.

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Detailed List Of The Top Employers In Baltimore

Rank Company
1 Enlighten IT Consulting
2 Tensley Consulting Inc.
3 Edwards Performance Solutions
4 Humphrey Management
5 Audacious Inquiry
6 Campbell & Company
7 Heritage Financial Consultants
8 Friends Research Institute
10 PCI Strategic Management
11 Straughan Environmental Inc.
12 Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White
13 ELTA North America
14 Window Nation
15 Point Breeze Credit Union
16 iNovex Information Systems
17 Survice Engineering Co.
18 ClearEdge IT Solutions
19 Angel Publishing
20 Glass Jacobson

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