Each State’s Top Travel Destination for Summer 2023

By Sky Ariella
Aug. 15, 2022
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each state's top summer travel destination

Top Travel Destinations Research Summary

  • Mexico was the most popular travel destination in 2022, being favored by 9 states.

  • The Bahamas and Jamaica were also popular travel destinations, being favored by 7 and 6 states respectively.

  • 81% of American adults plan to travel in summer of 2022.

  • France is the most visited country in the world, and brings in 2.6 million American travelers each year.

After spending the better part of two years cooped up at home, many Americans are itching to get back out in the world and start traveling. The season of booking flights is upon us.

The summer of 2022 is one of the first opportunities that many of us have had to take a real vacation in a long time. People want to make the most of it and pick the best destination in the world. So, where is everyone planning on going?

We decided to find out.

Using some research and the help of Google Trends, we figured out every state’s top travel destination for summer 2022.

Other Interesting Finds

  • Mexico was by far the most popular travel destination for Americans in 2022. Every single state had at least some search interest in Mexico as a vacation destination. New Mexico, Alaska, Idaho, and Wyoming showed the most interest in traveling to Mexico this summer.

  • Canada was a pretty popular destination search for Americans in 2022. Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, and Pennsylvania all showed high interest in getting away to Canada.

  • Both North and South Dakota had the most interest in the Bahamas as a vacation destination.

  • Californians, Texans, and Virginians plan to spend their PTO on vacation in Germany.

  • People from across the United States were interested in a trip to Italy – from Kentucky and South Carolina in the south to Illinois, New York, and Minnesota in the North.

  • Maine, New Jersey, and North Dakota are opting to spend their summer of 2022 in the sun at the beaches of the Bahamas.

  • The states showing the most curiosity in going across the pond to the United Kingdom (UK) this summer are Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Washington.

How We Figured This Out

To sort out every state’s top vacation spot choices for the summer of 2022, we started by rounding up a list of the top 10 most popular travel destinations for Americans. There were a number of promising contenders to put on the list. We narrowed it down based on the number of visitors each destination had, the usable search interest on Google, and how popular the place was right now in 2022.

After a bit of research, we landed on these countries as the top 10 most popular travel destinations for Americans in 2022:

  1. Mexico

  2. Canada

  3. United Kingdom (UK)

  4. Jamaica

  5. Italy

  6. The Bahamas

  7. Dominican Republic

  8. Aruba

  9. Spain

  10. Germany

Equipped with a list of America’s favorite holiday destinations, we headed over to Google Trends to see what states were the most interested in each location. We would give Google Trends a location search term, and it would tell us what states were showing the most interest in that term with the most up-to-date data.

To make sure that we were getting the most accurate information, we included the word “vacation” in the search term. Like, Italy Vacation or Aruba Vacation. That way, Google Trends was only showing us the states that were interested in visiting these places soon.

So, when we input “Spain Vacation” as a search term, Google Trends showed us that Arizona, Colorado, and Wisconsin were showing abnormally high interest in these places. Suggesting that people from these states intend on visiting in the near future.

Every State’s Top Travel Destination for Summer 2022

  1. Alabama: Dominican Republic

  2. Alaska: Mexico

  3. Arizona: Spain

  4. Arkansas: Jamaica

  5. California: Germany

  6. Colorado: Spain

  7. Connecticut: Canada

  8. Delaware: Jamaica

  9. Florida: Canada

  10. Georgia: Aruba

  11. Hawaii: Mexico

  12. Idaho: Mexico

  13. Illinois: Italy

  14. Indiana: Aruba

  15. Iowa: Dominican Republic

  16. Kansas: Jamaica

  17. Kentucky: Italy

  18. Louisiana: Dominican Republic

  19. Maine: The Bahamas

  20. Maryland: Jamaica

  21. Massachusetts: United Kingdom (UK)

  22. Michigan: Aruba

  23. Minnesota: Italy

  24. Mississippi: Jamaica

  25. Missouri: Dominican Republic

  26. Montana: Mexico

  27. Nebraska: The Bahamas

  28. Nevada: Canada

  29. New Hampshire: Jamaica

  30. New Jersey: The Bahamas

  31. New Mexico: Mexico

  32. New York: Italy

  33. North Carolina: United Kingdom (UK)

  34. North Dakota: The Bahamas

  35. Ohio: Germany

  36. Oklahoma: Mexico

  37. Oregon: Mexico

  38. Pennsylvania: Canada

  39. Rhode Island: Aruba

  40. South Carolina: Italy

  41. South Dakota: The Bahamas

  42. Tennessee: Canada

  43. Texas: Germany

  44. Utah: The Bahamas

  45. Vermont: The Bahamas

  46. Virginia: Germany

  47. Washington: United Kingdom (UK)

  48. West Virginia: Mexico

  49. Wisconsin: Spain

  50. Wyoming: Mexico

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