15 Fastest Growing Jobs In The United States

By Chris Kolmar
Sep. 7, 2022

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There’s a lot of uncertainty about the future right now regarding the state of the pandemic and the recovery speed of the economy. For those who are about to enter or reenter the workforce, you might be hesitant about choosing a resilient job that’s going to survive the turmoil of the next few years, and understandably so.

While of course there is no way to guarantee you pick the right career, this list of the fastest-growing professions is projected to see a lot of growth and have ample job openings in the years to come.

Key Takeaways:

  • The top three fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. are wind turbine technician, nurse practitioner, and solar installer PV.

  • This list of top fifteen comes directly from the US Bureau of Labor of Statistics featuring projected growth from 2019-2029 and a median annual salary based on 2019 reports.

15 Fastest Growing Jobs In The United States

15 Fastest-Growing Jobs in the United States

  1. Wind Turbine Technician
    Projected Growth: 61%
    Average Annual Salary: $49,000

    Clean, renewable energy jobs are developing quickly as environmental priorities and energy needs shift. Wind turbine service technicians repair and maintain wind turbines, and this profession is already one of the fastest-growing jobs in California.

    There’s likely some climbing involved with this job, although some survey and maintenance tasks can be done with both feet safely on the ground if you’re afraid of heights.

    Requirements needed: The education requirements for this type of work can usually be achieved by completing a technical training program.

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  2. Nurse Practitioner
    Projected Growth: 52%
    Average Annual Salary: $104,000

    Nurse practitioners are highly trained and qualified with an advanced level of nursing that allows them to fulfill many of the same roles as a physician.

    Although their limitations vary by state, many nurse practitioners routinely provide emergency care to patients, including ordering tests, conducting examinations, and prescribing medication.

    Medical jobs are always in high demand; the top six fastest-growing jobs in Georgia are all based in the medical field, with nurse practitioner ranking as number one.

    Requirements needed: To become a nurse practitioner, a master’s degree is usually required in addition to passing a national certification exam.

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  3. Solar Installer PV
    Projected Growth: 51%
    Average Annual Salary: $35,000

    Clean energy jobs have a promising future, and wind and solar are two of the fastest-growing green jobs on the market. Solar photovoltaic installers, also called PV installers, are responsible for, you guessed it, solar panel installation.

    Demand for solar is helping this field of profession boom, especially in sunny states.

    Requirements needed: There are a few different education avenues to become a PV installer, including taking courses at a community college, becoming an apprentice, receiving on-the-job training, or even just taking online classes if you already have construction experience.

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  4. Occupational Therapy Assistant
    Projected Growth: 35%
    Average Annual Salary: $50,000

    These assistants work under the supervision of an occupational therapist to ensure people can maintain or resume their physical mobility to perform everyday tasks and keep a high quality of life.

    As the number of older Americans increases with the baby boomer generation aging into the senior category, demand for this field will likely increase as well.

    Requirements needed: The standard level of education for an occupational therapy assistant is usually an associate degree.

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  5. Statistician
    Projected Growth: 35%
    Average Annual Salary: $72,000

    The role of a statistician has long been recognized as one of the best and highest paying business jobs on the market, and it’s also one of the professions that are seeing rapid growth. It’s currently the fastest-growing job in Florida and ranked as the second-fastest growing job in New York.

    A statistician analyzes data to compile and concisely present the information so it can be used to develop initiatives, track goals, etc. With such a wide practical application, statisticians enjoy diverse work opportunities and can be employed by businesses, government services, health care systems, universities, and more.

    Requirements needed: Education requirements can vary depending on the work involved. Although statisticians usually need a master’s degree in statistics, mathematics, or a different quantitative field, a bachelor’s degree may be sufficient for entry-level jobs while a Ph.D. would likely be needed for research and academic jobs in this field.

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  6. Home Health Aid
    Projected Growth: 34%
    Average Annual Salary: $21,000

    A home health aid provides health-related duties in a client’s home. This can include activities such as bathing, dressing, giving medications, checking vitals, etc.

    Personal care aides operate in a similar capacity but focus on nonmedical services such as light housekeeping, running errands, preparing meals, or even just being available for companionship for clients who are homebound and/or have difficulty completing these everyday tasks on their own.

    The need for both of these roles is expected to grow as our population continues to age and chronic conditions become more common.

    A home health aid is currently ranked number one on the list of fastest-growing jobs in Kentucky, while a personal care aid is the second-fastest-growing job in Oklahoma and third in Colorado, with similar trends across the US.

    Requirements needed: In most cases, no formal education beyond high school is needed.

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  7. Physical Therapist Assistant
    Projected Growth: 33%
    Average Annual Salary: $39,000

    Also called PTAs, assistants work under the supervision of a physical therapist and help patients regain movement and mobility after an injury or illness. PTAs work by the physical therapist’s treatment plan and help patients perform stretches and exercises, often with the aid of special equipment.

    Requirements needed: Although a physical therapist would require a doctoral degree, their assistants are usually able to work after earning an associate degree.

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  8. Health Services Manager
    Projected Growth: 32%
    Average Annual Salary: $93,000

    The purpose of a medical and health services manager is to plan, direct, and coordinate the business activities of healthcare providers. These managers usually work in an office environment based within a healthcare system such as a hospital, nursing home, group medical practice, etc.

    Requirements needed: A bachelor’s degree is usually a minimum required for a medical and health services manager, although it’s not uncommon for many to hold master’s degrees. Some administrative or clinical work experience is usually preferred since this is a managerial position.

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  9. Physician Assistant
    Projected Growth: 31%
    Average Annual Salary: $77,000

    Physician assistants often perform some of the same tasks as a doctor, such as conducting exams, making diagnoses, and prescribing medications. In some cases, the assistant may even serve as the primary care provider for a patient.

    Requirements needed: A medical degree is not necessary to be a physician assistant, but there is a specialized graduate degree that you need to qualify for this profession.

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  10. Information Security Analyst
    Projected Growth: 31%
    Average Annual Salary: $97,000

    An IT security analyst is responsible for keeping organizations’ computer networks safe from cyberattacks. This tech-savvy position usually involves installing software, monitoring for breaches, creating security protocols, backing up files, and creating a recovery plan just in case disaster strikes.

    Computer-based jobs, especially those in web and software development, are growing quickly. These professions are some of the fastest-growing jobs in Illinois and also in Washington and are becoming more and more relevant across the United States as a whole.

    Requirements needed: The level of education required for most information security analysts is a bachelor’s degree.

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  11. Data Scientist / Mathematical Science Occupation
    Projected Growth: 31%
    Average Annual Salary: $102,000

    Data scientists use their expertise to find trends, manage data, and devise solutions to business challenges, while the mathematical sciences are often academic. These analytical and number-focused professions have seen an upward trend in job growth in recent years.

    Requirements needed: Usually, a bachelor’s degree is needed at a minimum, but most in this profession pursue specialized certifications or a master’s degree, depending on the job. Data science skills can also be learned through the military.

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  12. Derrick Operator
    Projected Growth: 31%
    Average Annual Salary: $50,190

    A derrick operator is responsible for inspecting, cleaning, repairing, and positioning the framework that holds the drilling machinery in place over an oil well. Because many seasoned operators are leaving the workforce, the demand for these skilled workers has increased.

    Requirements needed: A high school degree or GED is needed to become a derrick operator, and then on-the-job training is necessary to learn the mechanical and technical skills for this profession.

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  13. Drill Operator
    Projected Growth: 27%
    Average Annual Salary: $39,000

    Rotary drill operators are responsible for setting up and operating the drill systems to retrieve core samples for testing and to extract underground gas and oil.

    Of the fastest-growing energy jobs, rotary drill operators are the highest-paid. The rapid growth demand in this field is due to many longtime workers retiring.

    Requirements needed: To become a rotary drill operator, a high school degree or GED is typically needed. Because a lot of on-the-job experience is necessary, many operators start as helpers on the job and then receive more formal training.

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  14. Oil field Roustabout
    Projected Growth: 25%
    Average Annual Salary: $40,361

    The job of a roustabout is to assemble and repair equipment used on the oil field. This profession requires experience and working knowledge of power and hand tools as well as proper safety procedures due to the occupational hazards that accompany this job.

    The field is losing many of its experienced workers to retirement, leaving a demand for new skilled workers.

    Requirements needed: Usually, a high school degree or GED is necessary, plus on-the-job training. It’s not uncommon for a roustabout to start as an assistant.

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  15. Speech-Language Pathologist
    Projected Growth: 25%
    Average Annual Salary: $65,000

    Several different factors are driving the growth of this profession. Thanks to the increased awareness of speech disorders, the demand for more speech-language pathologists is increasing to help more children develop their language skills.

    Other patients, such as those whose speech has suffered after a stroke, accident, or another medical issue, rely on speech-language pathologists to help regain their ability to communicate.

    Requirements needed: A master’s degree is usually required for speech-language pathologists, and many states also require licensing.

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