The Small Cities Everyone Wants To Live In 2020

By Kathy Morris
Jun. 25, 2020

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Not everyone wants to live in a big, bustling city.

Some people crave the space and slower pace of life that comes with small town life. But where in America are the best small towns for workers to call home? If people vote with their feet, than population is a strong indicator of the most desirable places to live. We hit the data to find the cities with the biggest year over year population boom.

Pull up a rocking chair or grab a seat on your wrap around porch, to find out the fastest growing small cities in 2020.

Careful, some of these towns are growing so quick they won’t be small for long!

The Small Towns Everyone Wants To Live In 2020

  1. Union Park, Florida
  2. D’Iberville, Mississippi
  3. Converse, Texas
  4. Nocatee, Florida
  5. Coldwater, Michigan
  6. Fish Hawk, Florida
  7. Fate, Texas
  8. Prosper, Texas
  9. Bluffdale, Utah
  10. Florida Ridge, Florida

All ten of these cities increased in size a least 10%! A sizable population boom. Something else they have in common? 8 of the 10 are pretty far south.

How We Determined The Fastest Growing Small Towns

This one was pretty simple. We used population data from the Census’ ACS. We simply calculated the difference between 2018 (the latest year data is available) and 2017 for small cities. We examined over 2,000 small cities with a population ranging from 10,000 to 25,000. We did not look at micro-small cities below 10,000.

Finally, we totaled the percent decrease or increase based on total population, to find the cities that saw the biggest population increase. The larger the increase, the faster growing (and more desirable) the town.

1. Union Park, Florida


Source: |

Population Increase: 24%
2018: 13,254

Union Park, Florida is the fastest growing small town in America. Year over year, this Florida city saw an impressive 24% population increase. This cozy Orlando suburb offers residents sunny weather, and a range of attractions that are close- but not too close. It’s easy to see why so many are packing up and moving in to to Union Park.

2. D’Iberville, Mississippi


Population Increase: 21%
2018: 13,531

When people think beach, they often think Florida or California, but Mississippi has some truly lovely beaches on the Gulf Shore. Just ask all the new residents in D’Iberville. While we can’t guarantee all the 2,000+ new residents moved there to its prime location, we’re sure it didn’t hurt.

3. Converse, Texas


Source: Zereshk|GFDL

Population Increase: 20%
2018: 26,246

When you hear Converse, you might think of the shoe, but 26,246 people think home sweet home. Converse, Texas saw an impressive 20% population increase year over year. Where are the coming from? Many are moving to Converse from bustling San Antonio for the high quality of life and cozy, small town feel.

4. Nocatee, Florida


Source: Mathew105602|CC BY-SA 3.1

Population Increase: 14%
2018: 13,266

The planned community of Nocatee, Florida is growing– 14% by last count. The community consists of over 20 neighborhoods. Some of them have age requirements, making them a retirees dream. However, Nocatee has a little something for everyone. From suburb local amenities to being just a short drive away from St. Augustine, there’s a reason so many people are moving to Nocatee.

5. Coldwater, Michigan


Population Increase: 14%
2018: 12,284

Coldwater, Michigan is the fifth fastest growing small town. Coldwater is a picturesque little town where residents know each others’ names. The downtown farmer’s marker and range of festivals keep the community close. Its 2017 population was barely above that of a micro small town, but the secret is out and Coldwater has been seeing a steady population increase for years.

6. Fish Hawk, Florida


Source: jharris408|CC BY-SA 2.1

Population Increase: 13%
2018: 20,054

Fish Hawk, Florida grew its population by 13% in the past year. The cozy suburb has been luring in Tampa residents with its sense of community and a range of amenities that make it a great place to raise a family.

7. Fate, Texas


Population Increase: 13%
2018: 11,705

Over a thousand people moved to Fate, Texas in the span of a year. While that may not impress people used to big city populations, that was a staggering 13% increase in Fate’s size! Fate is one of the fastest growing small cities, but it is also one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and Texas period.

8. Prosper, Texas


Population Increase: 12%
2018: 19,103

The 8th fastest growing town is Prosper, Texas, which saw a 12% increase year over year. Why are so many choosing Prosper to call home? Prosper’s proximity to the Dallas metropolitan area is a huge appeal, and the fact that despite its booming growth it still maintains the small town feel.

9. Bluffdale, Utah


Population Increase: 11%
2018: 12,114

Bluffdale is a booming suburb to the booming city of Salt Lake. As Salt Lake City grows more crowded, some are seeking refuge in Bluffdale. It’s space, affordability, and small town feel no doubt help contribute to its sizable growth!

10. Florida Ridge, Florida


Source: Ebyabe|GFDL

Population Increase: 10%
2018: 21,371

Florida Ridge is growing quickly! Year over year, it saw a 10% population increase. Florida Ridge offers its residents ocean access and affordability in spades- with a median home price of $140,800 as the cherry on top. If it keeps growing at this rate, it won’t be long before Flordia Ridge is no longer a small city. What’s not to like?

Truly Booming Small Towns

These 10 small towns are growing quickly. Many are projected to continue their growth for the next decade, transforming into thriving middle sized cities.

Until then the small town charm, friendliness, and unique amenities each town offers will continue to lure in new residents.

You can see the 100 fastest growing small cities below.

The 100, Fastest Growing Small Towns

Rank Place Population Increase
1 Union Park CDP, Florida 24%
2 D’Iberville city, Mississippi 21%
3 Converse city, Texas 20%
4 Nocatee CDP, Florida 14%
5 Coldwater city, Michigan 14%
6 Fish Hawk CDP, Florida 13%
7 Fate city, Texas 13%
8 Prosper town, Texas 12%
9 Bluffdale city, Utah 11%
10 Florida Ridge CDP, Florida 10%
11 Damascus CDP, Oregon 10%
12 Fort Mill town, South Carolina 10%
13 World Golf Village CDP, Florida 10%
14 Stone Ridge CDP, Virginia 10%
15 Bluffton town, South Carolina 10%
16 Buda city, Texas 9%
17 Forney city, Texas 9%
18 Centerton city, Arkansas 9%
19 Groveland city, Florida 9%
20 Apollo Beach CDP, Florida 9%
21 Anna city, Texas 8%
22 Orchards CDP, Washington 8%
23 Kailua CDP (Hawaii County), Hawaii 8%
24 Maltby CDP, Washington 8%
25 Windsor town, Colorado 8%
26 Waxhaw town, North Carolina 8%
27 Waukee city, Iowa 8%
28 Martha Lake CDP, Washington 7%
29 Grimes city, Iowa 7%
30 Villas CDP, Florida 7%
31 Rockport city, Texas 7%
32 Boerne city, Texas 7%
33 Urbana CDP, Maryland 7%
34 Annapolis Neck CDP, Maryland 7%
35 Pace CDP, Florida 7%
36 Sun City Center CDP, Florida 7%
37 Warrington CDP, Florida 7%
38 Firestone town, Colorado 7%
39 Youngsville city, Louisiana 7%
40 West Haven city, Utah 7%
41 Arizona City CDP, Arizona 7%
42 Pinewood CDP, Florida 7%
43 Clarksburg CDP, Maryland 7%
44 Frederick town, Colorado 7%
45 Ewa Gentry CDP, Hawaii 6%
46 New River CDP, Arizona 6%
47 Fuquay-Varina town, North Carolina 6%
48 Jasmine Estates CDP, Florida 6%
49 California CDP, Maryland 6%
50 Brock Hall CDP, Maryland 6%
51 Summerfield CDP, Maryland 6%
52 Leland town, North Carolina 6%
53 New Albany city, Ohio 6%
54 Cockeysville CDP, Maryland 6%
55 Bay Point CDP, California 6%
56 Hampton Bays CDP, New York 6%
57 Holly Springs city, Georgia 6%
58 Oak Grove CDP, South Carolina 6%
59 Elkridge CDP, Maryland 6%
60 Gulf Shores city, Alabama 6%
61 Ruskin CDP, Florida 6%
62 Upper Grand Lagoon CDP, Florida 6%
63 Pecan Grove CDP, Texas 6%
64 Maili CDP, Hawaii 6%
65 Hutto city, Texas 6%
66 Muscoy CDP, California 6%
67 Knightdale town, North Carolina 6%
68 Picayune city, Mississippi 6%
69 Lone Tree city, Colorado 6%
70 Cutlerville CDP, Michigan 6%
71 Eagle city, Idaho 6%
72 Midlothian city, Texas 6%
73 Royse City city, Texas 6%
74 Hanahan city, South Carolina 6%
75 Sun Village CDP, California 6%
76 Frederickson CDP, Washington 6%
77 White Oak CDP, Ohio 5%
78 Happy Valley city, Oregon 5%
79 Bourbonnais village, Illinois 5%
80 Mebane city, North Carolina 5%
81 Lockhart CDP, Florida 5%
82 Clayton town, North Carolina 5%
83 Bethany CDP, Oregon 5%
84 Conway city, South Carolina 5%
85 Port Salerno CDP, Florida 5%
86 Kingstowne CDP, Virginia 5%
87 Papillion city, Nebraska 5%
88 Cedar Mill CDP, Oregon 5%
89 Cherry Hill CDP, Virginia 5%
90 Aldine CDP, Texas 5%
91 Shady Hills CDP, Florida 5%
92 Mill Creek East CDP, Washington 5%
93 Cypress Lake CDP, Florida 5%
94 Kuna city, Idaho 5%
95 Lansdowne CDP, Virginia 5%
96 Broussard city, Louisiana 5%
97 Dentsville CDP, South Carolina 5%
98 Washington city, Utah 5%
99 Katy city, Texas 5%
100 Murraysville CDP, North Carolina 5%

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