These Are The 10 Hardest Working Places In Rhode Island

by Chris Kolmar
Rankings - 4 years ago

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America has been known as the land of opportunity for as long as I can remember. It’s the one place in the world where if you bare down and keep your nose to the grindstone, you can make a better life for your family and yourself.

And while everyone in Rhode Island works hard, there’s a certain part of the Ocean State that takes the Puritan work ethic to the extreme — the hardest working places in Rhode Island .

Who’s the leader of this work around the clock ethos? That would be Newport which takes top honors for the hardest working place in Rhode Island. People work so hard there they manage to make getting to work a job.

So what other places burn the midnight oil to bring home a large piece of bacon? You’re going to have to get to the office early and stay late on Fridays to beat out these places in Rhode Island for a promotion:

  1. Newport
  2. Narragansett Pier
  3. Kingston
  4. Valley Falls
  5. Wakefield-Peacedale
  6. Cumberland Hill
  7. Greenville
  8. Warwick
  9. Newport East
  10. Cranston

So listen up Pawtucket as we explain how we created this ranking, you could learn some things from the rest of the state.

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How We Determined The Hardest Working Places In The Ocean State

Like all problems here at Zippia, we start with the data to answer the hard questions. Some might even consider us the hardest working data-crunchers this side of the Mississippi.

In this particular case, we went to the latest version of the American Community Survey looking for answers. As luck would have it, the Census Bureau just released the 2009-2014 5-Yr Estimate which would make this analysis the first of its kind with the new data.

After scrolling through what seemed like hundreds of criteria, we settled on this set for each State:

  • Average hours worked
  • Average commute time
  • Workers per household (Employed labor force divided by the number households)
  • Labor force participation rate
  • Adults with a college degree

Our thinking went something along the lines of if you are spent the many years getting a degree, are actively seeking employment, work a ton of hours when employed, and spend forever getting to work, you get the Zippia hardworking stamp of approval.

After we got the data for all 18 places in Rhode Island, we ranked each place from 1 to 18 for each of the criteria with 1 being the “hardest working”.

Next, we averaged the rankings for each to create a hardworking index.

Finally, we crowned the place with the lowest hard working index the “Hardest Working Place In Rhode Island”. And, at the end of the day, Newport had its hard work pay off.

Read the detailed chart below to learn a bit more about why each place ranked where it did.

1. Newport

Newport, Rhode Island

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 24,599College Graduates: 49.7%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 39.0
Workers Per Household: 1.4

2. Narragansett Pier

Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 3,749College Graduates: 59.3%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 39.7
Workers Per Household: 1.1

3. Kingston

Kingston, Rhode Island

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 7,136College Graduates: 69.4%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 26.6
Workers Per Household: 4.0

4. Valley Falls

Population: 12,108 College Graduates: 28.3%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 37.5
Workers Per Household: 1.5

5. Wakefield-Peacedale

Population: 8,911 College Graduates: 48.9%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 36.1
Workers Per Household: 1.4

6. Cumberland Hill

Population: 8,194 College Graduates: 35.3%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 37.0
Workers Per Household: 1.3

7. Greenville

Population: 8,596 College Graduates: 33.7%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 36.1
Workers Per Household: 1.4

8. Warwick

Warwick, Rhode Island

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 82,065College Graduates: 30.3%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 38.0
Workers Per Household: 1.3

9. Newport East

Newport East, Rhode Island

Source: Google Maps

Population: 10,953College Graduates: 35.5%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 37.8
Workers Per Household: 1.3

10. Cranston

Cranston, Rhode Island

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 80,680College Graduates: 29.6%
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 37.6
Workers Per Household: 1.4

Detailed List Of Hardest Working Places In Rhode Island

City Rank Population College Graduates Average Hours Worked Per Week Workers Per Household
Newport 1 24,599 49.7% 39.0 1.4
Narragansett Pier 2 3,749 59.3% 39.7 1.1
Kingston 3 7,136 69.4% 26.6 4.0
Valley Falls 4 12,108 28.3% 37.5 1.5
Wakefield-Peacedale 5 8,911 48.9% 36.1 1.4
Cumberland Hill 6 8,194 35.3% 37.0 1.3
Greenville 7 8,596 33.7% 36.1 1.4
Warwick 8 82,065 30.3% 38.0 1.3
Newport East 9 10,953 35.5% 37.8 1.3
Cranston 10 80,680 29.6% 37.6 1.4
Tiverton 11 7,300 28.7% 37.7 1.3
Westerly 12 17,984 28.4% 38.0 1.2
Woonsocket 13 41,136 14.0% 37.8 1.1
Providence 14 178,562 28.6% 35.6 1.5
East Providence 15 47,166 25.9% 38.0 1.3
Pascoag 16 4,310 14.5% 39.0 1.2
Central Falls 17 19,406 8.0% 36.2 1.4
Pawtucket 18 71,313 17.4% 37.2 1.4
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