January Is The Month With The Most Firings And Layoffs

Using data from the BLS’s JOLT Survey, we determined that January is the month with the most firings and layoffs on a non-seasonally adjusted basis.

Chris Kolmarby Chris KolmarStudy - 3 months ago

Months Of The Year With Most Firings And Layoffs

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Summary of Findings:

  • January is the month of the year with the most firings and layoffs.
  • January averaged over 2.1mil firings and layoffs over the last five years.
  • January accounts for over 10% of all firings and layoffs.
  • February is the month with the lowest number of firings and layoffs. (Note: It also has the fewest days of any month)
  • August, the month with the 3rd most firings and layoffs, has the most quits each year (By a wide margin)

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics JOLT Survey. Not seasonally adjusted.

Most Quits By Month

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