January Is The Month With The Most Firings And Layoffs

Chris Kolmar
by Chris Kolmar
Study - 10 months ago

Months Of The Year With Most Firings And Layoffs

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Summary of Findings:

  • January is the month of the year with the most firings and layoffs.
  • January averaged over 2.1mil firings and layoffs over the last five years.
  • January accounts for over 10% of all firings and layoffs.
  • February is the month with the lowest number of firings and layoffs. (Note: It also has the fewest days of any month)
  • August, the month with the 3rd most firings and layoffs, has the most quits each year (By a wide margin)

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics JOLT Survey. Not seasonally adjusted.

Most Quits By Month

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