The Most Popular International Beer In Your State (And The Most Obscure Favorite)

By Kathy Morris
Jul. 24, 2020

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Across the country, many workers unwind from the work day with their favorite beer. While many drink domestics, foreign beers are becoming increasingly popular. In honor of International Beer Day on August 7th, we set out to find the most popular international beer in each state– plus the obscure fan favorite.

You can keep reading to see our fun findings and what the hipster international beer is in your state.

What We Found Out

  • The three most popular international beers are Corona, Modelo, and Guinness.
  • The Southern border states’ beer of choice is Modelo.
  • Brrr, almost all the Guinness drinking states are pretty far north. Must be something about scarves and winter storms that make them crave a creamy pint of Ireland’s finest.
  • Heineken was once the most popular foreign beer in America, but it didn’t make the cut. No worries, Hawaii, Montana, and West Virginia still love to put one back.
  • America loves Mexican beers- Corona, Modelo, Pacifico, and Dos Equis are all brewed in Mexico. No surprise, it goes way better Tuesday Tacos than a Bud.
  • Rhode Island is the only state to prefer the Jamaican beer Red Stripe

How We Determined Each State’s International Beer Of Choice

Using Google Trends, we determined the international beer of preference in each state, looking at 30 popular beers world wide.

Since the Coronavirus caused a spike in interest in Corona beer in March (people are weird), we opted to look at 2019 to insure the results were not impacted by news interest rather than beer interest. Corona still dominated- being the international beer of choice in 32 states.

We then opted to dig little deeper to determine what obscure international beer is more popular in your state than almost anywhere else. For this, we used the remaining 27 beers.


As you raise your glass, bottle, or can to end of the work with, maybe you can fill it up with something a little more exotic than Bud Light.

After all, it’s International Beer Day, why not celebrate accordingly? While chances are your international beer of choice is Corona, Modelo, or Guinness, there are a lot of international beers out there. Why not try a Krombacher or turn your former Miller time into Red Stripe time?

Regardless of what you choose to drink, it’s Friday! Now it’s time for you to raise your feet and relax after another work week well done.

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