Food makes the world go around, and every person and community has a unique perspective and relationship with it. This may not sound like pertinent information for finding a job, but it can be helpful to understand when you’re considering where you might like to relocate, start a business, or tap into a new market.

Food is also a powerful tool people use to build relationships with coworkers and clients, so it’s important to understand how to take full advantage of this.

We’ve put together a number of resources to help answer all of your food-related questions, and in these articles, you’ll learn:

  • Different states’ food preferences.

  • The costs of different foods in each state.

  • Ideas for dishes to bring to your next work potluck.

  • Business dinner etiquette tips.

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The 10 Best Lending Companies To Work For In New Jersey

Even if you enjoy your actual job, the company you work for can make or break your overall satisfaction at work. Because of this, it’s important to find employers that will treat you well and provide plenty of career opportunities. To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of ten of the best […]

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Each State’s Favorite Easter Treat (Spoiler: Apparently some people DO like Peeps)

Favorite Easter Treats Summary 14 out of 50 states make hard-boiled eggs their top Easter food priority. Americans buy over 700 million Peeps each year. Over 180 million eggs are purchased around Easter every year. In 2022, Americans spent $6.58 billion on Easter food. For most 9-to-5’ers, Easter won’t get you a holiday off from […]

Percent Of People Drinking At Work [Survey]

Survey Summary. We surveyed 2,000 workers to find out who is drinking on the clock- and what they’re drinking. You can see which states have the most people saying “cheers” during work hours, and our most interesting findings below: 34% of workers admit to having had alcohol during work hours. You’ve heard of the wheat […]

Survey: 33% Of Workers Admit To Stealing Food From Coworkers

Stealing Food From Coworkers Research Summary 33% of workers admit to stealing food from their coworkers 47% of workers have been victims of food theft by coworkers Alaska is the worst state for food theft in the workplace, with 64.3% of workers swiping food there. Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont all have […]

Hey Good-Lookin’, What’s Cookin: The Food Each State is Known For

Foods States Are Known For Research Summary Despite a massive interior, 11 states are well known for their seafood. Americans also like their meat and sandwiches, with 7 states being well known for one or the other respectively. Illinios is the only state that’s most well known for its pizza; what gives New York? When […]

Each State’s Favorite Sauce (Hint: There’s a reason why it’s on most restaurant tables)

States’ Favorite Sauces States Research Summary Ketchup reigns supreme, being favored by a whopping 25 states. Barbeque sauce is the next runner-up, despite being favored by only 5 states. 8 states have a favorite sauce that’s only #1 in their state. Did you celebrate March being National Sauce Month? Probably not, but judging from America’s […]

What Each State Will Ring In The New Year Drinking

States’ Favorite New Year Drink Research Summary Champagne is the most popular drink on New Year’s Eve, being favored by 21 states. 29% of all Americans drink Champagne on New Year’s Eve. When it comes to alcohol sales, Champagne comprises 17.36% of all sales, followed by red wine (7.6%), and vodka (6.39%). An estimated 360 […]

Food Highlighted Articles

How To Come Up With Healthy Work Lunch Ideas (With Examples)

Our complete guide to coming up with healthy lunch ideas to keep yourself healthy and chock full of those good nutrients.

The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side In Every State (Spoiler: Mashed Potatoes Are Still The Best)

Best Thanksgiving Sides Research Summary The most popular Thanksgiving side in the U.S. is mashed potatoes, which reigns supreme in 9 states. The second most popular side is rolls, being favored by Utah, Florida, North Carolina, and West Virginia. 74% of Americans expect to be eating at least 4 side dishes on Thanksgiving. 75% of […]

Business Dinner Etiquette: Everything You Need To Know

For many people, the thought of attending a business dinner can be a tremendous source of anxiety, whether the purpose of the event is to pitch a sale to a new client, land a job, impress your boss, or any number of goals you don’t want to mess up with a less-than-stellar performance. If you […]

53 Easy Potluck Ideas For Work

53 Easy Potluck Ideas For Work

Potlucks are popular gatherings at offices, and while they can be a great opportunity to get to know your coworkers better, it can be difficult to decide what to bring. If you find yourself in this position, keep reading: We’ve put together some tips on how to decide what to bring to your office potluck […]

The Most Popular Beer In Each State (Hint: They Are Pretty Basic)

Most Popular Beer Research Summary The most popular beer brand in the US is Budweiser, being the favorite of 27 states. As of 2021, the global beer industry has a market size of $768.17 billion. Americans consume over 6.3 billion gallons of beer each year. The global beer industry is projected to grow at a […]

The Food Each State Hates The Most

Most Hated Foods Research Summary The most hated food in the US is Olives, being named the worst by 13 states. Anchovies are also unpopular, with 12 states saying it’s the worst food. There are only 10 foods collectively despised by different states: olives, anchovies, eggplant, beets, turkey bacon, bologna, sushi, well-done steak, carrots and […]

How Much A Big Mac Costs In Every State

Big Mac Cost Per State Research Summary The state with the most expensive Big Mac is Hawaii, where the burger costs $5.31. The state with the cheapest Big Mac is Mississippi, where it costs only $3.91. There are over 550 million Big Macs sold in the US each year. When the Big Mac was first […]

Craft Beer for the Win: The States with the Most Breweries

States With The Most Breweries Research Summary The state with the most breweries per capita is Vermont, where there are 68 breweries or 1 brewery per every 140 mi². The state with the least breweries per capita is Mississippi, where there are 14 breweries or 1 brewery per every 3,460 mi². The state with the […]

How Much A Loaf Of Bread Costs In Each State

Loaf Of Bread Cost Research Summary The state with the cheapest bread is New Jersey, where a loaf only costs $0.67. The state with the most expensive bread is Hawaii, where a loaf costs $3.24. The average American consumes 53 pounds of bread per year. 99.8% of the US population consumes bread. Got bread? The […]

Here’s How Much A Dozen Eggs Costs In Each State

Cost Of Eggs In Each State Research Summary The state with the most expensive eggs is Hawaii, where a dozen eggs costs $4.49. The state with the cheapest eggs is Illinois, where a dozen eggs only costs $0.42. Americans collectively consume 95 million dozen eggs per year. There are over 325 million commercial laying hens […]

How Much It Costs To Buy A Gallon Of Milk In Each State

Cost Of Milk In Each State Research Summary The state with the most expensive milk is Hawaii, where a gallon of milk costs $4.69. The state with the cheapest milk is Illinois, where a gallon of milk costs only $0.93. The average American drinks 18 gallons of milk per year. As of 2020, the U.S. […]

Here Are The States That Eat The Most (And Least) Ice Cream

States That Like Ice Cream The Most Research Summary The state that likes ice cream the most is California, where there are 4,263 ice cream shops. The state that likes ice cream the least is Minnesota; probably a little chilly there for a cold snack. The average American consumes 20 pounds of ice cream per […]

Each State’s Favorite Halloween Candy (Spoiler: Somehow Candy Corn Makes The List)

States’ Favorite Candy Research Summary The most popular candy among the states is the Kit Kat, with 6 states claiming it as their favorite. 28 states prefer chocolate candies while 22 prefer gummies, fruit-flavored candies, and other non-chocolate candies. The average American eats 8 pounds of candy per year. As of 2022, the U.S. candy […]

The States That Love Pickles the Most (And The Least)

States That Love Pickles Research Summary The state that loves pickles the most is Maine.. The state that just can’t stand pickles is Hawaii. Americans collectively consume a whopping 20 billion pickles each year. As of 2021, the global pickles market is worth $11.1 billion. Here’s the dill. Pickles are delicious. They’re the bread and […]

Each State’s Favorite Cereal: The Most Popular Cereal Brands In The US

States’ Favorite Cereals Research Summary The most popular cereal in the U.S. is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is the most popular cereal in 13 states. Froot loops is a close second, being the favorite of 8 states. In total, Americans eat roughly 2.7 billion boxes of cereal every year. The first cereal ever made, Granula, […]

United States Of Cheese: Each State’s Favorite Cheese

Each State’s Favorite Cheese Research Summary Being the favorite of 8 states, Queso Blanco is the most popular cheese in the U.S. Cream cheese is the second most popular cheese in the U.S., enjoyed by 6 states. Soft cheeses were the favorite for 24 states, while semi-hard cheeses only appease 5 states. As of 2020, […]

The 10 States That Love BBQ The Most (And Least)

States That Love BBQ The Most Research Summary The state that loves BBQ the most is Montana, with 16th highest number of BBQ restaurants per capita and a low search volume of 65. The state that’s the least into BBQ the most is Rhode Island, with 45th lowest number of BBQ restaurants per capita and […]

The 10 Most Pizza-Loving States (And Each State’s Favorite Slice)

Pizza-Loving States Research Summary The state that loves pizza the most is Connecticut, where there are 3 pizza stores per capita. The state that dislikes pizza the most is Hawaii, where there’s only 1 pizza store per capita and their favorite pizza isn’t even Hawaiian. A whopping 29 states prefer cheese pizza over all other […]

The 10 States That Love Fast Food The Most (And The Least)

Fast Food Loving States Research Summary The state that loves fast food the most is Alabama, where there are 6.3 restaurants for every 10,000 residents. The state that with the least fast food restaurants is Vermont, where there are only 1.9 restaurants for every 10,000 residents. There are 194,395 fast food restaurants in the U.S. […]

Map: The Sandwich Each State Is The Biggest Fan Of

Favorite Sandwich By State Research Summary BBQ sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and chicken sandwiches are the most popular in the U.S., each favored by 6 states respectively. 28 states prefer hot sandwiches over cold ones. Americans eat 300 million sandwiches every single day. Sandwich, it’s what for lunch. The average US worker spends $20 a week […]

State Of Fry: Each State’s Favorite Type Of French Fry

State’s Favorite French Fries Research Summary The most popular type of french fries in the U.S. are Waffle Fries and Cheese Fries, with each being the favorite of 12 states respectively. The average American consumes a whopping 30 pounds of french fries per year. In total, Americans consume an estimated 4.5 billion pounds of french […]

18 Meal Prep Recipes for When You Have No Microwave

18 Meal Prep Recipes For When You Have No Microwave

Bringing lunch to work is a great way to eat healthier and save money. It can get tricky, however, to know what to bring if your office doesn’t have a microwave and you just can’t handle the thought of eating one more soggy sandwich. There are more possibilities for these types of meals than you […]

Map Of Each State’s Favorite Snack (Spoiler: Some Are Better Choices Than Others)

Favorite Junkfoods Research Summary Oreos are the most popular snack in the U.S., favored by 5 states. 29 states favor sweet snacks over salty ones. Wyoming and North Dakota love their sunflower seeds, though maybe they didn’t have enough people for the survey and asked birds instead. All the “itos” chips (Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos) […]

Survey: Workers Want (And Enjoy!) Office Halloween Parties

Office celebrations can be an opportunity to break up the daily grind and build office culture. However, for every fun office celebration (or tempting bowl of candy in the communal kitchen), there is a cringe-y observation that leaves workers longing for their desks. We surveyed 1,000 workers to better understand workers’ thoughts on Halloween celebrations. […]

The Most Pumpkin Spice Obsessed States, According To Google

Fall is a season, but for some it’s a way of life. You know the sort, the girl in the office who layer on scarves even when they’re sweating and overuse hashtags like #PumpkinsPumpkinsPumpkins. For some pumpkin spice lattes and other goods have become the trademark of autumn- as much as the falling leaves. There’s […]

Hot dog! These States And Cities Eat The Most Hot Dogs

July 4th may mean hot dogs to you, but get ready to bun up again because July 23rd isgt;National Hot Dog Day. In fact, the whole month of July is sandwiched between in peak hot dog season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day- a period of time where Americans are expected to consume 7 billion […]


Happy National Candy Month. In honor of this very serious, highly celebrated holiday, we set out to find what each state’s favorite candy was. After all, snacking is one of workers favorite non-work things to do at work. While it might be lunch o’clock somewhere, most of the day is the snack time. Sure, workers […]

How Each State Eats Their Steak (Warning: Some states are doing it wrong)

In honor of National Beef Month, we cut out the fat and got right to the good stuff- Steak. From rare to well done, most people know how they like their steak– and have a strong opinion about it. But as anyone who’s ever gone to dinner with their Midwestern aunt knows, not everyone has […]

How Every State Likes Their Eggs Best

Happy National Egg Month. That’s right, the month of May is the highly serious, highly celebrated month of eggs. Since eggs are one of our favorite workday fuels, we set out to find each state’s favorite way to eat eggs. You can see how we found out each state’s favorite way to eat an egg […]

Each State’s Favorite Mother’s Day Brunch Food

It is a universally acknowledged truth, that a mother on Mother’s Day is in want of a good brunch. Don’t believe me? Just look at the skyrocketing Google search volume for various breakfast concoctions, or the restaurant servers bracing for the busiest day of the year. However, not all brunch options are created equal. To […]

Each State’s Favorite Drunk Fast Food (Spoiler: Not nearly enough Taco Bell)

Anyone who’s worked fast food knows after midnight the majority of your customers are more sauced than the food. For whatever reason consuming copious amounts of alcohol seems to be correlated with consuming copious amounts of foil wrapped food covered in cheese. It got us thinking, what is the best, quintessential drunk food? Taco Bell […]

Quick Lunch Ideas For Work

If you’re currently in the workforce, you know just how time-consuming a job can be. Between the commute and the hours at the office, preparing food for lunch seems like an unnecessary chore for many. This typically leaves employees reliant on the company’s cafeteria or local restaurants or food stores to provide them with lunch. […]

Simple And Healthy Snacks For Work

Working an eight-hour day is a long time to be away from home. Most employees get an hour lunch break where they can eat a hearty meal. However, many may lose energy and crave additional food throughout the day. Snacks are important to keep on hand, especially if your lunch is delayed or if you […]

Wine O’Clock: The States That Love Wine The Most

There are some occasions that are just better with a glass of wine in one hand. Work happy hours, weddings, and lazy Sunday brunches are just a few occasions that call for opening a bottle of wine. However, wine fans are in luck, because February 24th is National “Drink Wine” Day. That means all day […]

The Most Margarita Loving States, According To Google

The weather outside may be icy, but tis the season for a margarita on ice. That’s right, you may associate Margaritas with Cinco De Mayo but the 3rd weekend in February is National Margarita Weekend. What better excuse than to break out the tequila and margarita mix? To find out which states will be celebrating […]

Tasty Food And Drink Holidays To Celebrate Everyday

Food and drink holidays for every day of the year. From National Doughnut Day to Drink A Beer Day. Find fun new days to celebrate- or share with your followers.

Each State’s Favorite Chip Dip

February is for tortilla chips. More specifically, February 24th is National Tortilla Chip day. Of course, with Super bowl Sunday being on the 7th this year, it’s clear millions of Americans will be celebrating early by eating copious chips. Of course, no one eats just tortilla chips. It’s all about the dip. We analyzed Google […]

Cheers! States That Love Champagne The Most

Champagne is a popular choice for when you have something to celebrate. Whether you’re ringing in the new year or you just got engaged, it’s likely that champagne is part of your celebration. It’s even the drink of choice at brunch. Normally it’s not acceptable by society’s standards to start drinking early, but brunch is […]

The States That Love Bacon the Most

Nothing in the world is better than bacon. The slight curves, the way it melts in your mouth, the crunch. It’s all good. There is nothing that’s truly perfect in this world. But the exception is bacon. Even vegetarians love bacon, which is why they created vegan bacon. In fact, studies have shown that bacon […]

The Most Popular Christmas Treat In Every State (Spoiler: It’s looking pretty cheese-y)

Christmas is one of ten federal holidays. While many workers such as hospital staff and other essential workers will spend the day working, most will have the day off to spend with their families. There will presents exchanged and holiday traditions followed. A surprising amount of those traditions, of course, involve food. You know the […]

State Of Pie: Each State’s Favorite Thanksgiving Pie

Nearly 200,000 Americans work as bakers- helping Americans fulfill their severe pie addiction. Around 186 million pies are sold each year at just grocery stores, according to the American Pie Council (which is, believe it or not, a totally real organization.) Of course, the biggest pie day of the year is approaching, Thanksgiving. Since pies […]

Stuffing Vs. Dressing: A Definitive State-By-State Breakdown

What do you call the quintessential Thanksgiving side made of crusty bread, broth, and maybe some vegetables? This one might seem simple, but depending upon where in the country you live, your answer may vary. Stuffing. Or dressing. It all comes down to geography. We used data from Google Trends to find out where on […]

The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side In Every State

Thanksgiving is one of only 10 federal holidays in the US. While some workers work holidays, the majority of workers can be thankful on Thanksgiving for a nice meal with their meals. This year, many businesses have announced they will not start Black Friday on Thursday- freeing more workers to enjoy a meal with their […]

Map Of Each State’s Favorite Halloween Candy (Spoiler: Some states have really bad taste)

Want to get ahead at work? Sure, you could impress with your hard work, perseverance and talent, but have you considered bringing in candy instead? People love food, whether it’s bringing in morning doughnuts, a baked treat, or seasonal goods- it’s sure to win you friends and influence people in the workplace. After all, who […]

The States That Grow The Most Pumpkins & Fun Facts

October means Halloween, pumpkins, and fall-delights. Americans spend big every year on fall festivities, from costumes to candy to other spooky trappings. And who can forget the star of fall, the pumpkin? Almost 1-in-2 Americans will carve a Jack O’Lantern this year (with more digging into a delicious pumpkin pie or sipping on a Pumpkin […]

The Best Pizza Place in Each State

Pizza is the one food that everyone can agree on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a picky eater, vegan, or have to eat gluten-free. Pizza is enjoyed by all. From cheese to meat lovers and even Hawaiian, there are many options when it comes to pizza. Even then, no pizza is created equally. Which is […]

Survey: People Are Drinking A Lot Of Coffee (And They Like It Sugary-Sweet)

From waking you up in the morning to keeping you awake in the afternoon, coffee is there for you all day long. It’s the drink college students turn to when they have to pull an all-nighter for the test the next day. Coffee is great for staying alert during the workday or meeting that big […]

Map Of Each State’s Favorite Potato Dish (Spoilers: Casseroles And Fries Abound)

Happy National Potato Day. Today is the spud-tacular day we honor America’s favorite starch. Whether it’s your lunch break or happy hour, good chance potatoes make an appearance. From the potato chips in your lunch bag to the half-off potato skins you drown your sorrows with after work, they’re everywhere. Fried, baked, roasted, mashed, souped, […]

The Most Popular International Beer In Your State (And The Most Obscure Favorite)

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Across the country, many workers unwind from the work day with their favorite beer. While many drink domestics, foreign beers are becoming increasingly popular. In honor of International Beer Day on August 7th, we set out to find the most popular international beer in each state– plus the obscure fan favorite. […]

It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere: These States Love Their Tequila

With national tequila day approaching on July 24, we thought it appropriate to find out which states were drinking the most of it. The annual holiday is approaching quickly so you better get your limes and salt in line. Or margarita mix, whatever floats your boat. Turns out if you really enjoy drinking tequila, you […]

Avocado Toast as a Way of Life: Dissecting the Millennial Cost of Living

Are we really spending too much? Or is the deck stacked against us?