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By Kristin Kizer
Jan. 29, 2023

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Summary. To keep your LinkedIn profile as up-to-date as possible, you should be sure to update it to include your job promotions. You can do this using the LinkedIn website or the mobile app in only a few short steps.

Social media may have its flaws and controversies, but few can deny that it’s also a valuable tool for making connections. LinkedIn, for example, is a great way to find, apply to, and get recruited for jobs.

But in order for your LinkedIn profile to be effective, you’ll need to keep it updated. To help with this, we’ve put together some instructions on how to show your job promotions on LinkedIn and some information on why and how you should use social media for your career.

Key Takeaways

  • Posting your promotions on LinkedIn can help you get recruited for jobs you want, find jobs more easily, and show your employer you appreciate your new role.

  • You can add a promotion to your LinkedIn profile, but you can also post about it yourself, share your employer’s post, or link to an external announcement.

  • Using multiple social media platforms for your career can help make you more attractive to hiring managers.

How to Show Promotions on LinkedIn

Why You Should Show Your Promotion on LinkedIn

Keeping your LinkedIn account updated can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it to add your promotions to your profile. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It helps recruiters find you. When recruiters are looking for job candidates they want to reach out to, they may search by job title. Having your current job title on your LinkedIn profile will increase your chances of being found and recruited to a position you really want.

  • It makes it easier to apply for jobs within LinkedIn. If you update your profile and LinkedIn resume as you go, it’ll be easier to quickly apply for jobs. Otherwise, you have to take the time to update it later, which can take significant mental energy and may even deter you from applying.

  • It shows your employer you’re proud of your work. Often part of the reason companies offer promotions is to help improve morale and honor your hard work.

    Posting about your promotion shows that you appreciate this gesture and are proud of your work, which can help motivate your employer to promote you again in the future when they have the opportunity.

How to Add a Job Promotion to the LinkedIn Website From Your Computer

If you just want to add a promotion, you can do it pretty easily.

  • Go to your LinkedIn account and log in.

  • Click the “me” icon in the top toolbar

  • Click “view profile”

  • Scroll down to the “experience” section

  • In the upper right-hand corner you’ll see a “+” sign, click on that

  • You can enter your new title, then make sure you scroll down to “Employer” and enter that. LinkedIn automatically groups changes within the same employer together

  • Further down you can decide if you’d like to end your current position (the job title you previously had posted) or not

  • Toggle over to “Share with Network” if you’d like it made public

  • Click “Save” and you’re done

How to Add a Job Promotion to the LinkedIn Website From the Mobile App

Adding a promotion on the go is a great way to keep your LinkedIn account updated.

  • Go to your LinkedIn account and log in.

  • Tap your profile picture

  • Select “view profile”

  • Scroll down to the “experience” section

  • In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see a “pencil”. Click on that

  • In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see a “+” sign. Click on that

  • You can enter your new title, then make sure you scroll down to “Employer” and enter that. LinkedIn automatically groups changes within the same employer together

  • Further down you can decide if you’d like to end your current position (the job title you previously had posted) or not

  • Toggle over to “Share with Network” if you’d like it made public (this is at the top of your screen)

  • Click “Save” and you’re done

How to Edit Your LinkedIn Job Title from Your Computer and App

If your job title has changed but maybe your job didn’t, or you simply don’t like the way you listed your title previously, you can edit your job title by doing the following. This works the same, no matter if you’re on your computer or phone.

  • Go to your LinkedIn account and log in.

  • Click the “me” icon in the top toolbar

  • Click “view profile”

  • Scroll down to the “experience” section

  • Hover your cursor over the job you want to update, and you’ll see the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Now you can add your new job title and additional details that may have changed also.

  • Don’t forget to update your headline.

  • Then turn on the “Share with Network” option if you want to announce it to everyone.

  • Save.

Other Ways to Announce a Promotion on LinkedIn

Changing your job status or updating that part of your profile isn’t the only way to announce a promotion on LinkedIn. If you’re in your profile you’ll see a “Featured” box that gives you the opportunity to share information. This is a great way to add information about your promotion.

  • Posts. Create a post announcing the promotion. Short and sweet but it does the trick.

  • Links. If your work is announcing your promotion on a link on LinkedIn or elsewhere, you can share that. They’ve done the work, you just take advantage of the share.

  • Media. Your work might be making a big deal out of your promotion and writing an article in a newsletter, including your picture, etc. Link to that stuff here and share it on your own page.

How to Write an Article for LinkedIn

If you’re a skilled writer, you can also self-promote your promotion by writing an article. The article doesn’t have to be about being promoted; it can be about your new responsibilities and in it, you can announce your promotion. It’s a little tricky but it certainly can do the job for you. To do this:

  • Go to the “Home” page

  • In the top panel you have options to share a post or share other items as designated by the icons below, click “Write Article”

  • Follow the instructions on that page for writing your article. Then click “post” at the top.

Why Use Social Media for Your Career

Talk to any recruiter and they’ll tell you, there are two types of job candidates out there. There are active job seekers who are currently looking for a job or looking to change jobs. They’re scouring the internet, hunting for that professional fit.

Then, there are passive job candidates. These people don’t even see themselves as job candidates because they already have a job. But the best recruiters know that doesn’t really matter. If they can find just the right job with the right pay and benefits, pretty much anyone can be lured away from their current position.

In fact, many recruiters say the best employees, especially for upper management positions, are the passive ones.

What does all this have to do with social media? Well, the world is watching. Whether you’ve spiffed up your profiles because you want a job or you’re a passive candidate, those social media accounts are being perused.

That means, even if you aren’t looking, your dream job could be just a click away and if your profile isn’t attracting the right recruiters and hiring managers, you’re going to get overlooked. Having a professional social media account can be a game-changer.

How to Use Social Media for Your Career

We’re not saying that you have to keep all of your social media accounts professional. You’re allowed to have some fun and post friend pictures on some accounts. But there are some tips that can help you make the most of social media.

  • Separate accounts. Yes, recruiters look at Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. when hiring someone. It might not be where they go for most of their information, but they’re going to do their due diligence and check you out.

    Make sure you keep those accounts set on private, you watch what you post, or you use a different name for personal and professional accounts. All three of those tips together is the best approach but do what you can to protect yourself.

  • Update, update, update. It’s a pain to go in and update your profiles to reflect job changes, but it’s worse when you let it slide and then have a lot to do and you can’t remember it all. If you’re regularly updating your resume (which you should be) make sure you regularly update professional online accounts at the same time.

  • Focus on a few. You don’t have to have a professional account on every social media platform. The most important one is LinkedIn, then you might consider a business account for Facebook if your career fits that category, similarly with Instagram, and you could possibly benefit from your own webpage.

    Don’t kill yourself trying to fit into every platform out there; just be active and thorough with the ones you have.

  • Be active. Did we mention be active? Yes, we did, and it can help a lot. Talk to your connections, post business tips, join discussions, etc. Just don’t vent or talk badly about anyone or anything.

    It’s tempting for some people to go a bit nuts on social media and say things they’d never say in person. Don’t be that person. Keep it professional all the time but be active enough that people see you’re engaged.

Why Have a LinkedIn Profile

We’ve discussed why having a social media presence is important, but when we’re talking about your professional life, then LinkedIn is a must. LinkedIn is the gold standard when it comes to professional social media accounts.

This is instinctively where prospective employers are going to go to check you out. In fact, including a link to your LinkedIn account on a digital resume or cover letter is a great idea. It saves them a step and ensures they’re looking at the right person.

LinkedIn is also an incredible resource for finding jobs. It not only lets you know what’s out there, but it takes care of the legwork of connecting the people you know to certain positions. This can lead you to a job reference that can make a difference.

Promotions on LinkedIn FAQs

  1. Should you show promotions on LinkedIn?

    Yes, you should show promotions on LinkedIn. Keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date with your most current job title makes your profile more effective as far as using it to entice people to hire you.

    Whether you’re applying for a job or just waiting to see if recruiters contact you, putting your promotion on your profile will increase your chances of being found and being offered a better job.

  2. Can people see my promotion on LinkedIn?

    Yes, people can see your promotion on LinkedIn. When you add a promotion to your profile, you can choose to notify your network about the change, which will send a notification to everyone you’re connected with about your new position.

    If you don’t choose to notify your network, your promotion will still be visible to anyone who visits your profile.

  3. Can I write a LinkedIn article to announce my promotion?

    Yes, you can write a LinkedIn article to announce your promotion. You can write an article both to announce your promotion and to detail your new role and responsibilities.

  4. Should I show my promotion on LinkedIn immediately?

    No, you shouldn’t show your promotion on LinkedIn immediately? In most situations, it might be best to wait until you’ve begun your new role or have been doing or for a short time before officially updating your LinkedIn profile.

    This will give you time to make sure that the new role is a good fit, and will give you a better idea of what the promotion involves.

Final Thoughts

The days of skipping a social profile are basically over. Not only will you want one to keep up with friends and family, but a professional profile is becoming a critical part of hitting your target audience to get your dream job.

The key is making the most of social media but not getting bogged down in doing too many things on too many apps. LinkedIn is a must, the rest are optional. It’s important that you keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and to be at least somewhat active on your account. Creating a LinkedIn account and then just letting it sit there, ignored, for years is not the best practice.

One of the updates you’ll probably be making to your LinkedIn account at some point is a job promotion. The tips above can help you do it in a couple of different ways. We also have some tips for announcing your promotion to further advertise your success. Doing these steps regularly will help you stay on top of the job market and professionally advance your career.


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