How To Write A Congratulations On Promotion Email (With Examples)

By Sky Ariella
Jan. 26, 2023

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Summary. To write a congratulations email, make sure to use a professional format and send it close to the promotion. Be respectful and don’t hesitate to congratulate them early on in the email and offer encouragement for their next steps moving forward.

Offering your coworkers a few words of support and encouragement contributes to strong rapport and speaks volumes about your communication skills. One way to do this is by reaching out with a congratulations email.

In this article we will go over how to write a congratulations email, what to include in it, and provide examples of one.

Key Takeaways:

  • When writing a congratulatory email, you want to congratulate them early on, tell them how you heard, offer any advice to them.

  • Sending a congratulations email makes the recipient feel good, and everyone benefits from a space that promotes encouragement and supportiveness.

  • It can be rewarding for employees to be supported by the people they work with. It only takes a little time and effort for a lot of appreciation.

How to write a congratulations on promotion email.

Why You Should Congratulate Promotions

While it’s always nice to earn a bump in responsibility and pay, it’s also encouraging to know that your coworkers support you and take a genuine interest in your accomplishments. If you want to enjoy a positive work environment, it’s essential to contribute to that positivity.

On the less altruistic side, offering tasteful congratulations is a useful networking tool, especially if your coworker has been promoted to a different department that you’d also like to move to at some point.

How to Congratulate Someone on a Promotion

Sending a congratulations email or letter is a small gesture that goes a long way in making someone feel good. Your coworker or supervisor worked hard to meet their goals and attain a promotion.

Consider the following suggestions for how to write a successful congratulatory email:

  1. Write in a professional email format. Email correspondence should always have a professional tone. Writing an email of congratulations for a promotion is no different. You should include all the ingredients for a typical business email.

  2. Write it close to the promotion news. You don’t want to send a congratulations email weeks or months after someone has already found out about their promotion. It doesn’t have the same impact and can be confusing for the recipient. Try to write and send it out as soon as possible after it’s been announced that they received the promotion offer.

  3. Congratulate them early on. You should express your purpose for writing an email to a colleague at the beginning of it. Congratulations messages should also be straightforward in this way. Let them know at the start of the letter how happy you are for them and enthusiastically congratulate them on their achievement from the beginning.

  4. Tell them how you heard. If the person you’re writing to is someone you don’t spend much time with on a daily basis, you might want to include how you heard aboout the news. Even if you do see them regularly, it’s nice to mention that you heard it from a colleague or saw it on social media.

  5. Consider your relationship with the recipient. Tailor your congratulations email to match how close you are with the recipient. Even if you’re just acquaintances with your coworker, it can still be nice to let them know that you value their work. The less familiar you are with the coworker, the more professional your letter should be.

    If it’s a close friend of yours who received the promotion, you can adopt a little more of an informal voice.

  6. Be encouraging. A congratulations email for a promotion is more than just simply saying the word “congratulations.” You should be encouraging and let your coworker know how proud you are of them for reaching this important milestone.

    It can also be nice to say how you know they’ll excel in their new position and that you wish them well.

  7. Get personal. If you have a long history with this person or are otherwise close, you can add a personal anecdote about how far they’ve come. It lets the recipient see that this isn’t some robotic letter sent out of duty, but a real friend offering genuine encouragement and praise.

  8. Express approval. You should avoid giving half-hearted congratulations without showing some level of approval for them receiving the position. This can be in the form of telling them that you think they’re the best person for the job. Or that you’re rooting for their upcoming success in this new and exciting journey.

    Make sure the reader knows that you’re confident that they’re up to the task of the promotion. Part of writing a letter of congratulations is to offer reassurance that they have everyone’s support.

Example Congratulations on Promotion Letters

  1. Sample #1

    Subject Line: Congratulations on the Promotion!

    Lynn Jones

    Dear Lynn,

    I wanted to reach out to you with my sincere congratulations on receiving the promotion to a Design Supervisor. I know that you’ve been working tirelessly to meet this goal, and I’m thrilled that you’ve reached it.

    Working with you the past three years as associate graphic designers has been a joy, and you’ve taught me so much. I’m sure you’ll bring these skills to this new role.

    Wishing you the best for your new position!

    Best Regards,

    Jamie Kennedy


  2. Sample #2

    Subject Line: Nice Job in Landing the Promotion!

    Erick Samuels

    Hello Erick,


    I recently heard that you got the promotion to the administrative coordinator you’ve been working towards, and I wanted to tell you how happy I am for you. I knew that you were up for the task, and you’ve absolutely proved yourself.

    I’m excited to see you succeed in this new role as an administrative coordinator. I know that you’ll be able to tackle any challenges that come your way with grace and that you’ll excel in your responsibilities for this position.

    Congrats again. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything.


    Benjamin Lowes


  3. Sample #3

    Subject Line: Congratulations

    Lisa Andrews

    Dear Lisa,

    Congratulations on this incredible achievement! Getting a promotion to a retail manager is an extremely impressive and well-deserved accomplishment. I knew that you were the perfect fit for the role.

    You‘ve grown so much in the past two years that we’ve worked together. I’ve seen your interpersonal and strategic thinking skills improve drastically in the past year in particular. I’m excited to see your abilities develop even further in this position.

    Enjoy this victory and celebration.

    Best wishes,

    Megan Thompson


Sample Congratulations Phrases

If you’re just looking for a few phrases to use in your congratulations email, look no further. Keeping things short and sweet is often the best way to go, especially if you don’t have much of a relationship with the coworker in question.

  • Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion! Here’s hoping the new position brings enjoyable challenges and great opportunities.

  • I was so happy when I heard you’d been promoted. Emjoy this new chapter in your life — you deserve it!

  • Hard work does pay off — you’re living proof! Congratulations friend, I know you’ll keep doing great things.

  • Congratulations on the promotion! I wish you the best of luck in your new position.

  • I just heard the news and wanted to extend my congratulations! Best wishes in the new role.

Useful Tips to Write an Effective Congratulations Letter

  1. Be personal. You don’t want to sound like you’re giving your coworker a stereotypical rendition of congratulations. Give it a personal touch. This can mean addressing the extent of your working relationship, the maturation in their skills you’ve witnessed, and where you expect them to go in the future. The recipient should read your email knowing you wrote it just for them on this celebratory occasion.

  2. Be positive. Receiving a promotion is an occasion filled with happiness and joy. Your email should follow this positivity. Steer clear of a negative tone that can be a downer for the recipient during a time that should be filled with excitement and happiness.

  3. Format your email based on examples. Looking into examples of congratulations emails for a promotion can be beneficial in writing your own. While you can use these examples to your advantage, you should avoid copy-and-pasting from a sample. You should use it as a resource for ideas about format and tone to use when you write your email from scratch.

  4. Consider a small business-friendly gift. If you’re particularly close with a coworker or boss, it may be appropriate to get them a gift in addition to your email of congratulations. While this may not be necessary on all occasions, it can be a nice added touch for a colleague you know well. You shouldn’t feel any pressure to purchase anything, though. A congratulations email is plenty of support in most cases.

    Examples of gift ideas for a coworker include:

    • Coffee or tea mug

    • Laptop cover

    • Candle

    • A good book (that isn’t too controversial)

    • Gift cards

  5. Acknowledge what they’ve achieved. Reaching a goal is about doing all it takes to get there. When someone has done that and come out successful, it can be validating to have coworkers and friends acknowledge this specific achievement. Mention in your congratulations letters the position that they’ve been promoted to or any specifics about their accomplishment to make the letter more personal.

  6. Offer advice (optional). This one only applies if you’re in a senior position or have been acting as a mentor for the individual you’re congratulating. People need encouragement from those that have been through similar situations and can provide actionable advice for how to succeed in their new role.

    Just be careful this doesn’t take on a condescending tone. Something as simple as “I know how overwhelming taking on a new position can be, and I just wanted to let you know I’m here if you need a hand with the transition” can work beautifully.

Mistakes to Avoid When Congratulating Someone on a Promotion

As much as sending a congratulatory email can strengthen your working relationship with a coworker, it can also do harm if you go about it wrong.

Consider the following suggestions for how not to congratulate someone on a promotion:

  1. Avoid exaggeration. When reaching out with a letter of congrats, exaggerating your praise to the point where it comes off as inauthentic can have a negative impact. The recipient may perceive this as mocking them. You want your coworker to know that your feelings about their promotion are sincere.

  2. Don’t be vague. You don’t want to be too simple or vague with this type of exchange. Your coworker likely got promoted to a newly titled position or excelled in a project to reach this objective. You should recognize their specific accomplishments and be clear about your care.

  3. Don’t make the letter too long. While the recipient should know exactly why you’re reaching out with the message, you should also be wary of making it too long. There’s no need to go on for ages about every detail involved in their success or how much they’ve grown in their time working. You can express that sentiment concisely, and you’ll need to when writing an email.

  4. Don’t be rude. If a coworker that you’re not fond of received a promotion, and you’re considering reaching out with a snobbish email, think twice. It will reflect negatively on your teamwork and communication skills as an employee. You should put differences to the side when someone on your team receives a promotion and reach out with kindness.

  5. Avoid networking. A letter of congratulations for a promotion is not the time to try networking with a coworker. You shouldn’t be sniffing out advantages for yourself. It should be all about showing your appreciation and support of your coworker and their future endeavors.

    Be especially careful to not hint at some sort of favor that their promotion allows them to do for you now — it’s in bad taste and will completely ruin the congratulatory tone.

  6. Don’t forget to edit the letter. Proofreading and editing is a crucial part of completing any written document. Even a seemingly simple congratulations email. Taking a few extra moments to read over your email can make a huge difference in how you appear to the reader through verbal communication.

    A message that’s riddled with grammar mistakes and careless errors makes you seem unprofessional.

Congratulations Email FAQs

  1. How do you say congratulations professionally?

    There are multiple ways to say congratulations professionally, including:

    • “Happy to hear about your promotion, well done!”

    • “Your promotion is an excellent reflection of your skills and effort.”

    • “This is a very well-deserved promotion, you are a true leader here!”

    • “Seeing you get promoted is inspiring, congratulations!”

    • “You are going to do great things at your new position, you’ve earned it!”

  2. How you say congratulations professionally depends on your relationship to your fellow employee. If they are a friend and peer, you can be more casual and detailed. However, if they are a supervisor or someone you do not know very well, then keep it formal and short.

  3. What do you say in a congratulatory promotion email?

    A congratulatory promotion email should be positive and sincere. You want to show to your coworker or supervisor that you are happy for them. Mention how their skills and experience are being rewarded. Feel free to offer any assistance or ask appropriate questions regarding their new role.

  4. Should I congratulate my coworker on a promotion?

    It is polite, respectable, and professional to congratulate your coworkers on promotions. This is regardless of how you feel about the other person. Even if you do not know them, or like them, you should put your best foot forward. Almost everyone deserves at least a bit of recognition for such an accomplishment. Additionally, it helps establish yourself as a professional.

  5. What if my coworker doesn’t respond to my congratulations email?

    Don’t worry or take offense if your coworker doesn’t respond to your congratulations email. It is very likely they have received many emails. They might have missed yours or have been so overwhelmed they haven’t answered any. Also, they are likely busy with everything they now have to do to prepare for their new role.


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