Jobs Where You’re Most Likely to Be Single at 40

By Amanda Postma
Feb. 2, 2021

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Life can be busy sometimes.

In fact, life can get so busy that one day you look up and realize that you’re 40 and single. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just part of life sometimes.

But maybe you’re not single because you were just so busy. Maybe it’s actually because of your job.

Instead of being wrapped up in a committed relationship with another person, perhaps you’ve been in a committed relationship with your job.

Rather than enjoying the close companionship of one partner, you have a healthy network of friends, acquaintances and coworkers.

So that got us thinking. What careers have people wrapped around their finger?

The Top 10 Jobs Most Likely To Leave You Single at 40

  • Bartenders
  • Hotel, Motel, And Resort Desk Clerks
  • Food Processing Workers, All Other
  • Brickmasons, Blockmasons, Stonemasons, And Reinforcing Iron And Rebar Workers
  • Hosts And Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge, And Coffee Shop
  • Graders And Sorters, Agricultural Products
  • Actors
  • Flight Attendants
  • Cleaners Of Vehicles And Equipment
  • Butchers And Other Meat, Poultry, And Fish Processing Workers

This is not to say that relationship people can’t be wrapped up in their work, too. We’re not even saying that all bartenders are single at 40.

It’s just that single people have a bit more time to devote to such things. And the Census data shows that most bartenders are, indeed, single at 40.

Single and Ready to…. Work

  • Bartenders top the charts when it comes to being single at 40. In fact, 70% of bartenders are single at 40.
  • Hotel Desk Clerks, Food Processing Workers, Brickmasons and Hosts, all ranked high as well, tying at 66%.
  • The profession you’re least likely to be single at 40 is the Line Enlisted Military Supervisor career. With only 12% being single, you have a good chance of being in a relationship.
  • There are five jobs where it could go either way. At 50% single, Cargo Agents, Tailors, Hairdressers, Pest Control Workers and Transportation Attendants are single at 40 only half the time.
  • Flight Attendant is another profession that’s single. In fact, 62% of flight attendants are single at 40, but really it makes sense with all of that traveling.

How we figured this out

We analyzed data from the 2015-19 American Community Survey PUMS dataset.

We looked at all full-time workers aged 40 and ranked their professions by the percentage of workers who were single.

Single Life? More Like Married Life

  • In addition to Military Supervisors, Clergy is another profession that ends a life of loneliness. Only 13% of Clergy end up single at 40.
  • It turns out that people are attracted to military life. Military Officer Special and Tactical Operations Leaders as well as any military rank are both under 20% single at 40.
  • Not surprisingly, Firefighters ranked low for being single at 40. There’s just something about a person who can run into a burning building for you.
  • At only 16% single, Dentists are in the same boat as Firefighters. Apparently people love being able to add DDS to the end of their name.
  • The only career that’s better than being a Firefighter or Dentist is being a Computer Network Architect. They’re only 15% single at 40. Nerds.

Summary of Jobs Where You’re Most Likely to Be Single at 40

Some jobs just keep you so busy that if you were to add another person to your life, you would never get to see them. Then there are those jobs where if you didn’t have another person in your life, you would definitely notice.

So if you’re looking to stay busy, you might want to check into bartending. But if you’re ready to settle down, check out the military. Really any of the jobs above would be helpful in either situation.

And just because 70% of bartenders are single, doesn’t mean you’ll be one of the 70%. The same goes for the opposite end of the spectrum. You might end up in a career hoping to stay single only to find yourself in a relationship.

Life is funny that way. It never turns out the way we plan for it too. But that’s what keeps things interesting.

Jobs Where You’re Most (and Least) Likely to Be Single

Career Single Percentage
Bartenders 70%
Hotel, Motel, And Resort Desk Clerks 66%
Food Processing Workers, All Other 66%
Brickmasons, Blockmasons, Stonemasons, And Reinforcing Iron And Rebar Workers 66%
Hosts And Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge, And Coffee Shop 66%
Graders And Sorters, Agricultural Products 65%
Actors 64%
Flight Attendants 62%
Cleaners Of Vehicles And Equipment 62%
Butchers And Other Meat, Poultry, And Fish Processing Workers 61%
Phlebotomists 59%
Miscellaneous Food Preparation And Serving Related Workers, Including Dining Room And Cafeteria Attendants And Bartender Helpers 59%
Baggage Porters, Bellhops, And Concierges 59%
Industrial Truck And Tractor Operators 58%
Dishwashers 58%
Judicial Law Clerks 57%
Massage Therapists 56%
Interviewers, Except Eligibility And Loan 55%
Waiters And Waitresses 54%
Telemarketers 54%
Receptionists And Information Clerks 54%
Jewelers And Precious Stone And Metal Workers 53%
Tour And Travel Guides 53%
Weighers, Measurers, Checkers, And Samplers, Recordkeeping 53%
Cargo And Freight Agents 50%
Tailors, Dressmakers, And Sewers 50%
Hairdressers, Hairstylists, And Cosmetologists 50%
Pest Control Workers 50%
Transportation Attendants, Except Flight Attendants 50%
Nonfarm Animal Caretakers 49%
Recreational Therapists 48%
First_Line Supervisors Of Food Preparation And Serving Workers 48%
Cooks 48%
Buyers And Purchasing Agents, Farm Products 46%
Maintenance And Repair Workers, General 46%
Postal Service Mail Sorters, Processors, And Processing Machine Operators 46%
Electrical, Electronics, And Electromechanical Assemblers 46%
File Clerks 45%
Information And Record Clerks, All Other 45%
Word Processors And Typists 45%
Maids And Housekeeping Cleaners 44%
Printing Press Operators 44%
Postal Service Clerks 44%
Data Entry Keyers 44%
Door Sales Workers, News And Street Vendors, And Related Workers 44%
Packaging And Filling Machine Operators And Tenders 44%
Radiation Therapists 43%
Human Resources Assistants, Except Payroll And Timekeeping 43%
Veterinary Assistants And Laboratory Animal Caretakers 43%
Paralegals And Legal Assistants 43%
Carpenters 43%
Physical Therapist Assistants And Aides 43%
Social And Human Service Assistants 42%
Counter And Rental Clerks 42%
Parts Salespersons 42%
Customer Service Representatives 41%
Licensed Practical And Licensed Vocational Nurses 41%
Laborers And Freight, Stock, And Material Movers, Hand 41%
Shipping, Receiving, And Traffic Clerks 41%
Tax Examiners And Collectors, And Revenue Agents 41%
Food Servers, Nonrestaurant 41%
Agents And Business Managers Of Artists, Performers, And Athletes 41%
Security Guards And Gaming Surveillance Officers 41%
Parking Lot Attendants 41%
Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs 40%
Electrical Power 40%
Medical Assistants 40%
Cabinetmakers And Bench Carpenters 40%
Packers And Packagers, Hand 40%
Billing And Posting Clerks 40%
Emergency Management Directors 40%
Miscellaneous Assemblers And Fabricators 40%
Transportation Security Screeners 40%
Automotive Service Technicians And Mechanics 40%
News Analysts, Reporters And Correspondents 39%
Environmental Engineers 39%
Construction Laborers 39%
Bill And Account Collectors 39%
Miscellaneous Office And Administrative Support Workers, Including Desktop Publishers 39%
Driver/Sales Workers And Truck Drivers 39%
Carpet, Floor, And Tile Installers And Finishers 38%
Chefs And Head Cooks 38%
Court, Municipal, And License Clerks 38%
Postal Service Mail Carriers 38%
Gaming Services Workers 38%
Cashiers 38%
Lodging Managers 38%
Childcare Workers 38%
Property, Real Estate, And Community Association Managers 38%
Chemical Technicians 38%
Laundry And Dry 38%
Food Service Managers 37%
Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners, And Investigators 37%
Food Preparation Workers 37%
Retail Salespersons 37%
Miscellaneous Vehicle And Mobile Equipment Mechanics, Installers, And Repairers 36%
Office Clerks, General 36%
Other Therapists, Including Exercise Physiologists 36%
Editors 36%
Structural Iron And Steel Workers 36%
Miscellaneous Social Scientists, Including Survey Researchers And Sociologists 36%
Payroll And Timekeeping Clerks 36%
Clinical Laboratory Technologists And Technicians 36%
Television, Video, And Motion Picture Camera Operators And Editors 36%
Technical Writers 36%
Audiologists 36%
Bus And Truck Mechanics And Diesel Engine Specialists 36%
Chemical Processing Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders 35%
Sheet Metal Workers 35%
Healthcare Support Workers, All Other, Including Medical Equipment Preparers 35%
Surveyors, Cartographers, And Photogrammetrists 35%
Insurance Claims And Policy Processing Clerks 35%
Library Assistants, Clerical 35%
Couriers And Messengers 35%
Bakers 35%
Probation Officers And Correctional Treatment Specialists 35%
Compensation, Benefits, And Job Analysis Specialists 35%
Janitors And Building Cleaners 35%
Tellers 34%
Artists And Related Workers 34%
Library Technicians 34%
Producers And Directors 34%
Bookkeeping, Accounting, And Auditing Clerks 34%
Social And Community Service Managers 34%
Electricians 34%
Financial Examiners 33%
Heavy Vehicle And Mobile Equipment Service Technicians And Mechanics 33%
Natural Sciences Managers 33%
Urban And Regional Planners 33%
Writers And Authors 33%
Reservation And Transportation Ticket Agents And Travel Clerks 33%
Photographers 33%
Logisticians 33%
Production, Planning, And Expediting Clerks 32%
Preschool And Kindergarten Teachers 32%
Archivists, Curators, And Museum Technicians 32%
Advertising Sales Agents 32%
Aircraft Mechanics And Service Technicians 32%
Dental Assistants 32%
Marine Engineers And Naval Architects 32%
Loan Interviewers And Clerks 32%
Welding, Soldering, And Brazing Workers 32%
Line Supervisors Of Correctional Officers 32%
Economists 32%
Statistical Assistants 32%
Training And Development Managers 31%
Medical, Dental, And Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians 31%
Credit Analysts 31%
Public Relations Specialists 31%
Line Supervisors Of Farming, Fishing, And Forestry Workers 31%
Veterinarians 31%
Registered Nurses 31%
Line Supervisors Of Retail Sales Workers 31%
Compliance Officers 31%
Credit Counselors And Loan Officers 31%
Astronomers And Physicists 31%
Dietitians And Nutritionists 31%
Meeting, Convention, And Event Planners 31%
Sales And Related Workers, All Other 31%
Radio And Telecommunications Equipment Installers And Repairers 31%
Operations Research Analysts 31%
Line Supervisors Of Office And Administrative Support Workers 30%
Miscellaneous Law Enforcement Workers 30%
Human Resources Workers 30%
Barbers 30%
Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail, And Farm Products 30%
Compensation And Benefits Managers 30%
Animal Trainers 30%
Industrial And Refractory Machinery Mechanics 30%
Miscellaneous Community And Social Service Specialists, Including Health Educators And Community Health Workers 30%
Advertising And Promotions Managers 30%
Line Supervisors Of Housekeeping And Janitorial Workers 30%
Opticians, Dispensing 30%
Correspondence Clerks And Order Clerks 29%
Wholesale And Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products 29%
Credit Authorizers, Checkers, And Clerks 29%
Travel Agents 29%
Insurance Underwriters 29%
Respiratory Therapists 29%
Public Relations And Fundraising Managers 28%
Miscellaneous Agricultural Workers, Including Animal Breeders 28%
Biological Scientists 28%
Financial Clerks, All Other 28%
Special Education Teachers 28%
Line Supervisors Of Production And Operating Workers 28%
Sales Representatives, Services, All Other 28%
Nurse Anesthetists 28%
Medical And Health Services Managers 28%
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, And Weighers 28%
Computer, Automated Teller, And Office Machine Repairers 28%
Railroad Conductors And Yardmasters 28%
Training And Development Specialists 28%
Power Plant Operators, Distributors, And Dispatchers 28%
Procurement Clerks 28%
Line Supervisors Of Mechanics, Installers, And Repairers 28%
Human Resources Managers 27%
Dental Hygienists 27%
Management Analysts 27%
Physician Assistants 27%
Telecommunications Line Installers And Repairers 27%
Crushing, Grinding, Polishing, Mixing, And Blending Workers 27%
Purchasing Managers 27%
Market Research Analysts And Marketing Specialists 27%
Private Detectives And Investigators 27%
Accountants And Auditors 27%
Heating, Air Conditioning, And Refrigeration Mechanics And Installers 27%
Molders, Shapers, And Casters, Except Metal And Plastic 27%
Tax Preparers 27%
Chemists And Materials Scientists 27%
Chemical Engineers 27%
Morticians, Undertakers, And Funeral Directors 27%
Agricultural Inspectors 26%
Agricultural And Food Scientists 26%
Computer Support Specialists 26%
General And Operations Managers 26%
Construction And Building Inspectors 26%
Physical Scientists, All Other 26%
Real Estate Brokers And Sales Agents 26%
Insurance Sales Agents 26%
Conservation Scientists And Foresters 25%
Education Administrators 25%
Fundraisers 25%
Network And Computer Systems Administrators 25%
Water And Wastewater Treatment Plant And System Operators 25%
Computer Systems Analysts 25%
Optometrists 25%
Sales Representatives, Wholesale And Manufacturing 25%
Pharmacists 25%
Nurse Practitioners, And Nurse Midwives 25%
Photographic Process Workers And Processing Machine Operators 25%
Materials Engineers 25%
Biological Technicians 25%
Machinists 24%
Occupational Therapists 24%
Precision Instrument And Equipment Repairers 24%
Cost Estimators 24%
Securities, Commodities, And Financial Services Sales Agents 24%
Financial Managers 24%
Medical Scientists, And Life Scientists, All Other 24%
Lawyers, And Judges, Magistrates, And Other Judicial Workers 24%
Elementary And Middle School Teachers 23%
Secondary School Teachers 23%
Atmospheric And Space Scientists 23%
Line Supervisors Of Construction Trades And Extraction Workers 23%
Line Supervisors Of Non 23%
Industrial Production Managers 23%
Budget Analysts 23%
Appraisers And Assessors Of Real Estate 23%
Computer Programmers 22%
Information Security Analysts 22%
Petroleum, Mining And Geological Engineers, Including Mining Safety Engineers 22%
Physical Therapists 22%
Security And Fire Alarm Systems Installers 22%
Aerospace Engineers 22%
Construction Managers 22%
Language Pathologists 21%
Stationary Engineers And Boiler Operators 21%
Miscellaneous Engineers, Including Nuclear Engineers 21%
Computer And Information Research Scientists 21%
Farmers, Ranchers, And Other Agricultural Managers 21%
Transportation Inspectors 21%
Industrial Engineers, Including Health And Safety 21%
Podiatrists 21%
Transportation, Storage, And Distribution Managers 20%
Computer And Information Systems Managers 20%
Civil Engineers 20%
Air Traffic Controllers And Airfield Operations Specialists 19%
Religious Workers, All Other 19%
First_Line Supervisors Of Fire Fighting And Prevention Workers 19%
Detectives And Criminal Investigators 19%
Line Supervisors Of Landscaping, Lawn Service, And Groundskeeping Workers 19%
Miscellaneous Mathematical Science Occupations, Including Mathematicians And Statisticians 19%
Mechanical Engineers 19%
Military, Rank Not Specified ** 18%
Chief Executives And Legislators 18%
Sales Engineers 17%
Agricultural And Food Science Technicians 17%
Electrical And Electronics Engineers 17%
Personal Financial Advisors 17%
First_Line Supervisors Of Police And Detectives 17%
Aircraft Pilots And Flight Engineers 17%
Directors, Religious Activities And Education 17%
Dentists 16%
Firefighters 16%
Architectural And Engineering Managers 16%
Computer Hardware Engineers 16%
Computer Network Architects 15%
Chiropractors 14%
Actuaries 14%
Military Officer Special And Tactical Operations Leaders 14%
Clergy 13%
Line Enlisted Military Supervisors 12%

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