What Each State Has That’s Bigger Than Any Other

By Amanda Postma
Sep. 10, 2020

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Every state has its claim to fame.

Sometimes that dubious honor is being home to something really, really big. Or being the location of a colossal, immense quantity of an everyday object or action. Regardless, no accomplishment so big is too small to escape our notice here at Zippia.

We scoured thousands of records (and maybe a few roadside signs) to find out what each state has that’s gigantic, ginormous, and downright mammoth.

You can see the animal, food, action, and other bizarre items of substantial size each state boasts of in the map above, or keep reading to see our more interesting findings.

Summary of the Biggest Thing Each State Has

  • Most people enjoy their share of salsa from time to time. Usually, it’s accompanied with some hot tortilla chips and a lime margarita with a salt rim. But typically it comes in a small bowl. That’s not the case in Arizona where the largest serving ever made was 7,308 lbs. It was made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nana’s Best Tasting Salsa Challenge in 2014. I wonder what the 40th anniversary will bring in 2024.
  • A lot of people dream about their wedding day well before they’re even in a relationship. It’s hyped up to be the best day of their life. Well, you definitely can’t pull that off without the largest wedding cake ever, which is exactly what Connecticut set out to do. The cake weighed in at 15,032 lbs and was presented at a bridal showcase. Imagine the price tag on that cake. The only thing that could make the cake better is if it had the largest pair of googly eyes on it, which is yet another record set by the great state of Connecticut.
  • In order to achieve the greatest distance ever run on sand, you would need to have access to the sand. So it makes sense this record was set in Florida. In 24 hours, the person ran 134 miles on the sand in Destin, Florida.
  • Most people probably associate whoopee cushions as a childlike prank that stops being funny when you grow up. It would seem that Georgia never got that memo, or the residents just never grew up. Instead, the state is home to a 25-foot whoopee cushion.
  • With fall right away the corner, people are already getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are a lot of states that are already ready. New Hampshire is home to the most lit Jack-‘O-Lanterns on display. Ohio is known for the largest pumpkin pie. Pennsylvania has the largest Ouija board. South Carolina with the hottest chili. Louisiana is home to the largest Voodoo doll, which really isn’t surprising. And Idaho has the largest straw bale maze record. So when you’re looking for the best straw bale maze, you know where to go.

The Bigger, the Better

While these states may do some things bigger and better than others, there isn’t a state that doesn’t have something to be proud of.

From the holiest tongue to the largest parade of fire trucks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to records.

Even things that you didn’t think would be a record, like the most people making snow angels simultaneously, are included in the complete list below.

These are the things every state does bigger than any other state.

State Biggest Thing
Alabama Biggest bubble ever blown
Alaska Greatest distance barefoot in 24 hours
Arizona Largest serving of salsa
Arkansas Largest set of windchimes
California Most skateboard ollie big spins in one minute
Colorado The largest gathering of people wearing false mustaches
Connecticut The worlds largest wedding cake
Delaware Oldest woman to cross America by bicycle
Florida Greatest distance run on sand in 24 hours
Georgia Largest whoopee cushion
Hawaii Largest wave surfed
Idaho Largest straw bale maze record
Illinois Most loop the loops in a Hot Wheels track
Indiana Largest high heel race
Iowa Longest beard
Kansas Largest serving of nachos
Kentucky Shortest woman to give birth
Louisiana Largest voodoo doll
Maine Most corn husked in a minute
Maryland Largest crab cake
Massachusetts Largest wallet
Michigan Tallest dog ever
Minnesota Largest collection of cow related items
Mississippi Fastest time to travel the length of the Mississippi River by canoe
Missouri Largest BBQ/grilling lesson
Montana Longest ramp jump by a truck cab
Nebraska Largest advertising poster
Nevada The worlds most calorific burger
New Hampshire Most lit jack o lanterns on display
New Jersey Holiest tongue
New Mexico Largest Indian reservation in the United States
New York Highest pancake toss
North Carolina Longest model train
North Dakota Most people making snow angels simultaneously
Ohio Largest pie, pumpkin
Oklahoma Largest parade of fire trucks
Oregon Most episodes of a family focused reality television show
Pennsylvania Largest Ouija board
Rhode Island Largest sock
South Carolina Hottest chili
South Dakota Dog with the longest tongue
Tennessee Longest picnic table
Texas Largest diaper cake
Utah Fastest towed big wheel
Vermont Largest snow softball tournament
Virginia Largest simultaneous yoyo
Washington The worlds most expensive hot dog
West Virginia Largest bird feeder
Wisconsin Most Big Mac burgers eaten in a life time
Wyoming Oldest national park

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