These States Will Hurt The Most When The Extra $600 Goes Away

Kathy Morris
By Kathy Morris
- Jul. 22, 2020

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Many unemployed Americans have been relying on the unemployment stimulus to make ends meet.

The weekly extra $600 goes a long way and is more than double some states’ previous benefits. However, on July 25th, a full week earlier than anticipated, that weekly benefit ends.

Instead, the unemployed will be back to relying on their state’s weekly maximum unemployment benefit- or less. These benefits range from a generous $823 to a scant $235. Typically, the average worker receives about 50% of their prior pay.

Since unemployment remains high and many states are experiencing an exponential growth of Covid cases, many workers are deeply concerned. How long can they subsist on these funds? And will they be able to find another good job?

We examined the unemployment numbers and systems in each state to determine the states that will be hardest hit.

The States Hurt The Most

  1. Michigan
  2. Florida
  3. Arizona
  4. Alaska
  5. Delaware
  6. Louisiana
  7. Tennessee
  8. Mississippi
  9. California
  10. Indiana

Unemployed workers in these 10 states are in for a rough time. Not only do they have low weekly state benefits, but unemployment is high- meaning landing their next job may be a challenge.

Keep reading to see the dismal numbers that make these states so precarious, and the full ranked list at the bottom of the article.

How We Determined This

We ranked each state on:

  • Max Weekly Unemployment Benefits
  • Current Unemployment Rate

The max weekly unemployment benefits was obtained from each state’s unemployment website. The current unemployment rate is for June 2020 and was obtained from the BLS.

We opted not to include the unemployment duration in our ranking, although it varies dramatically by state. While it is no doubt a strain on workers and a deep concern, it does not coincide with the ending of the Covid unemmployment stimulus pay.

1. Michigan

michigan class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $362
June Unemployment: 14.8%
Max Weeks: 33

Michigan workers are in the most vulnerable spot when the Covid payments stop. Michigan has the 6th worst unemployment in the nation, with 15% of workers being out of work. To make matters worse, come Friday that works will all be receiving a huge benefit cut. The weekly max in Michigan is only $362.

2. Florida

florida class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $275
June Unemployment: 10.4%
Max Weeks: 25

Florida has one of the least supportive unemployment systems in the country. It is no surprise that the system is buckling under the surge in unemployment. Florida’s weekly benefits cap off at $275, unfortunately for the 10% of Floridians who are unemployed. Even more concerning, Florida has one of the shortest benefit periods of any state. 25 weeks is a little more than 5 months- for workers who lost their jobs in the beginning of the crisis, the clock is ticking.

2. Arizona

arizona class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $240
June Unemployment: 10%
Max Weeks: 39

Arizona is a hot bed for Coronavirus right now, not jobs. Currently 10% of workers in Arizona are without a job. Sadly, soon they will be forced to make due on $240 a week or less. Since the median rent in Arizona is $1,036 a month, it won’t get them very far.

4. Alaska

alaska class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $370
June Unemployment: 12.4%
Max Weeks: 39

In 4th place, we have Alaska. No one stat got Alaska its place, but poor benefits and dismal unemployment show Alaskans won’t have it easy.

5. Delaware

delaware class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $400
June Unemployment: 12.5%
Max Weeks: 39

Delaware workers are in a vulnerable spot come July 25th. 13% of workers are unemployed and the maximum weekly unemployment benefits is only $400. To complicate this tricky time, living in Delaware is pretty expensive.

5. Louisiana

louisiana class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $247
June Unemployment: 9.7%
Max Weeks: 39

The Bayou state is in 5th place. Low benefits and a fairly high unemployment rate mean Louisiana workers are going to struggle to make ends meet without the stimulus money. Of course, only 16.9% of those who apply for benefits actually receive them in Louisiana, so there are probably many workers who are already hurting.

7. Tennessee

tennessee class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $275
June Unemployment: 9.7%
Max Weeks: 39

In 7th place is Tennessee. Workers aren’t receiving much in unemployment here. After Friday, nearly 1-in-10 workers will be trying to make it work on $1,100 a month- or less.

7. Mississippi

mississippi class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $235
June Unemployment:8.7%
Max Weeks: 39

Mississippi has the lowest unemployment cap in the nation- with benefits maxing out at a paltry $235 a week. Middle class earners in particular receive a significant pay cut when they are unemployed in Mississippi. While unemployment is still high, it is better than the situation other states are facing.

9. California

california class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $450
June Unemployment: 14.9%
Max Weeks: 39

While California has higher weekly benefits than most states, they also have a 15% unemployment. Our rankings don’t take into account cost of living, but it is worth noting California isn’t cheap. The Golden State has an average rent of $1,520.

9. Indiana

indiana class=

Max Weekly Benefits: $390
June Unemployment: 11.2%
Max Weeks: 39

Tied for 9th with California is Indiana. Come Friday, Indiana unemployed workers will see a sharp benefits decrease. Coupled with one of the higher unemployment rates and it’s easy to see Indiana workers are in a tough spot.

Workers are vulnerable

While unemployed workers across the nation are hurting, workers in these 10 states face some deeper challenges. From paltry benefits that simply don’t cover the bills to scary high unemployment rates that promise finding a job won’t be easy, many workers are justifiably concerned about how they’ll manage.

Currently, many states are still under restrictions, including limited capacity and some business closures. Just as many states are experiencing a rapid surge of Covid cases that promise normal isn’t coming back in the immediate future.

While Congress is debating benefits, workers watch with breath held, uncertain true relief is coming. Sadly, benefits expire Friday and there is no guarantee any solution will present itself prior.

The States That Will Face The Most Hardship When They Lose The $600 Benefit, Ranked

Rank State Max Weekly Benefits June Unemployment
1 Michigan 362 14
2 Arizona 240 10
2 Florida 275 10
4 Alaska 370 12
5 Louisiana 247 9
5 Delaware 400 12
7 Mississippi 235 8
7 Tennessee 275 9
9 California 450 14
9 Indiana 390 11
11 Nevada 469 15
12 New Hampshire 427 11
13 South Carolina 326 8
13 New York 504 15
15 Illinois 484 14
15 West Virginia 424 10
17 Wisconsin 370 8
18 Missouri 320 7
18 Ohio 480 10
20 Virginia 378 8
20 Alabama 275 7
22 North Carolina 350 7
23 Georgia 365 7
23 Pennsylvania 572 13
25 New Jersey 713 16
26 Massachusetts 823 17
27 Rhode Island 586 12
28 Maryland 430 8
28 Hawaii 648 13
30 Arkansas 451 8
31 Colorado 618 10
31 Vermont 513 9
31 South Dakota 414 7
31 Oregon 648 11
35 Iowa 481 8
36 Texas 521 8
37 Nebraska 440 6
37 New Mexico 511 8
39 Maine 445 6
40 Connecticut 649 9
41 Wyoming 508 7
42 Kansas 488 7
42 Washington 790 9
44 Idaho 448 5
45 Minnesota 640 8
46 Montana 552 7
47 Oklahoma 539 6
48 Kentucky 552 4
49 Utah 580 5
49 North Dakota 618 6

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