Survey: 50% Of People Hate Their Jobs – Here’s Why

By Kathy Morris
Aug. 18, 2021
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Hate your job? You aren’t alone.

50% of workers dislike their job. Of course, since how we spend our days is how we spend our lives, that means a lot of workers also don’t like their lives.

In fact, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. For the unsatisfied 50%, that amounts to about one third of their lives spent unhappily.

To better understand workplace dissatisfaction (and how it can be improved), Zippia set out to better understand what makes workers hate their jobs.

What Workers Hate About Their Jobs

There are a multitude of reasons employees find themselves dreading Mondays. The leading three factors are unfair pay, underappreciation, and lack of communication.

While many companies are hesitant to raise pay, improved communication and employee appreciation could be key (and cost effective) areas to increase employee satisfaction.

Impact Of Worker Dissatisfaction On Engagement

Ultimately, employee turnover is one of the biggest HR expenses. Unhappy workers often choose to leave for greener pastures, disrupting business operations and requiring businesses to spend time and money hiring replacements.

However, the cost of disengaged employees can be seen in subpar work and absenteeism. In fact, according to our survey, unhappy employees are 7% more likely to call in frequently than happy employees.

Methodology, a career resource website, conducted a study of 1,000 workers across the US to better understand worker dissatisfaction in the workplace, including the root causes and effects of disengaged employees.

Each respondent was asked an identical series of questions.

The survey was conducted in August 2021, using Clickworker’s Survey platform.

You Don’t Have To Hate Your Job

If you spend your Sundays dreading Monday, you have a problem. No one should sit at their desk feeling abjectly miserable for 1/3rd of their life.

Now is the perfect time to find a job you don’t hate and maybe even one you actively like.

Turn to Zippia to revamp your resume, ace those tricky interview questions, and find your next job.

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