No Ragrets: What Each State Gets Tattooed More Than Anywhere Else

By Kathy Morris
Jun. 17, 2021
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It is more acceptable now than ever to have tattoos in the workplace.

One-third of companies are perfectly fine with visible tattoos. Others exist in a grey area where a small tattoo wouldn’t sway them from their ideal candidate.

As acceptability continues to rise, we’re going to see a lot more ink on the job.

It begs the question, what types of tattoos can we expect to see? Are horoscope tatts still in? What about dubiously foreign tattoos that instead of saying ‘destiny’ say ‘rice cakes’?

We hit the data to find what tattoo is more common in each state than any other tattoo. You can see the interesting choices some states are making and how we figured this out below.


  • Why a fly tattoo, Washington?
  • Love is in the air in West Virginia and North Carolina. Well hopefully, because those couple tattoos and wedding band tattoos are pretty permanent.
  • Home tattoos, just no “Tennessee
  • New Mexico isn’t so sure about the permanency of tattoos; They’re more likely than any other state to google “fake tattoos.”
  • Believe it or not, a surprising amount of people are into tattooing political figures on themselves.
  • Oklahoma has no regrets, don’t believe me? Just look at their skin.
  • Missourians are more likely than residents of any other state to get a sick Monster energy logo tattoo.
  • Want to see a North Dakota tattoo? Go to North Dakota.


Using Google Trends, we determined what tattoo each state gets more than any other state, using search proxy as a way to measure tattoo intent.

Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because it’s become one of the main ways people do research. In fact, people use it for everything from asking why the sky is blue to figuring out what to get permanently inked on their body.

We looked at a full year of google searches, giving residents of each state full opportunity to show their plans to get Tweety Bird tattooed on their forehead.

Your Tattoos Are Fine…Probably

Tattoos are more common in the workforce than ever.

So your tattoos are less likely to get you “thank you for your interest…” than anytime before.

However, some industries will no doubt still turn their noses up at your Shia Lebouf tattoo– so your tattoo choices should be weighed with your future career goals.

Furthermore, even tattoo friendly jobs may be inclined to judge you on what you have tattooed on your skin, or where you have chosen to place it. So maybe hold off on the forehead tat.

State Tattoo
Alabama Joker Tattoo
Alaska Watercolor Tattoo
Arizona Shia Lebouf Tattoo
Arkansas Arkansas Tattoo
California Portrait Tattoos
Colorado Aztec Tattoo
Connecticut Turnpike Tattoo
Delaware Dragon Tattoo
Florida Yin and yang tattoo
Georgia Dolphin Tattoos
Hawaii Japanese Tattoo
Idaho Boise Tattoo
Illinois Barbed Wire tattoo
Indiana Sheep tattoo
Iowa Pink Elephant Tattoo
Kansas Crow Tattoo
Kentucky Disney Tattoos
Louisiana Saints tattoo
Maine Covid tattoo
Maryland Baltimore tattoo
Massachusetts Taurus tattoo
Michigan Biden tattoo
Minnesota Cat tattoos
Mississippi Trump tattoo
Missouri Monster tattoo
Montana Gun tattoo
Nebraska Finger tattoos
Nevada Gemini tattoo
New Hampshire Spider tattoo
New Jersey New Jersey tattoo
New Mexico Fake tattoo
New York Kids Names tattoo
North Carolina Wedding Band tattoos
North Dakota North Dakota tattoo
Ohio Whale tattoo
Oklahoma No regrets tattoo
Oregon Anime tattoo
Pennsylvania Bernie tattoo
Rhode Island Lion tattoo
South Carolina Clemson tattoo
South Dakota Cat tattoo
Tennessee Home tattoos
Texas Juggalo tattoo
Utah Tattoo eyeliner
Vermont Fortune Teller tattoo
Virginia Chain tattoo
Washington Fly tattoo
West Virginia Couple tattoos
Wisconsin Fox tattoo
Wyoming Coronavirus tattoo

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