These Are The 10 Worst Cities In Indiana To Get A Job

When it comes to getting a job, these cities in Indiana need to update their resumes.

Chris Kolmarby Chris KolmarRankings - 2 years ago

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We’re on a mission at Zippia to criss-cross the country looking for the best and worst places for jobs.

Today, we set our sites on the worst cities to find a job in Indiana after looking at the best places in Indiana a short while ago.

These cities did not have the grit needed to make it to the big leagues and get that big promotion we all hope to get.

After looking at the data for the 78 biggest cities in Indiana, the ten worst cities to find a job in Indiana are:

  1. Wabash
  2. Peru
  3. Marion
  4. Connersville
  5. Gary
  6. Muncie
  7. East Chicago
  8. Michigan City
  9. Crawfordsville
  10. Bedford

Read on to see how we did it.

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How We Determined The Worst Places For Jobs In The Hoosier State

After getting the data for all 1,500 places in Indiana, we ultimately decided to limit our analysis to any place with over 10,000 people that isn’t a township.

That left us with 78 cities.

We then ranked each place across a number of criteria from one to 78, with 1 being the worst in any given category.

Finally, we took the average rank across all criteria, with the place posting the lowest overall score gaining the title “Worst City In Indiana To Find A Job”.

The criteria we looked at were:

Population: 10,644
Unemployment Rate: 5.10%
Median Household Income: $33,901

Wabash takes the dubious distinction of being the worst city in Indiana to get a job.

While the city’s unemployment ranks in the top 50% of all cities in Indiana, it comes in dead last for recent job growth, future job growth, and income taxes.

So even though you may have a job in Wabash, you might not have one for long and the local government takes more money from you than any other city in the Hoosier state.

2. Peru

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs


Population: 11,475
Unemployment Rate: 7.00%
Median Household Income: $32,888

Peru places second on our list of the worst cities in Indiana to find a job.

Peru only finished in one category as one of the the ten worst, income taxes (3rd worst), but managed stay below average in every other category.

So while Peru in South America may be a destination spot for some, Peru, Indiana should not be a prime destination for job seekers.

3. Marion

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 30,088
Unemployment Rate: 8.10%
Median Household Income: $30,665

Marion is the county seat of Grant County and, as it so happens, takes a seat on our list of the worst places to get a job in Indiana.

Marion earned its seat here like most places we’ve seen previously — of a high unemployment rate (5th worst) and low household median income (8th worst).

4. Connersville

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 13,479
Unemployment Rate: 7.60%
Median Household Income: $29,939

Connersville takes the fourth spot on our list of the worst places for jobs in Indiana.

The 9th worst unemployment rate for cities in Indiana and 5th lowest median household income contributed to the city finishing here.

However, the city has actually had relatively strong recent job growth finishing in the top 50% of all cities despite those two facts mentioned previously.

5. Gary

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 81,153
Unemployment Rate: 10.50%
Median Household Income: $26,956

Being the largest city on our list, Gary still couldn’t bully its way out of the worst places to find a job in Indiana, finishing in fifth.

The combination of low unemployment (3rd worst) and low median income (2nd worst) meant that Gary couldn’t keep up with the rest of the cities in the Hoosier state.

Maybe if Indiana had only given the city a more interesting name it could attract more jobs.

6. Muncie

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 70,033
Unemployment Rate: 6.40%
Median Household Income: $30,366

While Muncie is the second biggest city on this list, it was fortunate enough to only place sixth on our list of the worst places to get a job in Indiana.

Bottom 10 finishes in recent job growth and future job growth (7th worst) combined with the 6th lowest household median income pushed Muncie into this position.

At least the city doesn’t tax your relatively low income that heavily.

7. East Chicago

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 29,789
Unemployment Rate: 10.80%
Median Household Income: $27,171

Coming in seventh our list is East Chicago.

Following a similar pattern to several others in our analysis, we couldn’t promote East Chicago because of a high unemployment rate (2nd worst) and low median income (4th lowest).

It seems as if places named after other states and cities in other states might not have been the best idea…

8. Michigan City

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 31,442
Unemployment Rate: 10.90%
Median Household Income: $36,115
Michigan City places eighth in our ranking of the worst places for jobs in Indiana.

Michigan City took the title as the city with the worst overall unemployment rate in Indiana. It also fared poorly when it came to recent job growth and prospects for future growth.

So it seems as if maybe Indiana should consider handing Michigan City over to Michigan, at least when it comes to jobs.

9. Crawfordsville

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 15,958
Unemployment Rate: 5.10%
Median Household Income: $36,845

Crawfordsville sneaks onto the worst places to get a job list at number nine.
Slow recent job growth to go with high income taxes netted out to Crawfordsville place on this list.

10. Bedford

Worst Cities In Indiana For Jobs

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 13,436
Unemployment Rate: 7.20%
Median Household Income: $34,024

And rounding out our top ten worst cities in Indiana to get a job, we have Bedford.

Bedford took a nap when it comes to income taxes finishing 11th worst in that category, but managed to stay out of the top ten worst for every category.

Looks like it’s bedtime for this analysis.

Wrapping It Up Friday Night Drinks

After crunching all the numbers, Wabash took the “top” spot as the worst city in Indiana for a job.

So while the economy continues to improve and jobs become available across the state of Indiana, these cities lag behind.

Hopefully they can catch up before they miss their next bonus.

Detailed Ranking

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City Population Zippia Score Rank
Wabash 10,644 12.6 1
Peru 11,475 13.6 2
Marion 30,088 18 3
Connersville 13,479 18 4
Gary 81,153 18.2 5
Muncie 70,033 18.2 6
East Chicago 29,789 19.2 7
Michigan City 31,442 20 8
Crawfordsville 15,958 21.2 9
Bedford 13,436 22.2 10
South Bend 101,282 22.8 11
Logansport 17,855 25 12
Purdue University 11,487 25.6 13
Terre Haute 60,850 26.2 14
Hammond 80,658 26.4 15
Lake Station 12,596 26.4 15
La Porte 22,077 26.8 17
Vincennes 18,374 26.8 17
Evansville 119,226 27.6 19
Lafayette 67,302 28.6 20
Seymour 18,137 29 21
Richmond 36,836 30 22
Clarksville 22,122 30.2 23
New Albany 36,450 30.2 23
New Castle 18,066 30.2 23
Portage 36,781 30.6 26
Hobart 28,933 30.6 26
Mishawaka 48,107 31.4 28
Greensburg 11,527 32.4 29
West Lafayette 30,047 32.6 30
Griffith 16,875 33 31
Frankfort 16,433 34 32
Anderson 56,097 34 32
Cedar Lake 11,484 34 32
Crown Point 27,477 34.4 35
Plymouth 10,045 35 36
Munster 23,460 35.2 37
Dyer 16,283 35.6 38
Washington 11,552 36 39
Jeffersonville 44,683 36 39
Martinsville 11,890 36 39
St. John 14,753 36.4 42
Merrillville 35,201 37.2 43
Beech Grove 13,949 37.4 44
Elkhart 51,293 38 45
Speedway 11,862 38.4 46
Madison 12,048 38.8 47
Indianapolis 831,230 38.8 47
Granger 29,302 39.8 49
Bloomington 80,440 40 50
Chesterton 13,571 40.4 51
Greencastle 10,343 40.6 52
Valparaiso 31,347 42.2 53
Auburn 12,760 42.8 54
Huntington 17,385 43.6 55
Schererville 29,024 44.2 56
Lawrence 45,779 44.4 57
Shelbyville 18,682 45 58
Kokomo 54,402 47.4 59
Warsaw 13,620 48.6 60
Greenfield 20,545 49.8 61
Goshen 31,569 52 62
Plainfield 27,912 52.2 63
Franklin 23,857 53.4 64
Greenwood 50,457 55 65
Lebanon 15,630 55.2 66
Brownsburg 21,749 55.4 67
Avon 12,542 56.2 68
Fort Wayne 253,617 57 69
Decatur 10,062 57.8 70
Noblesville 52,987 59.2 71
New Haven 14,624 59.6 72
Jasper 14,982 60 73
Zionsville 23,134 60.8 74
Westfield 30,081 63.2 75
Columbus 44,306 63.6 76
Fishers 76,835 64.6 77
Carmel 80,060 65.2 78

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