10 Not-So-Conventional Ways To Attract Talent

By Guest blogger - Feb. 29, 2016
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Editors Note: This is a guest post by Kenneth Waldman – content creator and also a resumé writer at Essaymama. His opinions are his own.

Startup CEOs, business owners and HR managers all have one thing in common. Regardless of their company missions or product, at some stage they will all have to attract talent and hire new employees. It’s a foundation of running a business, and it is no simple task.

Putting an ad in the local paper classified section might not do for a business what it did before. People are reading more online news, rather than the physical paper, and in a constantly connected world there are now various creative and intelligent methods of recruiting. Check out this list for more details and new ideas.

1. Hide Your Message

A hard to find job advertisement may seem like a distraction, but it’s a brilliant method of hiring for any business.

Hiring companies and HR departments can actively approach a target pool of possible employees by catching their attention in the perfect way. Startup CEOs might even search other successful businesses for their new hires.

They can research and find individuals to send them a creative, cryptic message or gift with an invitation to a new opportunity. This often leads to obtaining the best of the best in any given industry.

2. Have a Contest

Any business looking to hire should use a candidate’s enthusiasm to discover who truly has a passion for the work involved. And in today’s world of social media, HR managers can even get job openings and competitions to go viral, reaching an even bigger audience of their target demographic.

Hotels seeking a new executive chef should consider having their own “Top Chef” competition. The event can be advertised locally and offer a small prize. This will likely bring in some of the best talent around.

3. Use Your Website

Do not simply add a “jobs” tab or page to your website or blog. This will encourage anyone to apply and leave you with hundreds of useless resumes. HR departments should find a way to recruit for open positions strategically on their site.

The good news is that anyone who responds to this type of application process is likely a fan of your product or services. By providing your website viewers with employment opportunities, you open the door to the people who make your business work in the first place, the customers.

4. Go to Educational Institutions

Jobs can be posted at local universities and career centers, however it’s also smart to just call for more information.

Business owners can discuss the various ways in which they can connect with students (guest lectures, career fairs, etc.) and university leaders can steer HR managers in the right direction for new talent.

Schools are always a good place to look for fresh, quality and motivated candidates.

5. Try the Movies

It was not always the case, but some movie theaters will run advertisements before the previews begin. Recruiters and HR managers should consider advertising their job listings here.

When individuals are sitting down waiting for a film, there are no distractions. They will be much more receptive and attentive to what they are viewing on the screen. If they were to see the same ad on a moving bus they may think nothing of it.

These advertisements can be simple and quick, and fairly inexpensive.

6. List a Job Opening on a Career Website

To be more proactive about hiring, post a listing on a site like careerbuilder.com or monster.com.

There are so many options out there, but regardless of which one you choose, remember that you will be dealing with a large amount of resumes and responses.

This is a great way to start the hiring process and any HR manager will benefit from using these tools to obtain an initial data pool.

7. Use a Referral System

Local businesses that are laying off employees are a great place for HR managers to look. Often this is happening not because the employees were unworthy of their positions, but because businesses can’t afford to stay open.

Do something good for your local economy and community and ask these companies for employee recommendations.

More often than not, these businesses feel awful for having lost quality staff, and will be happy to give them a new opportunity for growth.

9. Try Guerilla Recruiting

If you are struggling to find the right employee, try a new and different way of thinking. Find where your target audience is hanging out.

HR managers can try using their company’s current product or services to “hide” while on the hunt.

For example, if you want to launch a new game app, perhaps you are seeking a developer or designer. Use a current game or application to seek out possible recruits that are already playing with these tools.

Promote your positions from within your user base to gain applicants with expertise in the field.

10. Hire a Headhunter or Recruiter

Sometimes, it may come down to hiring a professional. Yes, that’s right you may need to hire someone, to hire someone for you. Busy companies and startups can get wrapped up in their busy schedules.

It can be worth it to delegate the responsibility of hiring to someone else. Be sure to find a reputable firm with reasonable rates and understand they do most of the research work for you.

No matter what type of business you have, stay focused and positive during your employee search. Look for likeminded people and individuals with work ethic and wit.

It’s useful to seek new, inventive methods for hiring. Use the ideas listed above to spark the interest of worthy applicants and to increase your businesses overall success.

Kenneth Waldman is a professional content creator and resumé writer at Essaymama.


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