6 Tools That Will Change The Way You Reach Out to Candidates

By Michael Overell - Jun. 17, 2015
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Recruiting in the digital age means you find a strong candidate on social media, in an online community, or from a database of emails.

But not every platform gives you everything you need to reach out to someone you think may be a great fit for a role. Luckily, there are tools that can help you turn social contact information from other sites into email addresses (and vice versa) so you can effectively reach out through multiple touch points.

We’ll share some key tools you can use for this stage of your recruiting workflow in this post, but you can find even more tools in our free, 60-page e-book, “The Agile Technology Guide for Modern Recruiters” if you want to jump ahead.

We know time isn’t always on your side as a recruiter, so we asked professionals we trust to give us their recommendations for free or affordable tools that can give you an edge when you’re on the hunt for contact information.

Here are 6 tools that will change the way recruiters can access contact information at scale.

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1. Clearbit

Turn partial information into a full contact with social lookup, company lookup by domain name, and geolocation, for starters. With plans starting at $50/month and a host of free trial options with 50 free API calls per month, you can use Clearbit to up your recruiting game without breaking the bank.

2. FullContact

Maintaining an up-to-date database is tough to do on the cheap, but FullContact allows you to unify your contacts and sync with Google so your information is always current. The platform is really easy to use with iPhone, iPad, and Gmail apps and is free for up to 5,000 contacts.

3. Prophet by Recruiting Daily

One of the hottest new tools for recruiters is Prophet and was one of the most widely recommended tools on our list. This free Google Chrome extension scours the web for either verified or “most likely” email addresses for users across the most popular social networking sites.

4. Sidekick by Hubspot

Sidekick is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you get more out of your communication process with powerful profiles right in your inbox, analytics on who opens emails when, and the ability to schedule emails for later. Plus, if you haven’t tried it yet, give the free Hubspot CRM a try!

5. Rapportive

Connect Rapportive to Gmail to see an email contact’s social media profiles right in your inbox. You’ll also see a candidate’s smiling face next to their email address and see if they’re nearby or available to meet. And as a bonus, grow your network by seeing your shared connections with any contact.

6. Data.com by Salesforce

Get access to millions of candidates and company lists with Data.com – a free “give one, get one” contact database that gives you titles, direct phone numbers, and email addresses. If you don’t want to put contacts into the exchange system, their plans start at $125/user/month to get access to the database.

Getting access to contact information is easier than ever with the right tools, however, remember to use your database wisely. We cover some tips for reaching out to candidates in the e-book, “The Agile Technology Guide for Modern Recruiters” if you’re looking for some tips on how to make the most of shiny, new contacts.

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