7 Ways Recruiters Can Create Engaging LinkedIn Profiles

By Lori Wade - Apr. 2, 2018
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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Lori Wade – content writer for eliteessaywriters.com. Her opinions are her own. 
The headline of a LinkedIn profile is critical. This is because it’s not only an excellent place for a person to add career-targeted key terms, but it also shows up many times in countless important LinkedIn locations like messages, search results, connection invitations and employee listings.
It goes without saying that your LinkedIn profile can help define your success as a recruiter. Let us consider some of the best ways in which recruiters can come up with memorable and impressive LinkedIn headlines.

1. Appeal to your candidates’ sense of purpose

Most candidates are driven by a sense of purpose. Of course benefits and salaries also interest them, but the main propelling factor is their work assisting them to make an impact on the world at large.
With this in mind, it is important to understand that when creating your LinkedIn profile as a recruiter, you should always factor this in. Your profile should always be structured towards appealing to a “purpose driven revolution”. This can be easily achieved by crafting your profile in a manner that makes it clear to your potential candidates that the role they will play in the company will make a difference in the world.

2. Flattery will take you places

Including some spurts of flattery in your LinkedIn profile could indeed come off as absurd. However,  as a recruiter your compliments are highly likely to have a great effect on your candidates on an unconscious level. They tend to get the whole fuzzy and warm feeling on their innermost beings and in the process become more likely to respond more positively as compared to your contemporaries.
The positive feelings that are derived from flattery can prompt a person to do a whole hoard of nice things on your behalf. Therefore, it is in your best interests as a recruiter to ensure that your LinkedIn profile includes this.

3. Tell potential candidates exactly what you can do for them

Attracting new customers is getting harder every day. In addition to this, the process of maintaining customers is also quite difficult. There is simply too much choice and noise available which leads to many people tuning out all the online noise.
However, despite all this, there is a way out for you as a recruiter. Make your profile tell prospective candidates everything you can do to assist them with their careers. Your LinkedIn profile should give candidates a compelling reason to reach out to you by building on your relationship with them before anything else.

4. State your mission

By being a successful recruiter, it is almost certain that you promote all the skills and knowledge you have in order to assist your candidates in finding the best of jobs in the most exceptional companies. Despite all this, there is one more question that you need to ask yourself: How can you prove to them beyond any reasonable doubt that you are indeed the recruiter that they should commit to working with?
The answer is simple. You should make sure that your LinkedIn profile holds a relevant mission statement that answers all their questions because that is the first place most candidates will head to order to get to know you better.
Your profile should communicate that you take pride and are passionate in your role as a recruiter and that your mission is about nothing but finding the best jobs for the most outstanding people out there.

5. Let candidates know your specialty

Tailor your profile to be specific to your target audience. In the event that you are hunting for candidates with a particular skill set, ensure that your LinkedIn profile makes any potential candidate aware that you specialise in this area. In addition to this, your profile should also communicate other vital details such as your desire for recruiting specific talent that are based in a particular location.

6. Always add a nice touch

For you to achieve the best results as a recruiter, it is essential that your LinkedIn profile appears friendly (thereby making you more approachable) to anyone that takes their time to view it. 
You should always find a way to add a nice touch to your profile. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the use of  images incorporated in your profile.

7. Highlight your accolades

Candidates like to deal with recruiters who have won awards in their area of specialisation. 
Try to  include all your recruitment related achievements or accolades into your profile. If you have appeared in, written for or even simply been mentioned in a certain credible media, be sure to include links to the posts or articles in your profile. Links to articles, video clips, blog posts and any other media sitings will certainly give your LinkedIn profile (and you!) a credibility boost.
Recent statistics indicate that more than 50% of LinkedIn users spend more than two hours a week on the site. As a recruiter, the importance of an impressive LinkedIn profile cannot be emphasized enough; you need to optimize it to be able to attract a portion of a very big audience! Apply these tips to boost your recruitment activities online.


Lori Wade

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