Get Your Job Ad Message Across – Think Like an Online Marketer

By Jenn Steele - Sep. 4, 2014
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If you have a fantastic job to fill, you’re sure that you’ll get tons of qualified candidates, and filling the job will be like picking low-hanging fruit. You post the job online, but your candidate response is anything but robust. What now? Here’s a secret for you: stop behaving like a job recruiter.

Stop thinking that you can post an ad online and your work is done, because it isn’t. You have to start thinking like an online marketer, because that’s what you are. You’re competing for attention for that job just like any company competes for visibility for its products and services.

You may think that you’re not qualified to be a marketer, that’s not your skill set. Here are some things to think about to give your job ads that marketing advantage.

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1. Think of your job ad as a landing page.

Marketers know that the landing page is king in online marketing. Lots of companies spend tons of time and money developing marketing campaigns that drive people back to their company’s home page. However, if you want someone to pay attention to a special offer, send them to a landing page highlighting the opportunity to sign up for the special offer. You need to think in those same terms.

Create your job ad with the elements of a landing page in mind so you can convert the candidates who have clicked through. Discover why a landing page is so important and how your job ad should exhibit the same characteristics.

2. Make it simple.

The key element of your job ad and making conversions is simplicity. Don’t make readers and potential candidates wade through too much stuff to get to your job description.

Just like in an actual landing page, you want to convey and convert as quickly as possible. Online readers have a low threshold for wasting time, so make sure your ad is easy to navigate.

3. Be compelling.

You have something of value to offer potential candidates, so make sure that message gets through. That’s when readers will decide whether or not they want to engage further and give up their contact information. Be sure to grab the reader’s attention immediately with benefits of interest to appropriate job candidates.

4. Enable sharing.

Your job ad may have intrigued a reader but the position isn’t an exact fit. So now what? Do you lose a good candidate? Maybe not. If you allow sharing options with your ad, that first candidate may send it on to someone he or she knows who may be a good fit. It’s always a good idea to allow sharing to expand the reach of your job ad to appropriate candidates.

5. Provide a clear call to action.

Be specific about how you want potential candidates to respond to your job ad. If you can customize the “apply” button, do so. Also include text telling them how the process works.

If candidates click through to an apply page on your site, you have a little more control. Just as in an actual landing page, craft your job ad so that only the minimal, critical contact information is required. If you get too many unqualified applicants, you can always add more fields in the future.

Ready to let your inner marketer out? Just remember that you’re competing for attention so keep your job ad simple, compelling, easy to share, and include a clear call-to-action.


Jenn Steele

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