How to Hire a Marketing Dream Team

By John Obstander - Mar. 5, 2018
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Editors Note: This is a guest post by John Obstander – a writer and blogger working with NerdyMates. His opinions are his own.
When you start your own business, there is really only you (and perhaps a few mates) who wear all the hats. Like some sort of supreme being, you have to play the role of an accountant, public relations representative, marketing rep, web developer, IT manager, finance, secretary. Get the picture?
For years people go to colleges to get their Masters’ in these fields, but you’re trying to fill in all these positions on your own! Of course, you are responsible for everything, but as your organization grows, you need to hire a team. You need others to help you run your business.
It’s the marketing team that will help you expand your promotional efforts and bring additional revenue to your company –  leaving you more free to focus on your business strategy and action plan.  
Here is a list of the key roles you should hire first to help make your business thrive.

Marketing Strategist

This person is responsible for deciding on and overseeing all your promotion efforts.  An eligible candidate for a strategic position must understand your company mission and your buyer personas perfectly. Filling this role might be a challenge, since your marketing strategist should possess a blend of both analytical and creative skills. This person will work together with the rest of your dream team to elaborate on the content calendar and keep your marketing efforts on track.

Data Analyst

How do you know if all your efforts are successful? Are you taking the right path? To answer this question, you need to hire a data analyst who knows precisely how to evaluate the results of all your social media campaigns etc.  The data analyst will help your team focus its efforts on delivering content that affects your customers and buyer personas. It is the best way to avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary things that will never work. Find a person who can present data in a user-friendly and understandable format.

Social Media Manager

You need a highly capable person to put your company development plan in motion. This person is a social media manager who is responsible for placing the strategic ideas into practice. The social media manager will inform your customers about new trends and shifts via social media, interacting with stakeholders on social networking sites while bringing more exposure to your brand.

Content Creator

For most businesses these days, content creation is a paramount task.  The skilled author will attract your target audience by delivering your company voice. The person you are going to hire must be experienced in verbal and written communication and will also be trained in copywriting to create landing pages and appropriate content.
As a side note, you may not even need an in-house writer depending on your situation. Scouring platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour will be enough for general purposes. Specific angles like academically inclined thought leadership pieces and technical writing may require more thorough candidate research via platforms such as iWriter, TextBroker and other niche writing platforms.

Technical Specialist

The ideal candidate will be engrossed in the realm of emerging technologies and will have a passion for the changing trends in the digital world. The deep understanding of the most popular digital marketing tools and computer science, in-depth knowledge of CSS and HTML is a must for a person applying for this position. When interviewing candidates for this post, you should invite someone else who is comfortable with technologies to join in and ask specific coding and software-related questions. 

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Assembling a group of eligible candidates who can work together day in and day out might not be easy. When it comes to top marketing talent, demand is often outpacing supply.
Here are several tips to help you recruit and retain your marketing dream team.

Job descriptions

When hiring a new team, you need to refresh your job descriptions as most marketing jobs are different from what they were like several years ago. Don’t make your story too long; choose a clear and concise style. Emphasize essential qualities and skills for the candidate. Highlight why your organization is unique enough to attract skilled staff. Be specific when interviewing copywriters. Ask about their previous experience: what kinds of projects they have been working on? When you are hiring graphic designers, be sure he obtained technical skills.

Take a different approach

Recruit your team with a new attitude. Don’t wait for candidates to find your organization. Attend networking events and industry conferences.  Use social media to establish new connections and relationships. Oh, but don’t omit doing background checks.

Check your salaries

Are you sure your salaries are competitive to attract top candidates? Compare your organization’s proposition to average figures.

Don’t procrastinate

If you want the plan to succeed, you need to start hiring a team long before it’s actually time to recruit. It is the only chance you have of standing out. Don’t wait until the last minute or all your marketing campaigns will fail. When you are desperate, you’re more likely to hire unsuitable candidates. 


Benefits are important. Do not underestimate the importance of recognizing a top employee in your company. Offering cash bonuses is the best way to demonstrate appreciation for your team. However, if your company’s revenue doesn’t allow such reward, you can offer your best team player gift cards or extra vacation time.

Find a star

If you want a chance to really develop your business, you have to be serious about marketing. It means finding world-class marketers and convincing them to lead your marketing team.
You know, running a business has never been an easy road. Don’t stay alone on that path for a long time. Find individuals who are passionate about the field they’re in and bring them on board.

John Obstander is a writer and blogger, currently working with nerdymates. on bringing the next big thing into the world. Emerging technologies and EdTech are his specialty, and he is happy to share it with the world whenever he can.


John Obstander

John Obstander is a writer and blogger, currently working with nerdymates. on bringing the next big thing into the world. Emerging technologies and EdTech are his specialty, and he is happy to share it with the world whenever he can.

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