Why Performance Appraisals Could Actually Be Destructive [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Building Culture, Leading People - 5 years ago

We’re already at the end of June.

Can you believe how quickly the first six months of the year have flown by?

For many organisations this time of the year marks performance review season. For some it could mean staff half-yearly appraisals; for others it’s annual review time.

While some large companies have a team of people dedicated purely to employee engagement working full time on assessing employee satisfaction, co-ordinating 360º feedback and conducting performance appraisals, in smaller organisations employee engagement and staff satisfaction (key measures of staff retention) are often left to fall by the wayside.

What should really be conducted as formal conversations often become a quick impromptu catch up over a sandwich at a nearby café, a 15 minute chat in a taxi on the way back from a client meeting, or worse still a two-line email along the lines of “You’ve done a terrific job this year. Keep up the good work”.

We’ve written about how to conduct a successful performance review in the past. We’ve also posted tips on how not to deliver feedback when evaluating your employees.

Given that many readers will be conducting staff appraisals in the coming weeks, I wanted to share a really interesting Infographic recently published by our friends at Findmyshift.

It poses the question around whether employee performance reviews are productive or destructive.

It’s time for you to decide for yourself.

Performance Review Infographic