Paul Slezak

With over two decades of experience in the recruitment and human capital industry, Paul Slezak has established himself as a transformative force in the realm of leadership and career coaching, group facilitation, and talent acquisition. His unique perspective, drawn from his early career as a leader in global recruitment firms and his entrepreneurial success with his own start-up, has enabled him to make a significant impact on leaders, teams, and organizations across the world. Paul's passion for helping others achieve success and high performance is evident in his commitment to transforming leaders and their teams at local, national, and international levels. He specializes in promoting the importance of human-centered intelligence, focusing on soft skills such as authenticity, transparency, and trust to complement business-centered acumen and drive better workplace outcomes. As an impartial facilitator, Paul brings his expertise to team offsites and strategy days, ensuring alignment on goals, values, and culture while keeping participants on task. His engaging and energetic presence, coupled with his unique "entertraining" and "edutaining" delivery style, enables him to connect with audiences both large and intimate, sharing personal and professional anecdotes that inspire and energize.

Posts by Paul Slezak:

How Much Can Disengaged Employees Cost Your Business? [Infographic]

Check out this great infographic by our friends at Villanova University which demonstrates how disengaged employees can be the downfall of any new startup or well-established business, and how business owners who invest in employee engagement practices will have happier, more successful and more productive staff.

Attitude or experience: What’s the Best Indicator of Future Performance?

The saying ‘past behavior is the best predictor of future performance’ is one that recruitment guru Lou Adler stands by. He believes the way to predict someone’s ability to succeed in a role is to look at what they’ve achieved in the past. Others are more inclined to ‘go with their gut’, basing their hiring […]

How to Really Add Value as an In-House Recruiter

I wanted to share the highlights of my presentation at the in-house recruiter LIVE! 2017 event in London – How to Really Add Value as an In-House Recruiter.

How Much Does a Bad Reputation Cost Your Business? [Infographic]

Aside from recruitment, your business’ bottom-line can take a considerable hit if your employer brand reputation remains less than sterling.

5 Ways To Protect Yourself When Invoking A Replacement Guarantee

5 Ways To Protect Yourself When Invoking A Replacement Guarantee

What happens if your new hire doesn't work out? Here are 5 ways to protect yourself when dealing with recruitment agencies offering a replacement guarantee.

How to Turn a Job Interview From Exploration to Exploitation

How to Turn a Job Interview From Exploration to Exploitation

Exploiting talent and leading them down a mythical path is a sure way to tarnish your employer brand and ruin any chance of being regarded as an employer of choice.

My 10 Most Memorable Candidate Interview Moments

There are certain questions a recruiter should never ask a candidate. But what about a guide designed for candidates on what not to say during a job interview? Here are my 'Top 10' classic candidate interview moments ... those that have remained memorable for all the wrong reasons!

How to Source and Attract Multi-Generational Talent in a Tight Labor Market

How to Source and Attract Multi-Generational Talent in a Tight Labor Market

Given the war for quality talent, we have an imminent need to adopt a multi-faceted sourcing and recruitment strategy capable of attracting the best candidates from every generation.

How to Avoid Being Accused of Nepotism

How to Avoid Being Accused of Nepotism

When employing family and friends, the secret is to treat them just as you would any other candidate in the recruitment process.

8 of My Most Bizarre ‘Firing’ Stories

No matter how often you’ve done it, letting someone go from your business is never easy. You might expect a few harsh words. There may be tears. Gosh there may even be a hug. What’s my number one piece of advice? Expect the unexpected …

9 Must Know Employee Productivity Statistics

9 Must Know Employee Productivity Statistics

At OnTheClock, we are always doing research on making our employee time-tracking system easier and better. Here, we decided to give you a summary of nine important employee productivity statistics. Enhancing productivity is something you should look into regardless of whether you are an employer or employee. This is because being productive or having a […]

10 Ways Internal Recruitment Teams Can Use LinkedIn To Build A Talent Pipeline

10 Ways Internal Recruitment Teams Can Use LinkedIn To Build A Talent Pipeline

Here are 10 tips on how you can best harness some of LinkedIn's features to connect with candidates and build your talent pipeline.

The Seven Stages of the Modern Recruiting Workflow

The Seven Stages of the Modern Recruiting Workflow

In this blog post we take a look at the seven stages that make up the modern recruiting process and the goals for each stage.

The Essential Recruiting Metrics – From Startup to Enterprise

Recruiting metrics are absolutely essential, as long as you are tracking the most relevant activities for you and your team … and your priorities can certainly shift depending on the circumstances.

5 Reasons Why My Opinion on Performance Reviews Has Changed

I recently attended the Betterworks Goal Summit in San Francisco and during the course of two fantastic sessions, my opinion on the entire performance review process changed dramatically. Here’s why.

How to Create a Fair Assessment and Benchmarking Process

It is important to observe and maintain consistent standards when evaluating candidates objectively at every single stage of the recruitment process.

7 Steps To Turn Your Entire Staff Into A Recruiting Engine

What would you give for a group of talented, enthusiastic people constantly waving your company flag and acting as personal recruiting ambassadors to everyone they meet? Now what would you say if I told you that you actually already have one?

The Non-Recruiters Guide To Hiring Terms

Purple squirrels? Job Hoppers? Stay Interviews? Buy-Backs? Recruitment terminology can sometimes be confusing - especially for a non-recruiter. Check out our list of some typical recruitment terms and their meanings.

6 Tips To Engage Gen Ys At Work

Gen Ys or most commonly known as Millennials, use social media during working hours, they don’t expect to stay with your company for long and they need lots of TLC to keep them happy. Here are six tips to help keep your Gen Y employees engaged and happy while at work. Key Takeaways: Get Gen […]

8 Signs You’re About to Lose Your Top Candidate

Maybe they're just not that into you! Here are a few signs that unfortunately you might actually be losing your great candidate.

How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated During the Holidays

Even at a quiet time of the year, it is definitely possible to keep your sales team motivated.

Recruiter Tips: Stay Close to Your Candidates During Their Notice Period

So much can happen between the time a candidate accepts a new position and the time they actually start in the role. You need to stay close to them in order to prevent any nasty surprises.

How to Ensure a Consistent Interview Process Every Time

Consistent candidate evaluation is key for any successful recruitment process and will ensure that your selection is made in a fair and transparent manner.

9 Tips to Ensure You Run an Effective End of Year Performance Review

A comprehensive guide on how to conduct a productive end-of-year performance evaluation for employees, including tips on setting goals, getting ready for the review, and communicating feedback that workers can actually use.

How To Recruit Talent At A Conference

How To Recruit Talent At A Conference

Conferences and trade shows can be the perfect backdrop for 'talent spotting'. But before you try your hand at conference recruiting, it’s a good idea to review a few basic guidelines.

12 Recruitment Experts Share Their Best Networking Advice

12 Recruitment Experts Share Their Best Networking Advice

People do business with people they know and like. People refer business to people they trust.

Misrepresent the Job and Everybody Loses

Misrepresent the Job and Everybody Loses

Take the Guesswork Out of Job Descriptions Download Your Job Description Template By clicking Download, you agree to Zippia’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. When advertising a position, it can be tempting to exaggerate its attributes in order to attract the best possible candidates. The danger with this is that if you attract a […]

Psych Testing: The Pros and Cons

Finding the right candidate for a job can be a difficult task. Not only does it take a lot of effort to sort through applications to find the best candidates, but it also takes effort to figure out if a candidate is really as qualified as they say they are. To help with this, many […]

7 Ways Internal Recruiters And Hiring Managers Can Get Along

Many internal recruiters can often feel trapped between the pressures imposed by the HR team and the demands of their hiring managers. Here are a few suggestions on how to ensure a more amicable business partnership.

How The Big Companies Hire

How The Big Companies Hire

Here’s an insight into how three of the biggest companies, Google, Apple and Amazon, manage their recruitment processes and what you can take away for your own company.

7 Ways to Make a Great Impression With Your Candidates

It’s critical for recruiters to make a great impression with their candidates – that is, of course, if they want their candidates to remain loyal and to not run straight into the arms of their competitors.

10 of the Most Important Skills You Need to be a Successful Entrepreneur [Infographic]

10 of the Most Important Skills You Need to be a Successful Entrepreneur [Infographic]

A successful entrepreneur is someone who possesses the right people skills and business sense. But are those the only skills that one must have in order to be successful? This awesome gifographic reveals 10 of the most important skills required for being a successful entrepreneur.

40 Important Questions to Ask Before Working With A New Client

Here are 40 questions that will help you determine whether or not you even want to be working with a new client.

20 Ways To Destroy Your Employer Brand

It can take years to build your employer brand credibility and just seconds to destroy it. Here are 20 simple ways to completely destroy your employer brand.

7 Essential Questions To Ask When Phone Screening A Candidate

Knowing what to keep an eye (or ear!) out for when phone screening a candidate can prevent you inviting someone in who is totally wrong for your role.

6 Ways to Ensure Your Candidate Turns Down Your Job Offer

Here are 6 easy simple ways to piss off your next rock star candidate at the time when you really need them to be saying yes to your job offer.

How To Write Irresistible LinkedIn Messages To Candidates

If you're going to approach candidates on LinkedIn you must stand out from the clutter. Here are some hot tips on writing messages to grab the attention - and the time - of the ones you really want.

15 Ways To Keep Motivated For Anyone Working Alone

For anyone working alone from a home office, sometimes it's hard to stay motivated. Here are 10 ways to beat the isolation.

Tech Needs Skilled, Intelligent Women [Infographic]

Many would argue that progress on gender equality and diversity in the workplace has improved. However, in the tech industry it has stalled. The below infographic shares tips for women to attain success in this male dominated industry.

11 Things Managers Should Never Say to Their Team: Adopting “Coaching-Style” Management [Infographic]

In this post, our guest author explains why adopting a “coaching style” management approach with your employees is more likely to boost worker engagement and productivity.

7 Ways Female Business Leaders Can Avoid Falling Off the Glass Cliffs [Infographic]

While women are able to smash through the proverbial “glass ceiling,” often they are then met by the “glass cliff.” What is the glass cliff phenomenon and why is it crucial for women to prepare themselves for it? Fundera put together an infographic that discusses the challenges women face and offers advice to prepare themselves from falling off it.

7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Workplace Stress [Infographic]

Much has been written about how increasing demands on employees in the workplace can lead to uncontrollable pressure and a decrease in an employee's welfare. A side issue, often neglected, is the cost these pressures can have on businesses themselves. In this post, we reveal multiple ways businesses can reduce the cost of stress and pressure on employees.

How To Be Happy, And Make Your Employees Happier At Work [Infographic]

They say happy employees are productive employees. In this blog post, learn techniques on how to make employees feel positive, comfortable and maintain a work-life balance.

Why You Should Ensure Your Employees Use Their Vacation Allowance [Infographic]

The infographic in this post shows how “time off” and vacation time differs around the world, and explains why ensuring staff at all levels take their allotted vacation time is essential to enable them to recharge and regroup.

14 Examples of Successful Referral Email Campaigns [Infographic]

Referral emails are a powerful way to allow your valued customers to do a large part of your marketing for you. Check out this infographic created by our friends at CleverTap that includes referral and campaign tips and strategies from companies like Uber, Venmo, and Chase.

The Virtual Workspace – How Tech Has Changed Our Working Lives [Infographic]

According to reports, 50% of the UK will be working remotely by 2020. This infographic created by our friends at McGowan Transcriptions reveals how technology and virtual workspaces have changed the way we can look at how we build our organisations.

How to Assess Candidates Through Their Communication Style [Infographic]

There are four main communication styles, which can be easily sussed out during an interview. For a more in-depth look at these specific styles, check out the infographic created by our friends at Nextiva.

The Future of Technical Support Outsourcing [Infographic]

There has been a growing need for technical support outsourcing. To learn more about the current status of this growing sector and what the future holds for it, check out this highly informative infographic created by our friends at IntelligentBee detailing what you need to know.

How Staff Leasing Works for Your Business [Infographic]

In this infographic created by our friends at Booth and Partners, you will learn the actions needed to outsource specific business functions, as well as pick up some suggestions on how to make staff leasing work for you and your business.

The Anatomy of a Top-Notch E-commerce Website [Infographic]

Starting an ecommerce business is never easy. Check out this super interesting Infographic created by our friends at Transcosmos IT Services which carefully deconstructs the anatomy of a top-notch e-commerce website.

Stick to Your Knitting: Why Recruiters Should Recruit and Sourcers Should Source

Anaesthetists will never pick up the scalpel. Master Chefs will never work in the dining room. So why do we expect recruiters to source?

7 Clear Signs It’s Time to Hire Your First Employee [Infographic]

Do you work crazy hours, day after day, week after week? To become familiar with the signs that it might be time to bring on your first employee, check out this infographic created by our friends at Fundera.

How Remote Work Can Benefit Your Organization [Infographic]

Allowing your staff to work remotely can return big dividends for employers as well as employees. Our friends at Unify Square have created an awesome infographic offering several reasons why. Check it out!

Social Media Screening: What You Need to Know as an Employer [Infographic]

If your business wants to make social media screening part of its hiring process, check out the checklist below produced by our friends at Grant Cooper. It contains some pros, cons, and useful guidelines you should know.

Unbelievable Company Policies and Procedures From Around The World [Infographic]

The team at Way We Do have come across some cringe-inducing examples of company policies and procedures from around the world, that are at best thoughtless and at worst, well, you can see for yourself.

Important Tips on How to Retain Your Employees [Infographic]

This infographic created by our friends at Maximillion not only talks about some of the major reasons employees quit their jobs, but it also provides solutions for each of the issues covered - very useful for any employer or business owner.

Why Succession Planning is Key to the Survival of Your Business [Infographic]

What exactly do you look for in a successor? To learn more about the process of writing a succession plan, our friends at Bestow have created a nifty visual you can check out below.

A hand pointing on the map

The Top 15 European Countries for Female Graduates [Infographic]

This interactive map by our friends at Market Inspector sheds some light on which European countries provide the highest chances of establishing a successful career as a female graduate.

Women in I.T – A World of Opportunity [Infographic]

Check out the infographic below created by our friends at Purdue University Global as it details job growth projections for various IT occupations, leading tech companies that employ women, and the best U.S cities for women to succeed in IT.

Email Marketing: Emerging Trends to Survive 2019 and Beyond [Infographic]

2019 is here. This is the time of the year when you start evaluating your company practices to keep your digital marketing strategy competitive for the year ahead. One of the biggest players in the game is email marketing. The channel remains popular and is used widely all over the world, with 3.7 billion recorded […]

7 Ways to Perfect Your Candidate Application Journey [Infographic]

It’s important that you map out your candidate journey and ensure that it runs smoothly, providing a positive experience for all applicants - from the moment, a candidate applies for a role with your organisation, right through to the formal job offer.

Why Your Employees Are Quitting [Infographic]

For business owners, keeping your best staff on board should be a top priority. High employee turnover can bring a business to its knees, costing a huge amount both financially and in terms of lost productivity. And with the news that employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers – and two thirds of businesses […]

10 Proven Ways to Build Trust With Employees [Infographic]

Do your employees trust you? It may seem a minor detail if you’re part of a busy concern and profits are steady. But you don’t only have a humanitarian responsibility to ensure your team members feel stable and fulfilled: you have an opportunity to boost the value of your business. Because a company where the […]

Encourage Your Workforce to Self-Actualize … Through Podcasts! [Infographic]

When you get into work do you notice that your employees are dragging their feet? It’s not always possible to take the time to rev up your employees in a daily morning meeting, even if you feel as though a pep-talk might increase productivity and collaboration. Perhaps the answer is to encourage those you work […]

Minimize Your Time to Hire with These Awesome Strategies [Infographic]

Did you know that the best candidates are available for just 10 days before they get hired? Are you among those 40% of employers who worry that they won’t be able to find the talent they need? Well, not anymore. Our friends at Candidate Rewards have some awesome strategies which can decrease your time to […]

Traditional Marketing Expertise for Boosting Your Mobile App [Infographic]

Whether you’re a startup company or an old business rooted in tradition, mobile marketing can seem like an intimidating aspect to add to your marketing mix. Before you can implement a strategy for mobile app acquisition and retention, you need a mobile app. Not to worry, though, because many freelancers can build iOS and Android […]

The Key Skills Every Modern Marketer Needs [Infographic]

It’s not easy to be a marketer these days. Because of the way technology is changing, digital marketers are forced to adapt to new best practices almost overnight. Audiences demand more than just consistency—they now want new mediums and innovation. With the information overload we’re subject to every day, marketers need to do some extraordinary […]

7 Attributes of A Great Business Leader [Infographic]

The critical role in managing any group is that of the leader. A great business leader plays an extremely crucial role in any organization. Without them, it would be inconceivable for a business to establish its goals and objectives, let alone reach them. With that said, a leader should possess specific skill sets and knowledge […]

The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant [Infographic]

Recruiters- they don’t just recruit employees, they also sow the seeds of company’s reputation. The reputation that is built on the brand image they create and the employees they recruit to contribute. To create this brand image and employ the top-notch talent for their brand, they use different tools and mediums like Social media, Job […]

10 Common Cybersecurity Terms [Infographic]

Cybersecurity is an important aspect of any business. However, employees outside of the IT, or information technology, department lack a comprehensive understanding due to its complex nature. Internet security often gets brushed aside because the information is perceived in a “language” that might as well be Greek. Employees can oftentimes be our biggest asset. However, […]

The College Degree of the Top Earning CEO in Every US State [Infographic]

When you’re recruiting for your up-and-coming business, you’ll likely be looking for a decent mix of education, experience, and raw talent in each person you interview. In particular, looking for somebody who can handle a management role means entrusting your company to somebody who you hardly know. So how can you predict if they will […]

Breaking Ground: The State of Women in Construction [Infographic]

Women are breaking new ground in many industries, even those that have traditionally been the least gender diverse. As gender parity becomes more of a priority for businesses across the spectrum, the fields that have been traditionally male-dominated, like construction, are particularly seeking to make inroads toward greater gender equality. Leading the industry At around […]

Social Media and Customer Service [Infographic]

Exceptional customer service delivered via social media builds satisfaction and profits. When executed properly, customers spend more and companies experience the improved operations that result from collecting and analyzing the wealth of data that can be used to improve services and gain a competitive edge. It’s important to use social media effectively, as poor customer […]

The Rise of Big Data and Data Science [Infographic]

Organisations are finding it equally challenging to find skilled data scientists as they are having difficulty understanding which information sources provide the best input for artificial intelligence driven analysis. This environment has created a conundrum for artificial intelligence and machine learning vendors. Experts forecast that the data scientist shortage will increase by nearly 30-percent by […]

The Glass Ceiling Frustrating Women and Minorities in Business Today [Infographic]

Despite a decade of research highlighting the accomplishments of women in leadership roles, gender diversity in corporate America remains woefully imbalanced. While many enterprises have invested in inclusion initiatives, decades of change programs have yielded few results. Existing inclusion programs have yielded little more than positive media. Any improvements have been marginal at best. According […]

How to Manage Millennials: 8 Ways to do it Right [Infographic]

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand. Each generation has a set of defining characteristics in the workplace, and millennials are no exception. Trends show that by 2025, the millennials are going to comprise 75% of the workforce. With that comes a pressing need to […]

10 Common Project Management Mistakes [Infographic]

For most of us, making mistakes is just part of learning and gaining experience. Some of us have probably even repeated the same mistake, until we learned a valuable lesson, hopefully preventing us from repeating the mistake again. However, not all mistakes (or their resulting repercussions) are limited to us as individuals – especially when it […]

A Visual Guide to a Meeting Agenda That Actually Works [Infographic]

Making decisions in meetings is never easy. After all you’re talking about human beings, and human beings are complex. It’s no wonder meetings can seem to drag on indefinitely. What seems like a simple goal becomes more tricky the deeper you delve. What’s needed is an efficient, incisive methodology to get you in and out […]

Candidate.Express your candidate sourcing accelerator, date science, technology, recruitment expertise

Why Efficient Candidate Sourcing is Your New ‘Silver Bullet’

Recruiting and sourcing are increasingly recognized as distinct activities with very different goals and outcomes, requiring very different skills and processes.

Is Your Company Ready for A Cyber Attack? [Infographic]

With data breaches on the rise and making headlines in the news, you would assume that most companies are starting to double down on their security preparation. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. In a recent study by IBM, 77% of business leaders admitted that they do not have a cybersecurity response plan that’s formally […]

Sales Tips: Only Focus on The Sales Metrics You Can Control [Infographic]

Sales metrics are extremely crucial to running a successful sales operation. They serve as the measurement that sales organizations continuously track and monitor to gauge their performance and subsequently make adjustments to goals, reward the salesforce with bonuses, project revenue, among others. Also referred to as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sales metrics are instrumental for […]

6 Ways to Scare Your Staff Away During a Performance Review

It’s coming up to that time of the year again – it’s performance review season. And whilst there is plenty of advice out there for employees on how to prepare for their mid-year or annual performance review (depending on where you are in the world), it’s just as important for employers to prepare for the […]

A Shortcut to Learning About Your New Employee [Infographic]

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand. So you’ve just hired a new recruit. It’s going to take a while for them to settle in, let their defences down, and reveal their true nature and assets. They seemed confident, talented, and ambitious in the interview […]

Women in Cybersecurity: The Changing Face of Tech [Infographic]

Each day, global dependency on technology increases and and so does the likelihood for security breaches. Data breaches are costly. They impact government agencies, financial institutions, health care facilities and major corporations, with citizens and consumers suffering the consequences. In fact, a 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, sponsored by IBM, estimates the average global […]

What Graduates Really Look For When it Comes to Employment

Graduates are a breed unto their own and hiring a talented graduate is a great way to inject new blood into your business. These new recruits will often offer a fresh perspective and provide your organisation with a much needed boost. The graduates of today (the Gen Y or Millennial grads as they are also […]

Body Language: From Common Signs to Spotting Lies [Infographic]

There’s an immense number of factors that can influence the success of your business. The performance of your company can depend on the decisions you make, your competitors, the strategy you opted to follow, and the overall market conditions. But there’s one more component that can be just as important as all those mentioned above—combined! […]

9 No-Fail Tips For Giving Constructive Criticism At Work [Infographic]

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand. No matter what industry you’re in or where you work, chances are you have been both a giver and receiver of negative feedback at one point or another. Criticism is an inevitable part of the workplace, but when […]

Pro Email Marketing Tips from the Experts [Infographic]

Even if you’re a seasoned marketing professional, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to email marketing. Email marketing isn’t as simple as sending out a company newsletter every month. It requires a special set of skills and acquired knowledge including understanding how to: select and customize a proven template; create winning design; use […]

9 Scientific Reasons Why It’s Sometimes Better to Give Up [Infographic]

Your determination is part of what defines you as an entrepreneur. You are invested in your business and in specific ideas and opportunities to a greater degree than any regular employee could be. That’s great: it means you get things done. But is there ever a point where a small business owner needs to step […]

The Basics Of Peer-To-Peer Recognition Programs [Slideshare]

Employers know that good compensation and benefits are great motivators to help ensure they hire the best and the brightest. Yet not as many employers fully understand the value that the recognition of their peers can have for motivating their employees. More and more companies are scrambling to find the employee perks that will set […]

Are You a Leader or a Manager? [Infographic]

As a business leader, one of the questions that you might get asked multiple times is whether you’re a leader or manager. For many, these two are the same and can be used interchangeably, but this is a fallacy. In fact, being a manager does not automatically make one a leader, no matter how it […]

9 Ways to Motivate Your Remote Team [Infographic]

More and more businesses are switching on to the benefits of working with freelancers – and when those freelancers are treated right, the results can be astonishing for all involved. For those companies that can make it work, it really is the modern way to run a team. Unfortunately, some businesses that could benefit from […]

15 Business Networking Tips for the Introverted [Infographic]

Most employees, outgoing and introverted alike, cringe a little bit when they hear the word “networking.” The problem with that reaction is the importance of networking when building and growing new business and then especially maintaining those customer relationships. Introverted colleagues may find it especially difficult to make a connection with a current or prospective […]

10 Leadership Lessons From Leslie Knope [Infographic]

Though the show officially ended in 2015, NBC’s Parks and Recreation continues to have quite the loyal fandom. While every character on the show is both loveable and eccentric, Leslie is most beloved by the optimistic overachievers of the world! Her positive attitude, resilience in the face of any challenge, and commitment to doing the […]

How to Handle Negative Thoughts and Emotions at Work [Infographic]

Having a positive and focused team is one of the core elements of any successful business. However, people are people, and the complexities of the human mind mean that negativity can enter into the workplace from any direction and for infinite reasons. While you can’t stop the source, you can work on the consequences. One […]

The FTSE 100 Boardroom Gender Gap [Infographic]

In 2011, the coalition government recommended that all UK companies listed on the FTSE 100 should aim for at least 25% of their board members to be female by 2015. We’ve certainly started to see more females in the boardroom since then, with Tesco chairman John Allan even making the remarkable claim that white men […]

10 Strange Employment Laws From Around the World [Infographic]

One small thing can destroy your working environment and make it toxic. Perhaps one of your team members speaks incessantly while working which irritates those working in the same space. Or perhaps one of your team leaders is delegating work to the team when it’s almost too late to get it done in time. These […]

Zippia Advice

Retail Staffing 101 [Infographic]

Owning a retail business is hugely challenging especially in more recent years as the threat of online competitors continues to grow and assault the brick and mortar retail segment. One way that offline retailers can emphasise their presence and prove their worth is by delivering excellent customer service. To do this, you need to have […]

Telecommuting Can Save Businesses Money [Infographic]

The Internet has given us all the information we could ever want at our fingertips, endless ways to communicate, and even the ability to work from home. Telecommuting, which was once a rarity (just 9% of workers occasionally worked from home in 1995), is now becoming more and more popular with each passing year. These […]

Does Working More Hours Lead to a Healthier Economy? [Infographic]

Looking to increase the productivity of your employees? Asking them to work longer hours may not be the answer. While conventional wisdom might imply more hours worked equals more productivity, a new study from our friends at GetCRM suggests otherwise. They have analyzed the GDP per capita and hours worked data of 35 countries from around […]

Meet Jeff Rucinski: RecruitLoop Recruiter From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia (more commonly known as Philly) is a city of firsts. On top of hosting America’s first birthday, it also started up the country’s first daily newspaper—The Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser—in 1784. The city is also home to America’s first zoo, first hospital, and the first medical school. If you’re more of a foodie, Philly […]

Business Etiquette and Body Language Blunders [Infographic]

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand. How experienced are you at walking a tightrope? No, not the circus type. I’m talking about business. Balance is what makes you successful. And I’m not referring to managing your budget. Business growth requires interaction with people: Clients, […]

15 Ways to Help Your Employees Manage Their Time Wisely [Infographic]

Tired of your employees wasting their time unproductively? Take a look at this infographic and help them overcome some of the most annoying obstacles in their way.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way we Search for and Acquire Talent

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand. Last week we held our first RecruitLoop Roundtable Panel Q&A for 2018. We chose to kick off the year with a pretty hot topic – How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way we Search for and Acquire Talent. […]

The Cost of a Bad Hire [Infographic]

Did you know that the average cost of employee turnover is about 1/5 of the employee's salary? Our friends at EBI looked at the factors that are at risk with their awesome infographic on the true cost of a bad hire. 

10 Skills You’ll Need to Consider for Your Business in 2020 [Infographic]

Check out this infographic by our friends at Guthrie-Jensen, and find out the different skills that you'll need to consider incorporating into your business by 2020 and how you can prepare for them, as well as the careers that will dominate the in the future.

How Recruiters Can Stay Focused During The Holiday Season

I’ve always believed that from a recruiter’s perspective anyway, having a flat or ghostly quiet Holiday Season can often become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s a mindset thing. Remember … it’s only “dead out there” if you allow it to be.

Why Not Everyone Makes a Great Customer [Infographic]

This awesome infographic takes a look at the most common types of customers and suggests how you can deal with them (all in the name of fun!)

Meet Jeff Daspit: RecruitLoop Recruiter in Phoenix, Arizona

Meet Jeff Daspit: RecruitLoop Recruiter in Phoenix, Arizona

Bridging the Talent Gap – Snapshot of the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Roadshow

For our recruiter audience (agency, internal, and independent alike) I wanted to share some of the many interesting facts and tips that the speakers shared at the recent Jobvite Recruiter Nation Roadshow.

10 Marketing Lessons From Apple [Infographic]

This awesome infographic created by our friends at The Website Group details 10 marketing techniques that Apple uses that you should think about too.

Meet Ian Millar: RecruitLoop Recruiter In Destin, Florida

Ian Millar is one of our specialist recruiters from Florida recruiting the sellers, the engineers, the implementers and the leaders in software and tech.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Business [Infographic]

Try running your eyes over this infographic recently published by our friends at The Business Backer, which contains just about all the information you need on how to name your business effectively.

20 Creative (And Affordable) Ideas For Employee Recognition [SlideShare]

This awesome slideshow provided by our friends at Point Recognition includes 20 creative (and affordable) ideas for employee recognition.

Recap: In-house Recruitment LIVE! London 2017

In this post I wanted to share a few of my learnings from some of the sessions I attended at In-House Recruitment LIVE! 2017 in London.

10 Tips For First-Time Managers [Infographic]

If you are first-time manager looking for some management tips, this awesome infographic from our friends at Acuity Training is a great place to start.

15 Reasons Why You Should Allow Dogs in the Office [Infographic]

Dogs are man's best friend. So why should they stay at home? This infographic reveals why having a pet in the office can actually be good for the whole team.

Which Fictional Boss Are You? [Infographic]

Check out the Infographic in this blog post to find out if you're more of a Ron Swanson, Michael Scott, Selina Meyer or Miranda Priestly when it comes to your leadership style.

How to Decode a Resume [Infographic]

Given that the bulk of resumé tips out there lie in favour of job seekers, this interesting infographic from our friends at EBI contains some great tips for all those employers and business owners out there on how to decode a resumé.

A Guide to Managing and Maintaining Team Solidarity With a Remote Office [Infographic]

Our friends at Villanova University School of Business Online created this terrific visual guide revealing how easy it is to successfully manage a team of remote workers by implementing certain best practices.

Should You Outsource Your Data Entry? [Infographic]

Our friends at Global Outsourcing have put together an Infographic discussing the questions you need to consider when planning to potentially outsource your data entry tasks.

10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees [Infographic]

Prevention of loss due to employee dissatisfaction and disengagement requires being vigilant of the symptoms early on. As with common illnesses, the early detection of these symptoms can make a lot of difference.

The 12 Rules of Giving Negative Feedback [Infographic]

Our friends at Headway Capital have put together this awesome infographic containing 12 rules that can make giving negative feedback much less stressful.

9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

Coworking enables people to work independently in a space with shared values and a defined culture, and is increasingly being adopted by larger organisations too. Here are 9 things to consider when choosing a coworking space.

What Role Can Recruiters Play in Diversity and Inclusion?

The main focus of this recent RecruitLoop Q&A Forum the role that recruiters can play when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a More Effective Hiring Process [Infographic]

Ron Emery, CEO and Founder of icrunchdata has put together this awesome Infographic and using the steps outlined below will undoubtedly help create a more effective hiring process.

5 Reasons Face-to-Face Communication Helps Build Client Relationships

Whether you choose to use Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts or any of the other host of video-based chat tools out there, here are 5 reasons why face-to-face communication helps to build client relationships.

How to Run a Successful Workplace Investigation [SlideShare]

The following guide designed by Arkus Investigators, outlines the main steps HR professionals need to take to ensure their workplace investigations are completed properly and without risk of further liability.

Meet Achyut Menon: RecruitLoop Recruiter in Hyderabad, India

For the first time we shine the RecruitLoop Recruiter Spotlight on India and on our very own Achyut Menon - better known to his international pals as AK.

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9 Ways to Become a Resumé Reviewing Pro

If you’re swamped with candidate applications, it’s important that you can quickly sort the wheat from the chaff and become a resume reviewing pro.

How to Write the Perfect Job Ad [Infographic]

An effective job ad is not just a job description. It is a carefully crafted message with the aim of attracting the best qualified candidates for your job.

10 Ways to De-Stress Your Employees [Infographic]

Excessive pressure can be a serious problem no matter what the work environment, but employers can make some easy improvements to de-stress employees.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Employee Recognition [Infographic]

This infographic includes 10 things you may not have appreciated around the importance of employee recognition; as well as how to implement an employee recognition program in 6 easy steps.

Meet Tyler Platt: RecruitLoop Recruiter In Denver, Colorado

Introducing Tyler Platt - RecruitLoop recruiter specialising in the fields of technology, sales, and operations located in Denver, Colorado.

The Top 10 Answers to “How Do You Recruit Today?”

During our sales process, we ask the question, "How do you recruit today?" The answers remind us of why we started RecruitLoop in the first place. We thought you might enjoy them as well.

8 Tips to Ensure You Run a Professional Exit Interview

If you have an Exit Interview scheduled and you think it might turn ugly, here are some tips for handling the tougher conversations.

6 Essential Metrics For Recruitment Consultants

Although recruitment consultants are typically focused on meeting their KPIs, here are 6 key metrics that they should also keep a close eye on.

8 Steps to Design the Perfect Business Card [Infographic]

The key for recruiters is to design a business card that sends a powerful branded message and makes candidates want to reach out to you.

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6 Tips For Gaining Candidate Exclusivity

Gaining candidate exclusivity is gold. After all there’s ‘power’ in having an A-grade candidate only wanting to work with you.

How Health Impacts Productivity [Infographic]

Check out this Infographic on how health impacts workplace productivity. The difference between a healthy and an unhealthy team will astound you!

How To Improve Employee Engagement in the Workplace [Infographic]

Distracted workers cost U.S. businesses a whopping $350 billion annually. The solution is to hire the right workers, but engaging them isn't so simple.

Why Rejecting Candidates is Actually Good for Your Employer Brand

Rejecting candidates and providing feedback should be considered part of the recruitment process and can ultimately improve your employer brand.

Who Really Needs to get Involved in the Recruitment Process?

Having too many decision makers in the recruitment process can become a hindrance to the point that you might never actually make the hire.

What Type of Leader Are You? [Infographic]

Do you want to be a boss? Or do you want to be a leader? Whatever your management style, the important thing is to know what your strengths are and which skills you need to develop.

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5 Ways to Discover That Recruiters Aren’t Wizards

Here are few things you can continue doing as a hiring manager to quickly discover that your recruiter is not actually a wizard.

6 Ways to Attract a Rockstar Employee

Here’s a comprehensive checklist to work through the next time you need to hire somebody to ensure you can attract a potential rockstar employee.

11 Employee Perks to Attract Top Talent [Infographic]

Your ability to demonstrate to potential candidates that you can offer great perks and benefits will help you attract your future top performers.

10 Reasons Not To Ignore Active Job Seekers

Unfortunately some say, ‘If they are looking for a job, they can’t be any good.’ Here are 10 reasons why you can’t afford to ignore active job seekers.

6 Tips On Reaching Out to Candidates Like a Rockstar

While technology has certainly changed the recruitment industry in many ways, the magic of recruiting still happens in relationships.

How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Employees [Infographic]

You don't have to lose sleep when you need to give constructive feedback to your employees. Doing it well can actually help them to grow.

Are You a Good Boss? [Infographic]

Being a good boss is about keeping those who really respect you away from those who haven’t quite yet made up their minds!

7 Things to Consider Before Engaging a Recruiter

7 Things to Consider Before Engaging a Recruiter

You wouldn't hire a lawyer without asking them a few questions, would you? Well there’s a lot to uncover before engaging a recruiter too. And rest assured finding out up front will save you a lot of angst in the long run.

10 Ways to Successfully Manage a Team Whilst Working Remotely

This Infographic highlights 10 ways to successfully manage a team whilst working remotely.

How to Build a Candidate Shortlist in 3 Simple Steps

Finding the person that will be a true asset to your company is never easy. It requires being innovative to attract and obtain the right candidate.

Your 6 Step Checklist to Crafting the Perfect Job Description

Every candidate expects to see a job description if they are going to consider a career move. What sort of impression are you creating if you can’t even provide a potential new employee with a detailed description of the job you expect them to do for you?

Will Your Employer Brand be Ruined by Social Media? [Infographic]

Now more than ever before, it's important to build a positive employer brand. But the rules for how you do that have changed considerably.

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4 Ways to Push a Candidate’s Hot Buttons Around Salary Packages

Candidates are interested in their total salary package. An increase in base salary or an offer of profit share may not get them across the line.

Why A Poor Candidate Experience Can Destroy Your Business

Far too many candidates are starting to feel disrespected and even resentful during the recruitment process. Whether you’re a hiring manager, or internal recruiter, it’s up to you to ensure you treat your future potential employees with the respect they deserve.

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5 Ways to Guarantee You Won’t Fill Your Open Roles

If you're having a problem hiring - with a recruiter or not - here are five possible reasons you can't get butts into your seats.

The Insiders Guide to Passive Candidates [Infographic]

Here's a fantastic infographic highlighting how and why attracting passive candidates is often the best way to find to find your next employee, rather than waiting on the ideal candidate to come to you.

7 Ways to Spot a Specialist Recruiter From a Generalist in Disguise

What is your so-called ‘specialist’ recruiter really offering you? Are you getting real value for money? Are they a specialist or a generalist in disguise?

12 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Vacation Time [Infographic]

Discover 12 reasons why your brain craves vacation time, and the science behind them, check out the infographic to see why you should encourage your team to take holidays.

5 Recruitment Alternatives for Small Businesses

There are a number of serious alternatives small business owners and hiring managers can consider when selecting new employees. This post offers a brief overview of five major alternatives to the traditional job interview.

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6 Ways to Ensure Your Recruitment Process Doesn’t Slow Down Over Summer

Summer can be your best friend whether you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter. Here are 6 ways to prevent a Summer slowdown.

12 Ways to Get Recruiters Gagging For Your Business

Picture it: Your business has reached the stage where you need to employ someone new into the team. But you’re far too busy to recruit the position yourself so you’ve decided to engage the services of a recruitment consultant. Regardless of whether you’ve decided to go with a generalist or a specialist recruiter, the recruiter […]

7 Ways to Stand Out to Passive Candidates

A passive candidate is someone who is not necessarily looking for a new job, but would be open to taking a new job if the right offer comes along.

What Type of Office is Right for Your Business? [Infographic]

UK-based 'Make it Cheaper' has published this Infographic outlining how although choosing an office space can seem daunting, selecting the right one will ensure your business continues to succeed.

5 Tips to Ensure You Evaluate Candidates Consistently

It is important to observe and maintain consistent standards whenever you interview and evaluate candidates regardless of the job in question.

How to Improve Your Brainstorming Sessions [Infographic]

Is there are art to the perfect brainstorming session? The tips in this Infographic could even help you develop your next ground breaking idea.

How To Stay Connected While Working Remotely [Infographic]

Here's an awesome visual that demonstrates how utilizing networking apps, changing your location and embracing human connections can leave you feeling inspired, in-touch and in the best position to succeed.

How to Build Outplacement and Career Transitioning into Your Portfolio

We recently hosted a webinar to help recruiters integrate outplacement into their portfolio. Our special guest was Greg Weiss, Founder of CareerSupport365.

Top 50 C-Level Sales Professionals in Boston

Here's a list of the Top 50 Sales Professionals in Boston based on their experience, qualifications and digital footprint.

Minimum Wages Around The World [Infographic]

Minimum wages vary drastically throughout the world. Recent amendments in some US cities will make their minimum wages some of the highest in the world right up there with Australia, Luxembourg and France.

6 Essential Sales Tips For Recruiters

Sure recruitment is about helping candidates get jobs; or finding the best talent for employers. But whether you like it or not recruitment is sales.

6 Ways Recruitment Consultants Piss Off Their Clients

I thought I would share a few of the more common responses I received from a recent survey I conducted with hiring managers … a snapshot of what they are actually thinking.

How to Manage Staff Expectations Around Promotions

If someone approaches you in your organisation wanting a promotion, you need to seriously consider whether they are in fact looking for a promotion, or a new job entirely.

8 Warning Signs You’re About to Lose a Team Member

Whilst there are some pretty obvious tell-tale signs that someone in your team has one foot out the door, other signs might be less obvious. It's up to you to be more aware.

Top 50 Female C-Level Marketing Professionals in Seattle

Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day to recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all over the world. Over the last few months, we’ve shone the spotlight on several groups of awesome women for their amazing contribution to ‘all things tech’. We set out to do this intentionally given that the […]

10 Tools for Sourcing Candidates by the Hundreds

With the right tools, you can save time by automating a lot of the sourcing process. Here's a list of tools to help when it comes to sourcing candidates.

4 Reasons to Implement an Employee Referral Program

Every employee is a walking job advertisement. A well designed and operated Employee Referral Program can bring qualified candidates directly to your door.

Why Sourcing Needs to be Key to Your Recruitment Strategy

Here's a recap of our recent RecruitLoop webinar - Why Sourcing Needs to be Key to Your Recruitment Strategy

When is it Time to Define Your Company Culture?

Your company culture can, and will, dictate the amount of money your business makes, the type of people you hire and ultimately the success you achieve as organisation. But does culture really need to be documented? It's a question many people ask, especially in the early days of building a business.

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Why Startups Love RecruitLoop

We started RecruitLoop after years of frustration in hiring, from all sides of the equation. We’re rebuilding recruitment from the ground up, leveraging technology to unbundle the process and give companies the hiring support they need, on their terms, with better results. RecruitLoop is a platform for Elastic Recruiting with a marketplace of expert recruiters […]

How to Run an Effective Team Meeting

9 Ways to Make Sure You Have Effective Meetings [Infographic]

How can you conduct a meeting that engages, inspires and actually achieves results? Are there really such things as effective meetings?

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How Recruiters, Sourcers, and Hiring Managers See Each Other

Twenty years in the recruitment game is a long time. The industry has transformed incredibly, and over the last 2 decades I’ve also been on the receiving end of some pretty strange assumptions (sometimes perhaps more like ‘accusations’) about exactly what I did. I’ve got thick skin so when a prospective client once told me to my […]

How to Organise Your Office for Maximum Productivity [Infographic]

How you organise your office can be just as effective at improving your business’s bottom line as the way you optimise your operations.

6 Reasons Why Recruiters Really Can Find Better Candidates

There’s a growing feeling that hiring companies and recruiters are on a level playing field. Can recruiters really find better candidates?

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12 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Play Games [Infographic]

How can you relieve stress and boost employee morale in the workplace? Letting your employees play games may just be the answer!

How to Expand Your Reach in a Global Environment of Talent Diversity

Sourcing Thought Leader Jim Stroud shares his thoughts on how to expand your reach in a global environment of talent diversity with a focus on autism.

7 Ways to Guarantee a Positive Candidate Experience

It's critical for hiring managers and recruiters to create a positive candidate experience if they want them to remain loyal and not head straight to a competitor.

5 Tips on How to Best Manage Remote Teams

3 experts from Influitive and GitHub share their tips on how to manage remote teams

5 Essential Interview Questions To Ask Every Candidate

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand. The war for quality talent is so fierce right now that if you are lucky enough to have identified a star candidate, you need to ensure that you make the most of the interview and not waste your […]

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How to Retain and Motivate Your Scaling Team

Leading a team can sometimes be pretty damn scary. Here is a snapshot from a recent webinar we ran on how to retain and motivate your scaling team.

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The 10 Reasons People Really Quit Their Jobs [Infographic]

People quit their jobs for a number of reasons. Smart companies are prepared for when their people inevitably move on.

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How Non-Techies Can Find the Right Tech Talent [Infographic]

Last week I went along to GitHub’s “Universe” conference here in San Francisco. It was certainly an event of epic proportion. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. However one thing that became very clear to me was that even after playing in the recruiting game for 20+ years now, recruiting in the tech space […]

Employer Branding: How to Create a Magnetic Force to Attract Top Talent

The concepts of employer branding and attracting top talent go hand in hand. If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to create an employer brand that resonates with the best talent.

The Importance of Salary in Attracting and Retaining Key Talent [Infographic]

Attracting and retaining key talent starts with having a salary and compensation system that actually makes your workforce feel valued.

How To Maintain Standards And Culture While Building Remote Teams

2 talent acquisition experts share their stories and tips on creating a scalable process to source, hire and engage talent while building remote teams.

7 Strategies You Can Implement Today To Be A Successful Recruiter

Here are 7 simple strategies you can take back to your desk today to ensure you're a successful recruiter.

How Famous Business Leaders Deal with Stress

How Famous Business Leaders Deal With Stress [Infographic]

Taking advice from some of the greatest business leaders on how they deal with stress could help you improve your own approach to stress management.