Should You Outsource Your Data Entry? [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Infographic - 3 years ago

One of the key metrics that most businesses strive to achieve is optimal operational efficiency. But with a lot of tasks and processes to juggle on a daily basis, keeping the business up and competitive can be very really challenging, especially if it only has limited resources to work on hand.

This is why many companies choose to outsource many of their back office tasks these days. Technically, all tasks are crucial to the success of the business. However, the company can choose whether to outsource its non-essential jobs to a third-party service provider so that they can improve on their core tasks and retain their focus on revenue-generating activities of their business – or retain them in-house in exchange of their precious time and human resources.

Data entry, one of the most crucial and yet at time-consuming tasks in any business, is one of the jobs that many companies have more recently started to outsource. If you are running a business that plays with a tremendous amount of information, there are some considerations that you need to check first to ensure that this data entry outsourcing is the option that your business should take.

Our friends at Global Outsourcing have put together a terrific Infographic, which discusses the questions you need to consider when planning to potentially outsource the data entry tasks of your business. Knowing these questions will not only help you assess your current operational efficiency in relation to data entry, but could also help you find the right outsourcing firm that will fit your business needs and preferences.

  1. Are your operating costs on the rise?
  2. Is your business equipped with the necessary skills and tools for the job?
  3. Are you efficient in data management?
  4. Are your employees motivated for the task at hand?
  5. Do you spend too much time on data entry?

Check out the infographic below.

Should You Outsource Your Data Entry Here are 5 Questions to Ask