How To Stay Connected While Working Remotely [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Building Culture, Infographic, Leading People, SMEs, Startups - 4 years ago

Today, the best talent can be located anywhere in the world. The days are long gone of needing to build your business in one central location or having all your team sitting in the office together. Pods of teams separated by partitions, whiteboards and conference rooms are fast becoming a thing of the past.

With all the communication tools and technology available today, time differences and the once all too infamous ‘tyranny of distance’ are practically non-existent.

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from building a dream team that crosses borders, time zones and language barriers.

At RecruitLoop, our core team is distributed across several cities in the USA, Australia, the Philippines, Canada, and Eastern Europe. One of our team members is a true ‘digital nomad’ and in the last few months alone has worked in Uruguay, Argentina, and Peru and will be venturing to Iceland and Europe in the months ahead – all the while ensuring ‘business as usual’.

Our recruiter community is spread across 40+ countries servicing companies in 100+ countries. We also ensure a strong connection with our Loopers at all times. Whether it’s through forums, Slack chat, Skype, WhatsApp chat, Facebook group banter etc.

Communication and connectivity are crucial to ensure that a distributed team runs smoothly. After all, life without colleagues can become lonely and with little social interaction and no office chatter many remote team members often begin to feel isolated.

Do you have a remote workforce? Are you an advocate of a team that telecommutes?

The team at Headway Capital recently published an Infographic on how to stay connected while working remotely. It’s an awesome visual that demonstrates how utilizing networking apps, changing your location and embracing human connections can leave you feeling inspired, in-touch and in the best position to succeed.