Top 50 Female Full Stack Developers in New York City

By Michael Overell - Jan. 11, 2016
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In an effort to bring some more positive news to the issue of women in tech, and highlight the positive impact so many women are having in this space, last month we sourced the top female engineers in San Francisco.

This month we’ve moved to New York City, to source the top full stack developers in tech.

Companies of all sizes are under pressure to increase diversity in their teams. Particularly in their tech teams. The low representation of women in the tech sector has been one of the biggest issues of 2015.

Now, we don’t claim to be experts on the issue of diversity in tech. But we are seeing a huge increase in the number of companies looking to proactively identify and attract a more diverse range of candidates. This is an area we do know something about.

When a company has a very specific type of candidate they want to hire, it influences every step of their hiring process. One of the most important steps happens at the very beginning, and it’s called sourcing.

Sourcing is the process of identifying the specific characteristics of your ideal candidate, then finding as many people who meet that criteria as possible. And at RecruitLoop, we’ve created a very specific sourcing algorithm and process to help companies do this, anywhere in the world. We call it Sourcing as a Service.

Here is a list of the top 50 full stack developers in New York City, based on their experience, qualifications and digital footprint.

Check out the amazing list of female engineers leading the charge in NYC!

Learn more about our Sourcing as a Service and candidate ranking system.

Top 50 Female Full Stack Developers in New York City


Kirti Thorat

Current: Full Stack Web Developer, Stack Overflow, New York City
Previous: Oracle, Spring Computing
School: University of Pune, 2010
Languages: C#, Ruby, Java, Node.js, AngularJS, HTML
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub, Stack Overflow



Victoria Sukmanova

Current: Software Engineer, Amazon, New York City
Previous: Signpost, EZTexting, Socialight
School: Nacional’nij Universitet ‘Kievo-Mogiljans’ka Akademija’, 2007
Languages: Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML, jQuery
Other Links: GitHub



Ji Sohn

Current: Software Engineer, Weebly, New York City
Previous: Pixafy, Lform Design
School: Parsons School of Design, 2008
Languages: HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub



JoAnn Brereton

Current: Senior Software Engineer, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, New York City
Previous: IBM
School: Stevens Institute of Technology, 1984
Languages: Java/J2EE, AJAX, jQuery, Angular.js, Javascript
Other Links: 



Sheetal Umesh Kumar

Current: Software Engineer, Spotify, New York City
Previous: ideeli, Childrens Progress
School: The University of Texas at Dallas
Languages: Ruby, Python, Javascript, HTML
Other Links: About.Me, GitHub



Barbara Mucha

Current: Director of Engineering, PlaceIQ, New York City
Previous: Anheuser-Busch Inc., Applied Visions
School: Seton Hall University, 2005
Languages: Java, C++, Python, Javascript
Other Links: GitHub



Katie Gengler

Current: Partner, Code All Day, New York City
Previous: Funding Gates, Boeing
School: Stevens Institute of Technology, 2009
Languages: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Ember.js
Other Links: GitHub



Jin Chung

Current: Software Engineer III, eBay, New York City
Previous: UBS Investment Bank
School: University of Pennsylvania, 2010
Languages: Java, Python, Javascript, REST
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub



Tara Siegel

Current: Full Stack Developer, Thrillist Media Group, New York City
Previous: Google – YouTube
School: University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Languages: C++, Java, Javascript, CSS
Other Links: Personal Website



Legarlin Li

Current: Full Stack Software Engineer, NewsCred, New York City
Previous: Microsoft
School: University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Languages: C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub



Sarah Becker

Current: Vice President, Programmer, Ambac, New York City
Previous: Bloomingdale’s, D&S Technologies/NNBS, LLC, Bear Stearns
School: New York University, 1986
Languages: Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5
Other Links: GitHub



Rebecca Sealfon

Current: Software Engineer,, New York City
Previous: Qualia Media, Citi, Research Match
School: Columbia University in the City of New York, 2012
Languages: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML5/CSS, SQL, C++
Other Links: GitHub



Nan Xiao

Current: Software Engineer, Tradeweb, New York City
Previous: Goldman, SEMplest LLC, IBM
School: Cornell University, 2009
Languages: Java, C#, C++, SQL, Angular.js
Other Links: 



Siddika Chowdhury

Current: Senior Application Developer, Branching Minds, New York City
Previous: The New York Public Library, Bloomberg, Aria Systems, Goldman Sachs
School: SUNY Binghamton, 2007
Languages: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Javascript, PHP, JQuery
Other Links: GitHub



Marina Marin

Current: Chief, Education Data, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York City
Previous: The Rogosin Institute, Baruch College, CUNY
School: New York University, 2008
Languages: JavaScript/AJAX, Python, PHP
Other Links:


Alexandra Qin

Alexandra Qin

Current: Front-End Engineer, Skillshare, New York City
Previous: Bloglovin’, Coalition for Queens
School: New York University, 2013
Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS
Other Links: GitHub Twitter About me



Jennie Shapira

Current: Software Engineer, The Blackstone Group, New York City
Previous: J.Crew, halfGenius
School: University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Languages: C#, SQL, Javascript, CSS
Other Links: GitHub



Sarah Wesley

Current: Self-employed
Previous: Deer Valley Resort, Silver Lake Research Corporation
School: Reed College, 2012
Languages: jQuery, Javascrip, CSS, Angular.js
Other Links: GitHub



Sunling Yang

Current: Software Engineer, Google, New York City
School: Columbia University in the City of New York, 2007
Languages: Python, MySQL, Java
Other Links:



Alison Green

Current: Full-stack Developer, JackThreads, New York City
Previous: Thrillist Media Group, Startup Institute, Intuit
School: Northeastern University, 2013
Languages: Python, CSS, Javascript, HTML
Other Links:, GitHub



Jingjing Dong

Current: Platform Engineer (API), Refinery29, Inc., New York City
Previous: SolveIT Software
School: University of Adelaide, 2006
Languages: Python, PHP, Javascript, Java
Other Links: GitHub



Hanna Groves

Current: Web Developer, Dolphin Micro, New York City
Previous: Adelphi University
School: Adelphi University, 2014
Languages: HTML, CSS, Java, Python
Other Links: 



Liza Ramo

Current: Full Stack Web Developer, ISDA, New York City
Previous: IBM
School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2010
Languages: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, Ruby
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub



Muse Numsin

Current: Software Engineer, Google, New York City
Previous: Goldman, Ocean Instrument Laboratory
School: Stony Brook University, 2013
Languages: Angular.js, jQuery, JAVA, C++, PHP, MySQL
Other Links: 



Emily Maskin

Current: Software Engineer, Quartet Health, , New York City
Previous:, Sailthru, Code and Theory
School: Skidmore College, 2007
Languages: HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub



Celia La

Current: Software Engineer, Knewton, New York City
Previous: MagazineRadar, Inc., Coderdojo
School: University of California, Berkeley, 2000
Languages: Java, Python, jQuery, Javascript
Other Links: 



Galia Kaufman

Current: Senior iOS Engineer, Grubhub, New York City
Previous: RedBrick Health, Useful Chemistry, Compuware Corporation
School: BarIlan University
Languages: Ruby On Rails, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery
Other Links: Personal Website, Stackoverflow



Alice Zheng

Current: Developer, The Dentboard, New York City
Previous: Mapsaurus, Princeton Student Design Agency
School: Princeton University, 2009
Languages: Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, Javascript
Other Links: StackOverflow, GitHub



Heyjin Kim

Current: Web Programmer, SimpleReach, New York City
Previous: DAOU (
School: Seoul National University of Science & Technology, 2004
Languages: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Ember, D3
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub



Logan Donovan

Current: Full Stack Engineer, littleBits, New York City
Previous: Control Tower, Citi, Visible World
School: Columbia University, 2013
Languages: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React.js
Other Links: GitHub



Lauren Ellsworth

Current: Self-employed
School: University of Chicago, 2010
Languages: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, SQL, CSS
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub



Diana Huang

Current: UX Designer, Google, New York City
Previous: Guidesly, Saks Fifth Avenue
School: Duke University, 2004
Languages: Python, Javascript, Java, HTML5
Other Links: GitHub



Po Ki Chui

Current: Software Engineer, Handy, New York City
Previous: Flat World Knowledge, Inc., Dulcinea Media
School: Stony Brook University, 2004
Languages: MySql, Python, Javascript, Java
Other Links: 



Jessica Lowe

Current: Founder, PinTheParty, New York City
Previous: Local Bushel, Chartbeat, Betaworks
School: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1996
Languages: Java, MySQL, J2EE, Python
Other Links: StackOverflow


DSC_6451 2

Arpita Dhundia

Current: Sr Software Engineer, SecondMarket, New York City
Previous: Yahoo!, Paypal, MobiDEOS
School: University of Manchester, 2006
Languages: XML, SOAP, Java, Ruby on Rails
Other Links: 



Chaya Cooper

Current: Founder & Chief Product Officer, Click2Fit, New York City
Previous: Alliance Holdings, Cooper Clothing
School: Touro College, 1992
Languages: CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP
Other Links:, StackOverflow



Lyuba Shipovich

Current: Co-Founder and President, Razom, New York City
Previous: OKO (Media Monitoring Project), CallFire
School: Nacional’nij Universitet ‘Kievo-Mogiljans’ka Akademija’, 2007
Languages: PHP, PostgeSQL8/9 and MySQL3/4/5, Python, HTML
Other Links: Stackoverflow, GitHub



Lauren Carter

Current: Software Engineer, StellaService, New York City
Previous: Plusgrade, Showtime Networks
School: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2007
Languages: Java, Python, HTML, CSS
Other Links: 



Shae Smith

Current: Senior Software Engineer, Do Something, New York City
Previous: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, GLAAD
School: Smith College, 2008
Languages: Javascript, CSS, PHP, Java
Other Links: GitHub



Jackie Ho

Current: Full-stack UI/UX Designer, EyeView, New York City
Previous: Kleverbeast, ff Venture Capital
School: Columbia University in the City of New York, 2014
Languages: JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub


Alexandra Ackerman

Current: Developer, Contently, New York City
Previous: ArtList
School: The New School, 2014
Languages: Ruby on Rails, Javascrip, jQuery, Angular.js
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub


Jackie Ho

Current: Full-stack UI/UX Designer, Eyeview, New York City
Previous: Kleverbeast, ff Venture Capital
School: Columbia University in the City of New York, 2014
Languages: JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub

Sophia van Valkenburg

Current: Full Stack Software Engineer, New York Times, New York City
Previous: dMetrics Inc., Spotfront, KGCIS, LLC
School: Boston University, 2013
Languages: MySQL, Python, ElasticSearch, jQuery
Other Links: GitHub



Sasha Verma

Current: Software Engineer, L2 Inc., New York City
Previous: The Blackstone Group, DreamWorks Animation
School: University of Pennsylvania, 2012
Languages: CSS, jQuery, Javascript, C#
Other Links: GitHub



Michelle Santarsiero

Current: Partner, Code All Day, New York City
Previous: Cyrus Innovation
School: New York University, 2009
Languages: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Ember.js, CSS
Other Links: GitHub



Hiba Awad

Current: Software Engineer, GrubHub, New York City
Previous: Morgan Stanley, Oracle
School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009
Languages: Python, Javascript, Java
Other Links: GitHub

Garvita Thakral Kapur

Current: Manager, Web Engineering, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City
Previous: Information Builders, BEAMTV
School: Goldsmiths College, U. of London
Languages: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XHTML
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub


Cherie Yang

Current: Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir Technologies, New York City
Previous: KANERAI, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS Investment Bank
School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Languages: Python, Java, Git, Javascript
Other Links: 

Natalia Aranguren

Current: Full Stack Developer/Designer, Picks, New York City
Previous: RoleCall, The Vaan Group, Snarkbots
School: Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico, 2012
Languages: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS
Other Links: Personal Website, GitHub



Jennifer Cahalane

Current: Full stack developer, Thrillist Media Group, New York City
Previous: Medialets
School: University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails
Other Links: Personal Website,

Learn more about our Sourcing as a Service and candidate ranking system.


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