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Chris Kolmar
By Chris Kolmar
- Apr. 15, 2021

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Even before the general public was confined to household isolation in 2020, the idea of having a remote job was attractive to a lot of people: cutting down on the hours spent commuting and increasing the amount of time spent at home with loved ones, all while still making a lucrative salary. For many, it’s a dream turned reality when landing a work-from-home position.

A remote job provides a lot of benefits for both the employer and the employee. There are a lot of legitimate work-from-home jobs in a wide variety of professional industries that can be uncovered with a little digging. If you’re interested in working at home, get started by reviewing the following best remote jobs and how to find them.

Top 10 Best Remote Jobs and Where to Find Them

  1. Virtual tutor

    Average Yearly Salary: $31,000

    Education requirements: At least a high school diploma. Sometimes a teaching degree.

    Lots of students need a helping hand in their studies to effectively learn the material they’re being presented with. When this happens, many parents seek the services of a virtual tutor to get them caught up to and on the right track.

    This can include focusing on a singular subject or working on a student’s overall learning skills. Online tutoring provides extra teaching assistance to students no matter where in the world they live.

    A benefit to being a virtual tutor is that it’s an occupation that accepts many different education levels. Some tele-tutoring companies require that their teachers have a teaching degree, but many simply ask that candidates have a high school diploma. It’s a field that’s rife with opportunities for everyone.

    Some companies that hire virtual tutors include:

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  2. Headhunter

    Average Yearly Salary: $60,912

    Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field

    When companies have an open position that needs filling, they utilize the skills of headhunters to find the perfect candidate. Headhunters establish a deep understanding of the position’s hiring criteria, source promising candidates who meet these requirements, and eventually onboard the top applicants.

    The work of headhunters not only expedites the hiring process but also ensures that the best candidate is chosen for the position. Many headhunters, also known as recruiters, are given the chance to work remotely because a bulk of their responsibilities involve research and communicating with potential hires over the phone.

    There are a variety of skills that are helpful as a headhunter, such as communication, time management, and sales techniques. It’s a great work-from-home job because it still allows the headhunter to engage with people throughout their workday.

    Examples of websites to find remote recruiting jobs include:

    Find Headhunter jobs near me

  3. Graphic designer

    Average Yearly Salary: $45,000

    Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in graphic design

    Graphics are visual elements that are presented to receivers with the intent of conveying a message. They’re used for a variety of reasons, like in logos, advertisements, and web page interfaces.

    The people behind these blueprints are graphic designers. Based on the requests of their clients, graphic designers create stunning visual segments for websites, books, and product packaging.

    Many people are drawn to the field of graphic design because it allows them to flex their creative muscles, make their own schedule, and bring in a sustainable salary.

    Some websites to find remote graphic design jobs include:

    Find Graphic Designer jobs near me

  4. Grant writer

    Average Yearly Salary: $50,000

    Education requirements: Master’s degree

    Many individuals and organizations rely on grant sources to fund their endeavors or business. Oftentimes, they’ll seek out the assistance of a grant writer to work on grant proposals on their behalf.

    Grant writers consult with their clients to understand their background and need for funding, research the best opportunities to meet these needs, and write proposals for them. Simply put, they handle the grunt work of the grant proposal process.

    Many grant writers can work remotely and earn a comfortable salary because most of the tasks are research-based. Grant writers must be able to coordinate effectively with their clients to properly identify their goals and find the ideal way to achieve them. Skills in research, organization, and analysis are extremely useful in this position.

    Some websites to find remote grant writing jobs include:

    Find Grant writer jobs near me

  5. Website tester

    Average Yearly Salary: $61,000

    Education requirements: Depends on the employer. Some only require a high school diploma.

    After the development of a website is complete, companies want to ensure that it functions perfectly before making it live. They utilize the abilities of website testers to gauge the quality of their web applications and avoid a poor response from real users.

    Website testers assess a website on varying devices to evaluate its function across multiple access points. They look at a website from the perspective of a potential user and report back with any issues.

    The field of website testing has quite varied requirements for its participants. Certain employers hire contract website testers with only a high school diploma, while others require a higher degree in a computer science-related field. This makes it possible for people from many different backgrounds to find remote work at a website tester.

    Examples of companies that hire remote website testers include:

    Find Website tester jobs near me

  6. Editor

    Average Yearly Salary: $51,000

    Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in English or journalism.

    Written materials are produced to educate readers daily, but before work can be sent off for publishing it needs to be revised by an editor. Editors are masters of commanding the English language, and they use this skill to verify the correctness of written work in books, television shows, and commercials.

    In addition to monitoring for correct grammar usage, spelling, and overall style, editors also confirm the validity of all information conveyed. Editors participate in a broad range of fields, and many of them work remotely. Since most of an editor’s responsibilities involve editing the written word, it’s a function that can easily be done through telework.

    Some examples of websites to find work-from-home editing jobs include:

    Find Editor jobs near me

  7. Social media strategist

    Average Yearly Salary: $51,000

    Education requirements: Usually a bachelor’s degree in communications

    Even though it didn’t exist until roughly twenty years ago, social media has taken over the way businesses operate. It’s a new frontier for interacting directly with a company’s consumers. Its uprising has created a lot of remote jobs that never existed before, such as social media strategists.

    Social media strategists analyze a business to organize the best plan for building a social media presence. The job also includes monitoring the success of social media strategies and adjusting the approach when needed.

    As with many social media-related jobs, this position is often worked remotely because it’s mainly internet-based research and tasks. It’s a role that demands in-depth knowledge of social media, technology, and networking.

    Examples of websites to find remote social media strategist jobs include:

    Find Social media strategist jobs near me

  8. Technical support specialist

    Average Yearly Salary: $61,000

    Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field

    For individuals who are a wiz with technology, a remote job as a technical support specialist might be perfect for you. The position duties involve tackling customer’s technical issues over the phone or through messaging.

    Based on the customer’s description of the problem, technical support specialists offer suggestions to troubleshoot the problem or forward it to a higher-ranking supervisor. Some technical support specialists also work within the structure of a single company to help their employees with any technical support issues.

    Being a technical support specialist requires a vast knowledge of information technology and software systems. Oftentimes, technical support specialists are working with people that don’t have a technical background, so their communication skills are important as well.

    Even though it’s technically a remote computer job, it’s still a customer service position at its core. Technical support is an excellent work-from-home option for tech-savvy professionals who enjoy helping others.

    Some website to find technical support specialists include:

    Find Technical Support Specialist jobs near me

  9. User experience researcher

    Average Yearly Salary: $105,000

    Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree and experience with technology and people

    A user experience researcher, sometimes dubbed a UX researcher, acts as the point of connection between users and application design. It’s a unique position because it requires extensive knowledge of software application design, but also uses an enormous amount of empathy.

    User experience researchers must put themselves in the shoes of a typical application user to understand their needs and wants when it comes to this area of technology.

    This is another research-based remote position. It’s more important for a user experience researcher to demonstrate strong data analysis and insightfulness, rather than coming into the office during business hours.

    Examples of websites to find remote user experience researcher jobs include:

    Find User experience researcher jobs near me

  10. Cloud architect

    Average Yearly Salary: N/A

    Education requirements: At least a bachelor’s degree in computer science

    Many companies have switched over to using a cloud computing system, and they employ cloud architects to remotely manage this for them.

    Cloud architects have a nifty job title and a complex set of responsibilities. These tasks include creating strategy, handling the design of cloud applications, and managing storage. They also closely monitor cloud software functioning to jump on top of issues when they arise.

    While some cloud architects work on-site, the nature of the job allows many to work from home. If you can snag a remote cloud architect position, it’s one of the highest paying jobs of its kind.

    Examples of websites to find remote cloud architect jobs include:

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