The Cities With The Most Remote Jobs

by Kathy Morris
Rankings - 7 months ago

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The Coronavirus has more Americans than ever working from home.

Others, working in jobs that cannot be done from home or at companies that don’t support remote work, are left scrambling to pay the bills.

However, just like some jobs are more work-from-home friendly than other, some cities have more remote job opportunities than others.

We scraped millions of job listings to find the cities with the most remote job listings.

Cities With The Most Remote Jobs

  1. New York City, NY
  2. Chicago, IL
  3. Atlanta, GA
  4. Washington DC
  5. San Francisco, CA
  6. Boston, MA
  7. Seattle, WA
  8. Austin, TX
  9. Los Angeles, CA
  10. Dallas, TX

The results? While big cities dominate the top 10, the cities are fairly dispersed throughout the US and feature cities. All cities have strong technology centers and strong startup scenes.

You can jump to the full list below, or keep reading to see how we determined these numbers and what they mean for job seekers.

How We Determined The Cities With The Most Remote Jobs

We searched more than three million job listings for remote jobs. We limited our search to municipalities with more than 10,000 people.

Job listings mentioning any of the following or related words were tallied as ‘remote jobs’:

  • Work at Home
  • Work from home
  • Telecommute
  • Telecommute
  • Telecommuting
  • Virtual
  • Remote
  • Home-based

While other terms may be used, these are the most common phrases used in job listings for remote jobs, or jobs that are work-from-home friendly. The more remote jobs a city has, the higher up in the list they are.

What do the cities with the most remote jobs mean for job seekers?

Good news! Just because you don’t live in one of these cities does not mean you can’t work remotely for a company located there. The best part of remote jobs is they can be done from anywhere.

While you can use our job search to find remote job listings, you can also use common keywords (that handy list we used to secure this data) to help find jobs that can be done from your home. Similarly, a high number of jobs that are remote or have flexibility when it comes to working locations may not be explicitly listed or labeled.

However, a company that has any remote workers is far more likely to be open to additional remote workers in the future– and more flexible in general.

For workers who do live in these cities, they are more likely to have colleagues who work remotely full-time. Working from home is part of a company’s culture and involves strong communication. Companies with telecommuting workers have culture built around flexible work environments and effective communication to support remote work.

Cities With The Most Remote Jobs

City State # Of Jobs
New York City NY 3,710
Chicago IL 2,290
Atlanta GA 2,173
Washington DC 2,097
San Francisco CA 2,031
Boston MA 1,876
Seattle WA 1,745
Austin TX 1,743
Los Angeles CA 1,584
Dallas TX 1,580
Houston TX 1,441
Phoenix AZ 1,415
Denver CO 1,304
San Diego CA 1,238
Charlotte NC 1,206
Palo Alto CA 1,045
Philadelphia PA 1,042
Minneapolis MN 877
Tampa FL 835
Indianapolis IN 818
Raleigh NC 814
San Jose CA 785
San Antonio TX 767
Nashville TN 738
Orlando FL 695
Reston VA 694
Portland OR 687
Chantilly VA 676
Redmond WA 674
Columbus OH 664
Pittsburgh PA 646
Arlington VA 630
Richmond VA 627
Baltimore MD 625
Miami FL 611
Sacramento CA 611
Jacksonville FL 603
Salt Lake City UT 579
Albany NY 512
Irvine CA 512
Annapolis MD 509
Cincinnati OH 508
Hartford CT 502
Herndon VA 496
Irving TX 492
Las Vegas NV 492
Sunnyvale CA 491
Bellevue WA 454
Rochester MN 447
Kansas City MO 447
Madison WI 433
Santa Clara CA 427
Alpharetta GA 426
Cambridge MA 424
Cleveland OH 420
Colorado Springs CO 420
Albuquerque NM 419
Detroit MI 413
Oklahoma City OK 398
Tucson AZ 394
Milwaukee WI 388
Fort Worth TX 388
Harrisburg PA 386
Memphis TN 382
Scottsdale AZ 380
McLean VA 377
Louisville KY 359
Des Moines IA 358
Springfield VA 356
Boulder CO 354
Omaha NE 342
Alexandria VA 340
Durham NC 325
Plano TX 321
Columbia SC 305
Baton Rouge LA 305
Norfolk VA 305
Huntsville AL 304
Charleston SC 285
Tempe AZ 281
Fort Lauderdale FL 279
Rochester NY 279
Tallahassee FL 275
Providence RI 271
Mountain View CA 270
Urban Honolulu HI 270
Overland Park KS 264
Bethesda MD 259
Anchorage AK 259
Little Rock AR 258
Aurora CO 257
Columbia MD 254
Lansing MI 248
Princeton NJ 240
Buffalo NY 240
Virginia Beach VA 240
Reno NV 239
Birmingham AL 237
Chandler AZ 230
Waltham MA 228
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