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Calculator: How much do you save working from home?

Ever heard it costs money to make money? Apparently, having a job is expensive. Find out how much extra cash you save just by not going into work anymore.

Prep 🛀🚗

10 miles

Work Food ☕🍱

Co-Workers 👨‍💼👩‍💼

How We Determined How Much Time And Money You're Saving

Working from home is a known money saver -- no commute, cheaper coffee, and no distractions from chatty co-workers. With millions of Americans suddenly working remotely, we decided to highlight just how much cash and time they’re saving.

Sources and Costs Used To Calculate Savings

  1. $.59/mile and 2 minutes per mile
  2. $.50 and 15 minutes per shower
  3. $1.25 and 30 minutes per groom session
  4. $10 for each lunch
  5. $3 for each coffee
  6. 1hr of talking to coworkers each day
  7. 1hr of Zoom meetings each day


Sticking to the defaults saves you about 1 day (8hrs) per week of time and $92. Over the course of 50 work weeks, that saves you $4,600 and 48(!) work days of time.

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