10 Jobs That Pay $100 An Hour

By Caitlin Mazur
Aug. 30, 2022

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As you evolve in the workplace, you might be interested in looking for jobs that pay more. Jobs that pay $100 per hour or upwards are difficult to come by and typically, these jobs require extensive training and experience and often come at a salaried rate.

$100 an hour is also a salary that must be earned, meaning you won’t receive this kind of pay off the bat. Having this type of salary requires a commitment to a company and many hours of training, learning, and working.

However, there are a variety of other careers that don’t require extensive training or education where you can still earn up to $100 per hour. In this article, we discuss what jobs pay $100 an hour or more.

Key Takeaways:

  • The top three jobs that pay $100 an hour are anesthesiologist, life coach, and simultaneous interpreter.

  • The median hourly wage in the United States is $16 an hour.

  • Most of these jobs require a college degree, certifications, and training.

Jobs That Pay $100 An Hour

10 Jobs That Pay $100 An Hour

  1. Anesthesiologist

    Average Annual Salary: $321,000

    Physician anesthesiologists are individuals who evaluate, monitor, and supervise patients and their care before, during, and after surgery. Their primary responsibility is to deliver anesthesia, lead an Anesthesia Care Team, and ensure patients are safe under their care. These doctors specialize in everything anesthesia-related, pain management, and critical care medicine.

    As you can imagine, these individuals are registered MDs and can earn just over $100 an hour. They carry a heavy responsibility for a patient’s life and health. Anesthesiologists working in private doctor offices typically earn more than those who work in hospitals, out-patient clinics, or university hospitals.

    This career is in high demand, especially with our growing aging population and healthcare needs.

    Requirements needed: Anesthesiologists must complete a four year degree in either pre-med or a science related field. Must get either either a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). Must pass a USMLE test (United States Medical and Licensing Examination), and receive certifications from The American Board of Anesthesiology.

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  2. Life Coach

    Average Annual Salary: $38,105

    A life coach is a wellness professional who assists clients in making progress in their lives, whether it be in relationships, personal goals, or professional development. These individuals typically build personalized plans to help their clients attain greater fulfillment in their lives.

    Not all life coaches are created equal, however. Those earning over $100 an hour are typically those that cater towards corporate or executive clients.

    Working as a life coach does not offer established hours, either. Although you’ll be making a great hourly rate, the consistency of pay is something to be aware of before pursuing this career path.

    Requirements needed: A background in psychology, education, wellness, or even business — and/or a coaching certification from an accredited training program. You may also need to complete a specialized training program such as business or wellness, depending on the needs of your clients.

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  3. Simultaneous Interpreter

    Average Annual Salary: $40,000

    For individuals who work across geographies, the need for a simultaneous interpreter is becoming increasingly important, especially with the rise of popularity in virtual meetings. These individuals listen to what speakers are saying in a foreign language and then translate the speech into another language at the same time.

    This career requires exceptional communication skills and flawless language abilities in both languages.

    Depending on your experience and the languages you speak, salaries can vary widely. The language pairings with the highest rates of pay include Finnish to English, Danish to English, Japanese to English, English to Japanese, and English to Arabic.

    If you’re able to pick up languages easily or already have the ability, this could be a great option as most jobs do not require a formal degree.

    Requirements needed: MA in Interpreting/MA in Interpreting and Translation/European Masters in Interpreting. Foundation Certificate in Interpreting. The Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI).

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  4. Commercial Pilot

    Average Annual Salary: $71,000

    The top 10% of commercial airline pilots earn around $120 per hour. However, similar to the Life Coach, a commercial pilot’s hours are often inconsistent, and typically they will not spend 40 hours a week in the air. FAA regulations limit pilot flying time to 100 hours a month or 1,000 hours a year.

    Requirements needed: To become a pilot, most individuals either obtain the skill from military training or college degrees and training. The requirement for most is 4,000 hours in the air before you’ll even be considered as a commercial airline pilot. The job itself is great for travel buffs but can also be exhausting.

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  5. Freelance Photographer

    Average Annual Salary: $52,305

    Freelance photographers are individuals who are hired to take photos of important events such as weddings, business gatherings, maternity memories, family portraits, and more. Individuals who specialize in photography, art, editing, and graphic design usually earn $100 per hour or more, depending on the event and client-based.

    Freelance photographers can be talented, but marketing as a freelancer can be tricky. It’s important to showcase your portfolio in an easily accessible way and make sure your clients promote your business via word-of-mouth to friends and family.

    If you can manage to get your name out there, many clients won’t bat an eye at the $100 per hour price tag. However, this is another job where the hours can be inconsistent.

    Requirements needed: This career does not require formal education. Individuals looking to become freelance photographers should ensure they have the experience.

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  6. Data Scientist

    Average Annual Salary: $97,000

    Data scientists are individuals who possess expertise in analytics. They use both technical skills and social science to find trends and manage data. Their analysis will help to interpret data for companies. These individuals often take a complicated model and translate it so that those without data skills can understand it.

    If you’re looking to become a data scientist, you’ll want to make sure you have specialized training and are skilled in understanding different computer languages. This means you might have an advanced degree in statistics, math, computer science, or engineering.

    Most individuals in this field also choose to specialize in a particular industry like artificial intelligence (AI), research, or database management. When you have a specialty, you have a better chance at a higher salary.

    Requirements needed: This field often requires secondary education, usually in data science or a closely related field, with a master’s degree in data science.

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  7. Tattoo Artist

    Average Annual Salary: $61,000

    Just like pilots, the top 10% of tattoo artists can earn up to $130 per hour. However, in the same vein, they’re likely not working 40 hours a week at that rate. Tattoo artists often negotiate pricing with clients based on the amount of time it may take to complete.

    Depending on your geographical location or the shop you work for, you may also be required to have a state tattoo license, Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) certificate, and CPR training.

    Similar to freelance photography, it’s important to build a portfolio and client base as quickly as you can. Once you have loyal customers, it’ll be easier to raise your pricing and have more consistent hours.

    Requirements needed: Tattoo artistry typically takes between one to three years of apprenticing under a master tattooist. However, in terms of formal education, a high school diploma or GED is accepted.

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  8. Orthodontist

    Average Annual Salary: $214,000

    Orthodontists are dentists trained to diagnose, prevent, and treat teeth and jaw irregularities. They can work to correct malpositioned teeth and jaws, and bite patterns. They may also focus on modifying facial growth.

    Their main responsibility is typically dental equipment, like braces or expanders that can help the process. This specialty in dentistry has a mean hourly wage of $99.13 an hour.

    Requirements needed: This type of dentistry requires a bachelor’s degree in a science-related discipline, then three years of dentist school. You must complete an orthodontic residency, meaning it might take up to ten years to finish your education. Orthodontists must pass a written exam through the official American Board of Orthodontics before practicing, along with any state regulations.

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  9. Psychiatrist

    Average Annual Salary: 201,000

    A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in diagnosing and treating patients with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, eating disorders, and more.

    These individuals can earn up to $200,000 per year, meaning they would make about $103 per hour. This job requires extensive training and schooling and the proper accreditation and licensing to practice.

    Depending on your goals, you may want to work in an existing practice or start one for yourself. There are pros and cons to both options, but there is no shortcut to gaining the required training to become a certified psychiatrist.

    Requirements needed: The occupation requires four years of undergraduate schooling, four years of medical school, and three to seven years of internships and training.

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  10. Interior Designer

    Average Annual Salary: $54,000

    Like pilots and tattoo artists, the top 10% of interior designers can make $100 an hour. These individuals assist their clients to enhance the interior of a building or home to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for those who own the space.

    These individuals will take time to develop a plan, research products and options for clients, coordinate deliveries, and be the overall manager of the project.

    Interior designers who can offer specialized services like architectural or engineering assistance will be more likely to earn top dollar in this field.

    Requirements needed: This occupation may require a bachelor’s degree, and depending on your location, you may be required to obtain a license. However, not all interior designers have formal education. This field really requires a good eye for design, a knack for project management, and great relationship building with clients.

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