20 Great Jobs For Retirees Of All Backgrounds

By Chris Kolmar - Nov. 10, 2021

Find a Job You Really Want In

Finding the perfect job as a retiree can be challenging.

Most retirees on the job hunt seek a role that’s low-stress while also providing sufficient income.

Because the job market is as competitive as ever, it can be difficult to find a gig that fits those criteria. Retirees often find themselves competing against younger workers with much more time and energy.

Fortunately, the folks here at Zippia have done the research to find overlooked jobs that perfectly fit retirees’ needs. Read ahead to see what these are.

The Best Jobs for Retirees

When researching this list, we made sure to include jobs that are typically slower-paced and low-stress.

Most of these are not overly competitive and have relatively high satisfaction rates.

We understand that many Americans have been forced to put off retirement for various reasons, so we’ve made sure to include positions with decent pay.

We’ve also tried to include jobs across many fields and interests to ensure there’s something for everyone.

  1. Office clerk
    Average hourly wage: $13.28
    Satisfaction rate: 61%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 12.5%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 18%

    The main duties involve clerical and administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings, basic data-entry, and preparing documents.

    A college degree helps but isn’t required. Having a work history and displaying communication, organizational, and detail-oriented skills are key.

    Retirees can expect to sit down most of the workday and have co-workers to socialize with.

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  2. Office manager
    Average hourly wage: $20.9
    Satisfaction rate: 75%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 25%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 30%

    Office managers ensure the success of an office’s basic day-to-day operations.

    This includes duties such as managing teams of staff, organizing budgets, and maintaining procedures.

    Office managers should also expect to be able to communicate with staff, clients, and suppliers effectively.

    This job is for retirees that prefer a more involved leadership position.

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  3. Orderly
    Average hourly wage: $14
    Satisfaction rate: 67%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 95%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 33%

    This job takes place in hospitals and nursing homes. The primary duties are related to janitorial tasks and patient care.

    You’ll be assisting patients with their needs, such as moving them safely from their bed to a wheelchair.

    Orderlies also must maintain inventories of supplies. This includes repairing equipment, sterilizing tools, and assembly of items.

    This job is for retirees that prefer frequent physical activity. It also requires one to be fairly handy with tools.

    Healthcare-related jobs are in high demand in states like Ohio.

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  4. Receptionist
    Average hourly wage: $13.51
    Satisfaction rate: 64%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 20%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 20%

    Receptionists greet visitors and provide customer service. This involves understanding the customer’s needs and then fielding the appropriate staff.

    Receptionists should be able to convey a welcoming environment and effectively communicate with customers.

    This job is often slower-paced and low-intensity.

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  5. Paralegal
    Average hourly wage: $22.57
    Satisfaction rate: 73%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 20%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 20%

    This job assists lawyers. You’ll be drafting documents, calling legal witnesses, and organizing files.

    The work environment can vary drastically by the employer. Many older paralegals describe their job as fulfilling and challenging, while some describe it as being stressful.

    Excellent organizational and multitasking skills are mandatory.

    A bachelor’s degree is also typically required. The degree can be in an unrelated field, as long as you’re willing to complete a several months-long paralegal certification course.

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  6. Home health aide
    Average hourly wage: $11.75
    Satisfaction rate: 64%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 75%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 31%

    Home health aides provide care to patients who cannot live independently.

    The main duties involve housekeeping and assisting patients with the tasks of daily living. Examples include preparing meals, doing laundry, and running errands.

    This job is for compassionate, flexible retirees who want to make a difference in a patient’s life. Housekeeping requires a fair amount of physical stamina and attention to detail.

    As home health aides often live with their patients, this is an excellent job for retirees living in expensive states.

    An added plus is that the cities with the highest demand for home health aides are also ranked among the best to retire to.

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  7. Security guard
    Average hourly wage: $14.19
    Satisfaction rate: 56%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 60%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 28%

    The primary responsibilities of a security guard are patrolling property, preventing theft, and monitoring surveillance.

    This job typically involves low-intensity but frequent physical activity in the form of walking.

    The work environment is relaxed and slow-paced, with low socialization. The need to restrain trespassers is extremely rare but may arise.

    This job is prevalent among former police officers.

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  8. Merchandise displayer
    Average hourly wage: $15.91
    Satisfaction rate: 60%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: varies
    Portion of workers over age 55: 31%

    Merchandise displayers are tasked with attracting customers into the store.

    This is done by designing and installing creative product displays. The work setting can be any kind of retail store, such as a department store or gift shop.

    The frequency of physical activity involved varies, although the intensity of work is typically low.

    The main skills required are commercial awareness, creativity, and the ability to work with teams. You’ll likely be able to find plenty of time to socialize with co-workers.

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  9. Customer service representative
    Average hourly wage: $14.24
    Satisfaction rate: 50%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 6.3%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 15%

    The name of the game is client support. As a customer service representative, you’ll be listening and responding to customer calls.
    Listening and communication skills are critical. You’ll need to know how to solve customer problems and answer their questions. Maintaining a cheerful, helpful attitude is also very important.

    You may have plenty of free time or be constantly answering calls, depending on the employer.

    This job involves almost no physical activity as you’ll usually be sitting in a chair.

    Customer service representatives also often work-from-home, providing you flexibility in where you wish to live.

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  10. Housekeeper
    Average hourly wage: $11.47
    Satisfaction rate: 58%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 100%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 19%

    Housekeepers manage all the duties involved in the day-to-day running of a household. These tasks include cooking, cleaning, running errands, and home maintenance.

    This job is perfect for retirees who want to maintain physical activity. You’ll always be on your feet performing tasks, although these will typically be low-intensity.

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  11. Dental assistant
    Average hourly wage: $18.67
    Satisfaction rate: 72%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 50%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 8%

    Dental assistants provide oral care to patients and educate them on dental health.

    You’ll also be helping a supervising dentist by cleaning instruments and supplies, in addition to a variety of office and laboratory duties. Examples include filing documents and taking patient X-rays.

    This job has very high satisfaction rates among seniors. Many dental assistants develop friendships with patients that come in multiple times each year. Physical activity is low-intensity, and there are plenty of opportunities to socialize.

    Dentistry is a booming field in Alaska, the state with the lowest veteran unemployment rates. If you’re a veteran and plan to move there, this may be the job for you.

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  12. Nanny
    Average hourly wage: $12.28
    Satisfaction rate: 75%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 75%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 11%

    Nannies are responsible for the care and safety of children.

    This involves nearly all aspects of childcare. You’ll be maintaining a safe and clean environment by bathing and dressing children.

    You’ll also keep them stimulated by arranging play dates, educational activities, and indoor and outdoor playtimes.

    Compassion and being fond of children are absolute requirements. This job has exceptionally high satisfaction rates, as you’ll be developing a relationship with children and their parents.

    Becoming an in-home nanny is a great opportunity for retirees concerned with affordable living.

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  13. Bookkeeper
    Average hourly wage: $18.5
    Satisfaction rate: 76%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 10%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 47%

    This role maintains a company’s financial data. You’ll be maintaining accurate ledgers on payroll, accounts receivable and payable, and daily financial transactions.

    You’ll need basic computer skills to use accounting software and excellent organizational and problem-solving skills.

    This job is for retirees that enjoy detail-oriented and math-related positions. Physical activity levels are extremely low, and you’ll typically work in an office or at home.

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  14. Truck driver
    Average hourly wage: $24.55
    Satisfaction rate: 50.4%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 5%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 62%

    Truckers drive and operate trucks, both across short distances and long-haul.

    The main duties include the pickup of material, verifying them for accuracy, and delivering them to their destination.

    This job is for retirees comfortable with spending long stretches of time without company. Work hours can also be extremely long.

    Although many truckers only cover shorter routes, this job still presents low opportunity for socialization.

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  15. Software developer
    Average hourly wage: $38.67
    Satisfaction rate: 57%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 0%
    Portion of workers over age 55: 7%

    Software developers develop and maintain all forms of software. They apply problem-solving and technical skills to create, test, and evaluate new programs.

    It’s a common misconception that only younger professionals with specialized degrees can compete in this field.

    In fact, millions of new software developers are able to find jobs through diligent self-study and by creating portfolios of personal projects.

    Almost 30% of all developers don’t have any college degree at all, let alone a specialized one.

    If you’re a motivated individual who loves problem-solving and applying analytical skills, this may be the job for you. It also offers the opportunity to work freelance and set your own schedule.

    As demand for this job is high everywhere in the country, it can provide opportunities to those living in the worst states for retirees.

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  16. Blogger
    Average hourly wage: $20
    Satisfaction rate: 54%
    Portion of time spent standing/moving: 0%
    Portion of workers over age 55: N/A

    This is a wonderful job for retirees just wanting to stay active or earn extra money.

    Bloggers write articles on any topic to appeal to an audience. Whether you would prefer to write about computers or dogs, it all depends on you.

    Income is earned through various sources, including affiliate marketing, direct sales, and ad revenue.

    Skills that favor bloggers are creative writing and adequate English. Understanding SEO, which is used to rank web pages on the internet, is also beneficial.

    Blogging doesn’t require a high-speed internet connection and can be done from home. It also lets you set extremely flexible hours.

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  17. Freelance Artist

    Average hourly wage: $21

    If you’re a natural artist who’s always involved in a creative project anyway, working as a freelance artist is the perfect fit for a retiree. Whether you’re knitting clothes, painting landscapes, or making ceramics, people love to buy handmade products that are truly one-of-a-kind.

    Getting started as a freelance artist might seem intimidating, but with websites like Etsy becoming more popular (and user-friendly) than ever, it’s fairly simple to start selling your products online.

    There’s also the option of selling your works at art fairs and other events with vendors. And if you’re a digital artist, there are even more options online. Taking on various clients can help keep you sharp and give you new challenges to tackle.

    Working this sort of job comes with the added bonus of flexibility and freedom. You can work whenever you feel like it, and it won’t even feel like work if it’s a hobby you already enjoy.

  18. Career Coach

    Average hourly wage: $18

    If you enjoyed your field thoroughly, have a big network, and enjoy mentoring the next generation, working as a career coach can be a rewarding job. Career coaches help job-seekers write perfect resumes, draft cover letters, and answer interview questions like a pro.

    Career coaching can be done through an agency or independently, and many retirees prefer the freedom afforded by taking on their own clients. It’ll involve a bit of networking and online promotion, but once you start helping people achieve career success, you’ll have a consistent and comfortable side gig.

  19. Tax Preparer

    Average hourly wage: $18

    You don’t need to be a bona fide accountant to help prepare people’s personal taxes. You’ll help out seasonally during the busy season (between January and April) mainly, but there’s work to be done with taxes year-round.

    You’ll need to be handy with the basics of personal bookkeeping and tax regulations. However, you can expect to be trained up by whatever agency brings you on board to help out.

    There’s also the option of doing this job freelance as well. If you have friends who can’t be bothered doing their own taxes, but don’t feel like paying a big name accountancy firm either, it’s a fine way to earn a bit of extra cash.

  20. Hotel Concierge

    Average hourly wage: $19

    Being a hotel concierge is the perfect fit for retirees who are knowledgeable about their local area and love advising people on local entertainment, dining, and adventure.

    As a concierge, you’ll also help people book dinner reservations, set travel arrangements, and create itineraries. Most of the job is performed from behind a desk, so it’s not too physically demanding either.

    Someone with a background in customer service might have an easier time getting a job as a hotel concierge, but anyone with a polite personality and relevant knowledge is certainly qualified for the job.

Job Opportunities for Retirees are Plentiful

Many Americans reach retirement, only to find themselves diving back into the workforce.

Whether unfortunate circumstances have forced you to find work, or you’re just looking to stay busy – know that there’s hope.

The job market is extremely competitive, but plenty of jobs are less so and perfectly suited for retirees.

Consider our list, and utilize the numerous resources provided by Zippia to aid you in your job search.

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