5 Reasons Why Employee Happiness Is a Reflection of Employer Competence

By Alex Moore - Mar. 2, 2018
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Editors Note: This guest post by Alex Moore. His opinions are his own.

In the business world, it’s no secret that seasoned leaders maintain successful companies. A big part of proving your competence as an employer is your ability to keep those that work for you fully motivated and satisfied with their conditions. Because, at the end of the day, your skills and plans are useless if your employees don’t perform to their fullest potential.

The importance of workplace happiness and its correlation with the overall environment is one that has been emphasized profusely over time. Although many people think that the idea according to which happier employees are better employees is a myth or an overused cliché, new studies actually prove that it’s true.

In fact, according to the above study, the overall productivity of the test group which was made happier increased by 12%, with the highest result being 20% over the control group. According to Dr. Daniel Srgoi, the coordinator of the test, when it comes to such matters, even a 3% raise is incredible, so the fact that the one observed was a lot higher should be duly noted.

There are many factors which influence the general atmosphere within a company or establishment. And the most suited to directly alter this for the better or worse are the managers and others in leadership positions. To sum up, how employers choose to act is crucial in keeping workers satisfied. Here are five reasons why.

1. Positive work environment

The number one desirable quality for any entrepreneur is their ability to maintain a positive work environment. There are many factors that go into this complex process. First, you need to hire only people that are suitable for your firm’s goals, standards, and overall atmosphere. In this way, you will ensure that things run smoothly.

But even if you hire just those who are completely in tune with your ideas, you still need to keep them happy during their employment. While it is true that much of this depends on them as well, it’s your duty to see to them having all the necessary conditions.

2. Boosted motivation levels

If you’ve done your due diligence, this will unmistakably show in your employee’s motivation levels. It is known that happy individuals are way more motivated to do their jobs properly, which in turn will benefit your company as a whole. On top of that, if there are a few who still need a bit of a push, seeing their colleagues excited to get their tasks done might just be the perfect incentive.

This is the best strategy to get any requirement completed fast and at a high and unblemished standard of quality. Furthermore, it’s the mark of a great manager. By creating the aforementioned positive environment where your workers are treated with respect and civility, they will feel the same towards your organization and strive to give it their best.

And that’s not all. There are plenty of other extra nudges you can offer them, such as salary raises, benefits and even prizes that will keep them going. Promoting healthy competition is a sure way towards your company’s overall success, so don’t be afraid to reward your top players.

3. Feelings of fulfilment

And speaking of rewards and prizes, there is no greater one than the feeling of fulfillment someone gets while performing a task they are passionate about. This is why it’s crucial not only to employ people with strongly expressed goals in the same field but also motivate them to successfully fulfill them.

Even the most adamant and dedicated people can sometimes become dull and uninterested in their activities if they don’t feel rewarded. And this will reflect negatively on you because it entails that you haven’t been putting in the necessary work to keep them engaged. Thus, you need to do just that in order to have your business functioning at its most adequate pace.

4. Less job quitting

Knowing how to spot unhappy employees that are ready to quit their jobs is an important trait that all managers should possess. However, picking them out isn’t the only thing you are required to do. You need to prevent it from happening altogether, or as best as you can at least.

Needless to say, if someone decides to leave your company because they have found an opportunity which is better suited for them and their career path, you need to accept that and support them. But when people want to quit because they’re simply not satisfied anymore, that’s when it reflects poorly on you.

So how can you keep that from happening? The answer is simple and you probably guessed it already if you’ve been paying attention so far. If you’re competent and know how to keep your workers engaged, then they won’t ever dream of leaving your side. Thus, what you need to do is ensure that everyone is achieving their goals at their own speed while at the same time suiting

5. Satisfied customers

Knowing how to keep your employees happy is all the more important if you operate in a field that requires customer service of any kind. Forbes Magazine cites that over thirty studies in this field have unequivocally shown that individuals are driven to put in a lot more discretionary effort when they are committed to the company they work for, as well as its goals, on an emotional level.

Building this type of commitment is exactly what good and reliable employers do. And when you manage to do so, you will notice that your customers have grown increasingly satisfied with the overall service, no matter what that is. Be it the restaurant business, retail or a legal assistance firm, the mark of a happy client is always the same.

Therefore, you need to ask yourself this: if you were a customer with your firm or establishment, how would you feel regarding the treatment and service you’ve received? If the answer is a positive one, then you’re certainly on the right path, so keep going.


Although it is true that someone’s happiness depends mostly on themselves when it comes to work, who makes the rules and sets the tone is also an important part of this aspect. In fact, it doesn’t only matter who, but also how they choose to do this. And when you’re in that very same position of power, knowing how to act is vital to the inner fabric of your company.

Naturally, recruiting people that share the same vision and the same ideals is the number one step towards success. But after this is said and done, you need to strive hard alongside them to see that those goals are met with passion and devotion. To do this, you need to create a positive environment that will boost motivation levels.

This will, in turn, lead them to develop a strong feeling of fulfillment relating to their job, which will reflect positively on your overall numbers. Happy employees are less likely to quit, which means that you won’t be out of precious manpower anytime soon. And as the last layer, engaged workers lead to satisfied customers, which are the makers or breakers of any company’s success.

Alex Moore is a lifestyle blogger with an interest in business psychology and its applications. Through his writings he believes that he can help humanize businesses and bridge the management-employee gap.


Alex Moore

Alex Moore is a lifestyle blogger with an interest in business psychology and its applications. Through his writings he believes that he can help humanize businesses and bridge the management-employee gap.

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