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5 Ways Co-Working Spaces Can Promote Creativity and Efficiency

By Matthew Zane - Apr. 13, 2018
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If you’re new to the whole idea of co-working spaces, then you’ll want to know that these spaces are shared workplaces. They don’t cater to any one type of worker in particular, although some locations do tailor to specific niches.

When the idea for co-working spaces first started out, there were no more than 20 locations worldwide. Now that the demand for co-working offices has grown, it has been predicted that by the year 2030, these spots will make up 30% of the office market. There could be as many as 26,000 spaces for this concept by the year 2020, signalling a huge change in the business world.

Remote work and flexible workspaces have had a huge impact for business in the last couple of years, and they’ve been beneficial in many ways. Workers who live far away can find a local spot to get work done, saving time and money on transportation. With all of the new tech tools available, it’s easy for employers to communicate with their workers whether they’re in the office, at home or in a co-working space. These locations are also ideal for freelance workers and start-ups, and the spaces encourage a lot of cross-field communication and brainstorming.

There are many benefits to investing in or joining a co-working space. If you’re looking for a new place to hone your skills and grow your business, consider these 5 ways co-working spaces can promote creativity and efficiency.

1. Collaborating with others

When you join a co-working space, you’re not expected to stay within your own area and work on your own. Co-working spaces generally encourage a sense of community and blending different talents across all kinds of fields.

Co-working spaces are an ideal location to promote creativity because workers can reach out to other individuals for new ideas, fresh perspectives and new concepts. Everyone is able to take advantage of the huge pool of talent that comes and goes in these spaces, and it’s not uncommon for workers from different niches and businesses to help each other to brainstorm new ideas and solutions.

This is another reason why so many businesses are beginning to invest in their own spaces; there is always the opportunity to collaborate with freelancers and remote workers who may be a huge addition to an upcoming project or an open position in the actual company.

2. Distraction-free

Many of the individuals who work in co-working spaces are either working remotely or they’re freelancers. For these individuals, there can be disadvantages to working from home, including too many distractions and the temptation to ease off on work.

Co-working spaces are an ideal location for these types of workers because the space encourages focus and takes away outside distractions. For those who really struggle with focus, some niche-spaces even cater to workers who require peace and quiet to get their jobs done.

Many of the memberships offered in co-working spaces are daily uses or month-to-month memberships. This means that even if workers are struggling to work in their current environment, they can always head into a shared space for a few weeks to get back on track.

3. Quality supplies

There is nothing less efficient than having a slow internet or a printer that doesn’t have any ink left. Fortunately, co-working spaces are designed to provide workers with all of the tools they need, which include things like printer paper, ink jet cartridges, high-speed internet and charging outlets.

With all of the great technology and tools at your fingertips, co-working offices are the ideal place to make sure that your work is done efficiently. Depending on the space, there will be a wide range of tools supplied, and the price of the membership will reflect the types of extras that are offered. If you’re looking for a location with high-end printers, wireless projectors and keyless entry, then you’ll want to do your research to find the space that meets all of your needs.

With the right tools, it’s much easier to be efficient in your work, and you can always count on your co-working space to have everything ready to go.

4. Shared goals

For those who struggle to stay motivated at home, having a co-working office to work in can often help inspire them. These locations are filled with other individuals trying to meet deadlines and come up with new concepts, so the sense of having shared goals and focused attitudes is a great way to stay motivated.

Many of the shared spaces available dedicate a lot of space to their open desks, which are spaces at large tables that seat 5-10 workers. The design is a great way to motivate “neighbors” to talk to one another, and to push one another to get their work done. Having a sense of camaraderie is helpful to finding that inner drive, so even if you’re a one-man business, it’s easy to find others to inspire and be inspired by.

5. Comfortable options

It can be incredibly hard to focus when you’re not comfortable, since your attention is directed towards something other than the goals at hand. Whether the problem is that your office is too cold or your chair is too hard, it’s not easy getting things done if you can’t concentrate on anything else.

Fortunately, co-working spaces offer lots of different options to suit the preferences of all of their unique workers. Whether you prefer to sit on a slouchy couch or a swivelling office chair, there are lots of environments to choose from to help you get your work done comfortably.

If you do have specific preferences, be sure to research the best co-working spaces in your area ahead of time to find out who offers what you need. Things like stand-up tables and proper ergonomic chairs might be a preference for you, so check out the situation at each location before choosing your next space.

It’s not easy to come up with mind-blowing ideas every single day, but you can certainly help your chances by working in an environment that encourages and inspires you. Co-working spaces offer lots of space, light and supplies to help you get things done, and neighboring workers always have the potential to join you in your cause.

Co-working spaces are a great option for those workers looking to spark their creativity and efficiency, without having to travel too far from home.


Matthew Zane

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Find Your Next Hire Out Of Over 5 Million Candidates

Get connected with quality candidates whose resumes on Zippia best fit your job description.

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