Building Culture

A strong company culture is vital to having good employee engagement and productivity. If you don’t establish a defined culture, employees will be left to their own devices, which creates disunity and leaves the door open to toxic cultures.

Establishing a company culture requires intentional effort, though, and it can be challenging to figure out how to balance supporting employees with maintaining productivity.

To help with this, we’ve put together a series of guides that offer tips on how to establish and maintain a healthy corporate (or team) culture.

In our articles on building a culture, you’ll learn:

  • How to motivate your employees through long work days.

  • How to support a good work-life balance – including why you should consider offering flexible schedules to your employees.

  • How to establish a culture of engagement.

  • How to strengthen your company culture.

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5 Ways to Get Your Company Culture to Thrive

Learn the importance of a thriving organizational culture in businesses with these tips for building a strong company culture, including employee engagement, establishing trust, promoting open communication, and proactively defining the company culture.

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Office Layout Ideas With Examples

Summary: Office layouts have a big impact on the way that employees work with one another. It also influences how much they’ll want to come to the office and how motivated they’ll be once they get there. That makes it an important decision that could affect productivity and the quality of the work product. Your […]

How To Write A Vision Statement (With Real Examples)

Summary: A vision statement is a one-sentence statement that describes your organization’s aspirations. They give employees a joint long-term goal, as well as help define your organization’s core values and purpose. Vision statements are generally much more removed from the day-to-day aspects of the business than a mission statement is. While they tie into what […]

How To Change A Company Culture

Summary. To change your company culture, you should first identify and clarify your company goals and revisit your core values. This will help you determine what needs to be changed and if there is any negative with your company culture. Company culture determines a company’s core values and beliefs. It will also determine how employees […]

How To Make A Company Culture

Summary. Company culture is used to describe the shared values, goals, attitudes, and practices that make up the personality of a company. Creating a company culture relies on how you define work culture and your company’s process of creating a positive work environment. Company culture is a popular buzzword in corporate environments, used to describe […]

How To Build Your Employer Brand

Summary. Building an employer brand means you can control and positively impact your company’s reputation. A compelling employer brand can attract a larger and more curated talent pool, bringing more stakeholders and loyal customers to your business. When you hear the word branding, you may think of external marketing and the positive impact you wish […]

Building Culture Highlighted Articles

How To Implement Diversity Training + Types of Training

Summary. To implement diversity training in your organization, start by assessing your company’s diversity challenges and goals, then create and conduct your training based on those goals. Remember to measure the results of the training and use that data to inform your next training strategy. Creating and implementing a diversity training program may sound intimidating, […]

How To Respond To A Negative Customer Review (With Examples)

Summary. Respond to a negative customer review by apologizing and, if appropriate, taking responsibility and explaining what you’ll do to make it right. If there is nothing you can do, explain what you’ll do to prevent it from happening again or simply express your sincere apologies for their frustration. Many shoppers base their decisions on […]

How To Change Your Organizational Culture

Summary. Organizational culture has risen in prominence in recent years. What the culture of an organization or business is like has become an important factor in whether workers choose to take a job – or stay with an organization. With the pool of workers shrinking, organizations have to compete for talent, and that shines a […]

Types Of Company Culture

Summary. Company culture is essentially the personality of your business and speaks to the experience your workplace provides for your employees. Facilitating a positive company culture is important for efficiency and high employee productivity and satisfaction. Key Takeaways Company culture is how you do what you do in the workplace. It’s the sum of your […]

How Much Does a Bad Reputation Cost Your Business? [Infographic]

Aside from recruitment, your business’ bottom-line can take a considerable hit if your employer brand reputation remains less than sterling.

Why You Should Consider Adding a Rooftop Garden to Your Business

Did you know that a rooftop garden can actually benefit both your and your employees' mental state and therefore increase productivity in your business?

How To Create A Culture Of Engagement In Your Organization

There are certain measures every organization should take to encourage more engaged employees. Here are a few tips on how to make your employees more engaged with your organization.

Why a Sustainable Greener Office Will Improve Productivity

Businesses implementing eco-friendly green practices enjoy higher levels of productivity. In this post, we look why greener office buildings are often more productive.

5 Tips to Guarantee a Strong Organizational Culture

Most of the time the terms corporate culture and organizational culture are used interchangeably, as both refer to collective values, beliefs, and principles within the company. Here are the 5 things that are essential in building a strong organizational culture.

8 Reasons Volunteering Can Boost Your Company Culture

Volunteering can be beneficial for every company. It can be a great tool for increasing employee engagement, spreading the word about a company's values, and making a significant impact on the world.

7 Ways to Have Long Hours, Productivity, AND Fun

The truth is that working extended hours doesn’t necessarily make us more productive - the research is well and truly in on this one – it actually makes us less productive.

7 Tips For Keeping Employees on Their Feet at Work

Getting your employees moving is the best thing you can do to improve their wellbeing. Here are 7 useful tips to help you cultivate a healthier office mentality and make your employees more active.

6 Reasons to Empower Employees with Flexible Schedules

Flexible schedules don’t just benefit employees. Here are 6 compelling reasons why it’s also good for the companies who promote it.

5 Ways to Get Your Company Culture to Thrive

Learn the importance of a thriving organizational culture in businesses with these tips for building a strong company culture, including employee engagement, establishing trust, promoting open communication, and proactively defining the company culture.

10 Ways To Support A Better Work-Life Balance For Your Employees

It’s estimated that the absenteeism and reduced productivity that are connected to stress cost U.S. businesses $300 billion per year. Creating a work-life balance is important for you and your employees!

7 Ways Female Business Leaders Can Avoid Falling Off the Glass Cliffs [Infographic]

While women are able to smash through the proverbial “glass ceiling,” often they are then met by the “glass cliff.” What is the glass cliff phenomenon and why is it crucial for women to prepare themselves for it? Fundera put together an infographic that discusses the challenges women face and offers advice to prepare themselves from falling off it.

Why Social Media Will Make or Break Your Recruitment Strategy

Everyone seems to be talking about social media, but not everyone implements social media in their recruitment practices. Read below to learn some techniques your business can employ to maximise social media in your recruitment strategy.

7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Workplace Stress [Infographic]

Much has been written about how increasing demands on employees in the workplace can lead to uncontrollable pressure and a decrease in an employee's welfare. A side issue, often neglected, is the cost these pressures can have on businesses themselves. In this post, we reveal multiple ways businesses can reduce the cost of stress and pressure on employees.

Tips to Boost Performance and Productivity at Workplace

Whilst leaders often say that employees are their most valuable asset, often as an employee, this can feel like an empty cliche. In this post, our author explains the challenges that exist in promoting productivity in the workplace and proposes strategies to lift employee standards to achieve optimum performance.

How to Build an Employee Referral Plan That Works

Employee referrals are an excellent way for a company to save on costs and build a strong internal culture. In this blog post, our author lists five ways to build an effective referral program.

Building an Employer Brand on LinkedIn

Building an employer brand on Linkedin is a cost-effective and powerful way to recruit the best professionals in your industry. Read below for five tips on how best to use LinkedIn as a driver of your business’s recruitment strategy.

How to Practice Self-Care When Working Remotely

It’s very common for businesses today to adopt a “remote working” setup, but for employees working in this environment, they need to ensure they are practicing self-care. Read below on 5 tips on how remote employees can look after themselves.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Employee Feedback

In this post, our guest blogger explains why it is important to take time to listen to what employees have to say about your business!

How to Establish a Great Brand Reputation that Attracts Better Talent

We all know it’s important to present your company in the best light. But often, this can be ignored when it comes to promoting how your company is perceived to potential new employees. This is called “employee branding,” and it’s important. In this article, our returning guest blogger tells us how to best position your business to attract the very best talent!

The Toxic Culture Crackdown: Hiring Employees Who Whisper Less, Work More

Every organization has experienced hiring an employee that is a drag on other employees and your company culture. In this post, our author describes why it is important to check on a potential or current employee’s compatibility with your organisation, and outlines strategies to test for this.

9 Quirky Corporate Event Ideas That Your Team Will Love

While there’s no harm in simply heading out to a bar or restaurant with your team, sometimes it’s a good idea to go the extra mile and do something fun or quirky as a team building exercise. Here are some quirky corporate event ideas that your team will love.

A Workplace Without Weaknesses

Because modern workplaces are now focused on high engagement and work satisfaction, the idea of strengths-based management has driven countless research around its benefits. In this post guest author Tiffany Pires reveals how a workplace without weaknesses is possible.

7 Secret Strategies for Retaining Millennial Employees

Holding on to millennial employees shouldn't be a difficult task. Here are seven reasons millennials are likely to leave their job, along with some tips on preventing them from choosing to leave your company.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Ends Up with the Wrong Employees

Do you often wonder why some hires work well, and others don't? In this post, our guest author suggests some reasons why you may find yourself struggling to find the right candidate and proposes helpful ways to fix the problem!

7 Tips to Create Internal Company Newsletters

If you are concerned that your company newsletters are falling “flat,” then here are some tips and strategies that can turn those dull pieces into something more exciting and keep employees informed and feeling good about their employers.

Why a Strong Digital Adoption Strategy is the Solution to Your Worst Employee Productivity Problems

Productivity problems are often times the result of deeply systemic issues within an organization. In this guest blog post Manish Dudharejia discusses some of the big ones and how a reliable digital adoption strategy can in fact be the answer.

The Importance of Company Culture

What makes a company truly successful is its culture. A company’s culture is the heartbeat of the team, and it is what separates a truly successful company from one that’s only semi-successful. A strong company culture translates into a community of workers with the same goals in mind.

7 Employee Retention Tips for Winning the War for Talent

Your employees are the building blocks of your business. No matter how big or small, your company needs the best possible people to support your idea, share your vision and work by your side to achieve greatness. Without a quality team of people, you won’t be able to reach far from the starting point and […]

How to Manage Millennials Effectively and Keep Them Engaged at Work

Times have changed. Workplaces are fast becoming (for some) a vehicle for earning more money to pay for a lifestyle of smashed avocado and green smoothies, investment properties whilst living at home with mum and dad, holidays to Bali and Byron and buying the latest sports car. We are less settled and flexible around our […]

5 Ways Co-Working Spaces Can Promote Creativity and Efficiency

If you’re new to the whole idea of co-working spaces, then you’ll want to know that these spaces are shared workplaces. They don’t cater to any one type of worker in particular, although some locations do tailor to specific niches. When the idea for co-working spaces first started out, there were no more than 20 […]

9 Reasons Good Employees Quit

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Elizabeth Heron. Her opinions are her own.  Employers may be more out of touch with their workers than they’d like to admit. That is, every year most employers are losing about a third of their best employees. Employee standards are changing and for those who have many options on […]

Soar, Swim or Sink? Five Helpful Tips to Networking Success

Why is it that you see some of your team members soaring in their careers, while you see others only swim … and many sink? Why is it that some of your people have that ‘it ’ factor from the get go, but in others it simply just does not quite develop despite all your […]

How to Hire a Professional Content Writer for Your Business

We are all familiar with the phrase, "content is king". This post contains a list of tips and tools that can lead you to content writers of the highest calibre.

What Talking to 88 Recruiters in 28 Days Taught me About Recruiters and Marketing

In this post Zack Gallinger, President of Talent Hero Media reveals how recruiters think about marketing their business and how to stand out from the crowd.

Your Prospects Are Not Psychic

For any eager sales reps, follow these tips and your calendar will fill up with legitimate, scheduled conversations with intrinsically qualified people.

How to Identify the Warning Signs Your Company Has a Toxic Culture

Toxic cultures can appear in any company - and both business leaders and employees can be to blame. What are the signs that your company has a toxic culture and how can you prevent it in the workplace?

5 Things We Can Learn From The Harvey Weinstein Case

The ‘Harvey Weinstein syndrome’ has far-reaching implications across all professions. Here are 5 ways we can address sexual harassment in the workplace.

5 Team Building Tips for Leaders

To become a successful entrepreneur and a full-fledged leader you may have to work on yourself. In this post, you will find tips on how to become a great leader while building a team of true professionals.

Why Not Everyone Makes a Great Customer [Infographic]

This awesome infographic takes a look at the most common types of customers and suggests how you can deal with them (all in the name of fun!)

The Truth About Cats and Dogs … and Sales

Why does the “How should we sell?” debate go on and on? This post by ConnectAndSell CEO Chris Beall demystifies different approaches to the sales process.

10 Marketing Lessons From Apple [Infographic]

This awesome infographic created by our friends at The Website Group details 10 marketing techniques that Apple uses that you should think about too.

5 Ways to Build Resilience During Tough Times

Based on a recent workplace investigation, here are 5 tips on how to build resilience in difficult times.

Why a Bad HR Specialist Can Ruin Your Company

Here's a tip: An HR generalist needs to be a “Jack of all trades” while an HR specialist focuses on only one specific aspect of the HR function.

7 Ways to Effectively Communicate With Remote Teams

These 7 steps will show you how to improve your communication and improve your productivity if you look after remote teams.

What’s Different About Hiring Recent Graduates?

Hiring graduates into your organisation is a smart business move in today’s competitive climate. Here are a few tips that will help you in the process.

4 Ways to Prevent Team Burnout

If you are craving clever, easy-to-implement methods for tackling potential team burnout, and thus improve your overall productivity, here are a few tried and tested strategies that will keep your employees motivated.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Business [Infographic]

Try running your eyes over this infographic recently published by our friends at The Business Backer, which contains just about all the information you need on how to name your business effectively.

9 Things You need to do to Retain Your Top Employees

Workplace ‘loyalty’ does not carry the same importance as it used to. Here are 10 tips to help you tempt your top performers to stay and keep on delivering what they do best.

20 Creative (And Affordable) Ideas For Employee Recognition [SlideShare]

This awesome slideshow provided by our friends at Point Recognition includes 20 creative (and affordable) ideas for employee recognition.

6 Ways to Take Charge of Your HR Processes

Now is a great time to review your HR processes and take a closer look at your business to make sure everything’s on track.

15 Reasons Why You Should Allow Dogs in the Office [Infographic]

Dogs are man's best friend. So why should they stay at home? This infographic reveals why having a pet in the office can actually be good for the whole team.

Which Fictional Boss Are You? [Infographic]

Check out the Infographic in this blog post to find out if you're more of a Ron Swanson, Michael Scott, Selina Meyer or Miranda Priestly when it comes to your leadership style.

7 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity (Without Over-Managing)

In this post we’ve outlined 7 employee productivity-boosting approaches and not a single one of them requires over-managing!

5 Best Practices For Onboarding Remote Employees

Below are 5 best practices that, when designed and implemented thoughtfully, deliver optimal results for onboarding remote employees.

10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees [Infographic]

Prevention of loss due to employee dissatisfaction and disengagement requires being vigilant of the symptoms early on. As with common illnesses, the early detection of these symptoms can make a lot of difference.

The 12 Rules of Giving Negative Feedback [Infographic]

Our friends at Headway Capital have put together this awesome infographic containing 12 rules that can make giving negative feedback much less stressful.

9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

Coworking enables people to work independently in a space with shared values and a defined culture, and is increasingly being adopted by larger organisations too. Here are 9 things to consider when choosing a coworking space.

Why Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace Might Not be That Intelligent

Some experts predict that the development of Artificial Intelligence may lead to an unemployment rate greater than 50 percent. What do you think?

What Role Can Recruiters Play in Diversity and Inclusion?

The main focus of this recent RecruitLoop Q&A Forum the role that recruiters can play when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion

5 Employee Self-Care Practices You Should Support

For the sake of your team and your company, every manager should encourage their employees to adopt the following self-care practices.

5 Reasons Face-to-Face Communication Helps Build Client Relationships

Whether you choose to use Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts or any of the other host of video-based chat tools out there, here are 5 reasons why face-to-face communication helps to build client relationships.

7 Reasons Why Hiring Motivated Employees is the Key to Customer Happiness

If 74% of consumers are prepared to pay more for products and services from companies with outstanding customer service, it makes sense that you should hire motivated and enthusiastic employees.

7 Tips For Building a Winning Marketing Team

This post will provide you with some powerful insights around the foundation, structure and the growth of your marketing team.

7 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is a quite complex concept. Your job as a business leader is to create a suitable environment in which your employees are most productive.

Why Workplace Flexibility is Good For Business

More and more job seekers are choosing a flexible role over one with more money because of the quality of life that it provides them. What’s stopping you from offering workplace flexibility?

10 Ways to De-Stress Your Employees [Infographic]

Excessive pressure can be a serious problem no matter what the work environment, but employers can make some easy improvements to de-stress employees.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Employee Recognition [Infographic]

This infographic includes 10 things you may not have appreciated around the importance of employee recognition; as well as how to implement an employee recognition program in 6 easy steps.

3 Millennial Trends All Employers Need to Know

The time of the millennial has come. For this reason, today more and more employers are urged to start following these new business trends and adapt accordingly.

8 Tips to Ensure You Run a Professional Exit Interview

If you have an Exit Interview scheduled and you think it might turn ugly, here are some tips for handling the tougher conversations.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Employee Retention

Small businesses often lose out when it comes to employee retention. Consider implementing these five tips to make your business different.

How Health Impacts Productivity [Infographic]

Check out this Infographic on how health impacts workplace productivity. The difference between a healthy and an unhealthy team will astound you!

10 Ways to Re-energise Your Team for 2017

Now is the perfect time to ensure the team is back into the swing of things. Here are 10 ways to re-energise the team to help make 2017 the best year yet.

10 Essential Qualities to Spot in Effective Remote Workers

How do you identify truly committed remote workers? Here are 10 essential qualities to identify during the recruitment process.

How To Improve Employee Engagement in the Workplace [Infographic]

Distracted workers cost U.S. businesses a whopping $350 billion annually. The solution is to hire the right workers, but engaging them isn't so simple.

Why Rejecting Candidates is Actually Good for Your Employer Brand

Rejecting candidates and providing feedback should be considered part of the recruitment process and can ultimately improve your employer brand.

The Link Between Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty

Believe it or not there is a strong correlation between how happy and engaged your workforce is with the level customer loyalty and client satisfaction.

7 Ways to Provide Your Interns With a Valuable Experience

Whether paid or unpaid, or simply providing extra experience for interns to place on their resumes, the internship program should be a valuable one.

7 Pitfalls to Avoid in Managing Remote Teams

7 Pitfalls to Avoid in Managing Remote Teams

Remote teams can work just as well as in-office teams by encouraging productive communication, choosing the right team members, and staying connected.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Chairs From Team Meetings

5 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Chairs From Team Meetings

Do standing meetings help teams accomplish more, or are they a corporate fad to accompany the latest set of fashionable buzzwords?

How to Get Away With Managing Millennials

Managing millennials can be a somewhat tedious task. What are millennials expecting from their bosses? What motivates them, and how can you keep them engaged in their work?

Will Your Employer Brand be Ruined by Social Media? [Infographic]

Now more than ever before, it's important to build a positive employer brand. But the rules for how you do that have changed considerably.

5 Awesome Tips to Create a Distraction-Free Team Environment

Have you ever wondered why people get distracted just when you expect them to do their best job? It's actually OK if they get distracted from time to time.

What Type of Office is Right for Your Business? [Infographic]

UK-based 'Make it Cheaper' has published this Infographic outlining how although choosing an office space can seem daunting, selecting the right one will ensure your business continues to succeed.

How to Improve Your Brainstorming Sessions [Infographic]

Is there are art to the perfect brainstorming session? The tips in this Infographic could even help you develop your next ground breaking idea.

4 Ways Your Office Design Can Help Entice Prospective Hires

Office design can reveal a lot about your company culture and is one way you can make sure you stand out to prospective hires.

How to Manage Staff Expectations Around Promotions

If someone approaches you in your organisation wanting a promotion, you need to seriously consider whether they are in fact looking for a promotion, or a new job entirely.

Top 50 Female C-Level Marketing Professionals in Seattle

Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day to recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all over the world. Over the last few months, we’ve shone the spotlight on several groups of awesome women for their amazing contribution to ‘all things tech’. We set out to do this intentionally given that the […]

When is it Time to Define Your Company Culture?

Your company culture can, and will, dictate the amount of money your business makes, the type of people you hire and ultimately the success you achieve as organisation. But does culture really need to be documented? It's a question many people ask, especially in the early days of building a business.

Zippia Advice

Why Startups Love RecruitLoop

We started RecruitLoop after years of frustration in hiring, from all sides of the equation. We’re rebuilding recruitment from the ground up, leveraging technology to unbundle the process and give companies the hiring support they need, on their terms, with better results. RecruitLoop is a platform for Elastic Recruiting with a marketplace of expert recruiters […]

How to Organise Your Office for Maximum Productivity [Infographic]

How you organise your office can be just as effective at improving your business’s bottom line as the way you optimise your operations.

Employer Branding: How to Create a Magnetic Force to Attract Top Talent

The concepts of employer branding and attracting top talent go hand in hand. If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to create an employer brand that resonates with the best talent.

How To Maintain Standards And Culture While Building Remote Teams

2 talent acquisition experts share their stories and tips on creating a scalable process to source, hire and engage talent while building remote teams.

How to Build Your Employer Brand

Here are three fundamentals to creating an employer brand that is authentic, enduring, and extremely effective.

5 Of The Most Common HR Mistakes Business Owners Make

Nick Hedges addresses 5 of the most common HR mistakes business owners make from and how you can avoid them.

Why I Love Sharing Hiring Strategies With Tech Startups

Certain hiring strategies apply far more to tech startups because typically nobody in the founding team comes from a recruiting background.

Why I Love Sharing Hiring Strategies With Small Businesses

If one of the most overused phrases in small businesses today is that “people are our greatest asset", why are hiring strategies so often non existent?

Beware of the Software Super Salesperson!

In order to avoid making a purchase you might regret later, here are the things you should focus on when purchasing software for your business.

Conversational Marketing: Why It’s Great And Who Does It Best

Your Facebook page isn't just a place to advertise your business. It's a platform for customers to reach out to you knowing that they'll get a response.

6 Top Reasons To Take A Close Look At Your Sales Process

Here are some of the most common sales mistakes businesses make, and ways you can avoid them.

Why Do We Fear Change In The First Place?

Survival of the fittest has actually hardwired our brains to seek patterns and avoid change. Marty Wilson explains how we can’t let that underdeveloped Neanderthal part of our brain convince us to spend our life safely tucked up inside our cave.

5 Tips to Make Your New Year Resolutions Actually Happen

Setting small, attainable goals throughout the year, instead of a singular, overwhelming goal on January the 1st will give you a much better chance of achieving what you're striving for.

Why You Should Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

‘Why would I even want to get out of my comfort zone? I’m comfortable!’ Marty Wilson suggests that there are two reasons why constantly trying new things that challenge and unsettle you is really good for you.

Heads Up, U.S. Employers! You Can Still Lower Your 2014 Tax Bill

At this time of the year, most people start looking back at all they have accomplished, and preparing for the end of year holidays. However, as a business owner, you are more likely thinking about your impending tax return. You are probably wondering if you can still lower your tax bill for this year.

A Weevil Plague, A Gastro Outbreak, And A Temperamental Debt Collector

For anyone running a business, any unexpected disruption to the day-to-day operations can become frustrating. But then there are some situations that a business owner or manager just can’t prepare for. After all we can’t possibly anticipate everything.

How to Deal with Disasters

If you realize that every disaster at work – big or small – has four basic components, you can approach things more methodically and with less immediate panic.

7 Ways to Avoid Being a Trust-Buster

If your actions are sending trust-busting messages, then what you're communicating is that those relationships don't matter to you. Here are 7 easy ways to quickly build trust.

3 Ways To Stop Throwing Money Out The Window

Here are 3 simple, but effective ways to keep your people engaged and prevent your hard earned money from flying out the window (or walking out the door).

Tricks & Treats in the Office

I have a confession to make: I LOVE practical jokes. At least, I love them in the office (my brothers might read this and I don't want to give them any ideas!). No matter how formal your work environment, practical jokes have a surprising amount to add to office culture.

Witches, Wizards And Warlocks In The Workplace

Despite having never actually worked at Hogwarts, I’ve still worked alongside my fair share of sorcerers and sorceresses. Sometimes I just didn’t know it … until they’d cast their spell!

Why Your Elevator Pitch Depends On Who’s In ‘The Elevator’ With You

You need to have your elevator pitch ready at all times. But just how well you articulate what you do can be the ‘make or break’ between someone believing in you and ultimately agreeing to buy from you.

Recruiter Tips: Are You ‘Consciously Incompetent’ Or ‘Unconsciously Competent’?

Whether you’ve been recruiting for one minute, 18 months or 5+ years, you need to recognise where you’re sitting along the ‘recruiter competency axis’ and remember you’re not alone.

6 Tips On How To Grow A Global Business … From Brad Sugars – Founder of ActionCOACH

Here are 6 tips on how to grow a global business shared by Brad Sugars the founder of ActionCOACH – the leading global business coaching firm – on his recent Australian road show.

Casual Fridays, Clock Watchers, Smoke Breaks & Other Culture Defining Moments

Here are few memorable questions and comments from candidate interviews over the years which very quickly helped me sort the yesses from the nos when it came to assessing cultural suitability for my own teams.

5 Ways to Create an Attractive Company Culture

According to a study recently done at Software Advice, job seekers prefer an honest and transparent company culture. What does that mean if you're trying to recruit top talent?

Acronym Confusion: Why The Customer Isn’t Always Right

I’ve always prided myself on my customer service ethic, and I’ve always built teams committed to delivering an awesome level of service. But one thing I have also learned is that no matter what the adages say, the customer isn’t always right.

Back to school

End of Summer & Back to School – What’s the Impact?

With the end of Labor Day weekend in the US and Canada, many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are saying good-bye to the lazy days of summer and hello to a new school year. If you have kids (or remember being one), you know this can be a stressful time of year because of a huge amount of change.

Is Your Recruiter Clueless? Are You Causing It?

Are you working with a clueless recruiter? Or are you inadvertently making your recruiter look clueless? Here are some signs that you’re either working with—or causing—stupidity.

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6 Tips to Help Manage Your Brand Reputation on Social Media

Whether you like it or not there’s a good chance your business is being talked about somewhere in cyberspace. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. Criticism itself may not damage your brand. However, the way your business handles it can certainly impact on your brand perception.

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Why Recruiting Should be Just as Much About Candidates Interviewing You About Your Business

Finding a perfect balance of skills, salary expectation, experience and cultural fit within one candidate for one position and at the right time is not easy. Effective recruiting should also reveal whether YOU are able to deliver value to each of your prospective candidates.

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Become the Company People Want to Work For

Love isn’t just reserved for the Big Guys doing New Things, though. Every company has the potential to make employees feel this way. What is it that companies who are loved by their employees do differently?

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7 New Unofficial Office Rules

When you first become a hiring manager, you assume that things will be pretty simple. Sure, you might have to coach a recent college grad on the finer points of not partying all night and getting in on time, but otherwise, you figure that most folks know how to operate in a business environment. Yeah, not so much.

How to Create Engaging Video Content

Not having video on your company website may well mean you're missing the multiple touch points consumers are expecting from businesses today. There are many parts that go into making great video content. Here are a few tips from an expert.

Strategic vision, business plan, goals

How Your Vision Can Help Get You The Results You Want

No matter how long you have been in business, the number of clients you serve, or how many people you have on staff, do they all understand how they play a part in helping you take your company to where you would like it to be?

making art, corporate training, professional development, business development

How Art Can Help Lift the Lid on Your Business

Do you have an aspiring Da Vinci, Dali, or Monet in your team? Incorporating art practices such as painting and drawing into corporate training and development programs can actually help expand your business and motivate your staff.

staff retention, succession planning, employee development, staff development, career development

How to Hold on to Your Best People in 2014

Research shows that 46% of people are in a role that is not ideal, and at this time of year, many have come back to work with the idea that they are going to make a change. What can you do to prevent a mass exodus?

HR At Jawbone: Earning a Seat at the Executive Table

Randy Knaflic, who leads 'People and Operations' at Jawbone, has 3 requirements for HR to earn a seat at the executive table: Philosophies first; Keep it simple; Be data-driven.

Are You Really Willing to Lose Customers to Your Competitors?

Fact: Online consumer research prior to purchase has now risen to between 80-97%. The balance of power has shifted to the buyer. The moment you or your salesforce step into 'Hunter' mode, your potential customer becomes your 'Prey' and you will lose the sale.

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15 Beautiful Workspaces to Inspire Your Office Makeover

Ocean themed break-out areas? Meetings in a tree house? Or how about a work station designed according to a “No Screw, No Glue” policy. No it's not the kids' playroom at IKEA ... it's a sneak peak into 15 of the world’s most beautiful workspaces to help inspire your office makeover.

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Life as a Startup Founder-Recruiter: Our First Key Hires

Hiring at a startup is hard and time-consuming. But it's your job as a founder. Here are the steps and process we followed to make our first 2 key hires at RecruitLoop.

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Startup Stories: The ‘Rappa-Preneur’ Behind Vimily

If you’re a female tech entrepreneur or dream of becoming one, this interview with Kat Suess, founder and CTO of Vimily will inspire you to follow your dreams.

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Important Information For All Australian Employers

It’s that time of the year again when employers need to ensure they are up to date with the latest rates and threshold increases in the Fair Work Act and related legislation that came into effect from the 1st of July, 2013.

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Smooth Sailing Aboard the Intern-Ship

Internships not only benefit the interns, but employers and startup founders as well. You can certainly get more done, while the intern provides refreshing energy and unique insights and ideas. Milica Djukanovic, our own intern, shares some of her personal experiences.

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X + Y + BB = The New Workforce

Organisations chooing to embrace an age diverse workforce will be rewarded with lower employee turnover, more engaged and motivated workers, a sustainable talent pipeline and effective knowledge management.

How to Turn Your Speaking Anxiety Into Runaway Success

According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Death is number two. So to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy! For anyone needing to address a group of any size, here are some tips to help you become a budding speaker.

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Do You Provide Your Staff With ‘Training’ Or ‘Development’?

Offering your employees additional training can reinforce your commitment to wanting to develop them professionally and to help them excel within the business. When did you last think about what further training and development opportunities could benefit your staff in order to give your organisation that leading edge?

Sales Enablement – It May Not Be What You Think!

Before you think about spending money on a sales training course to help your sales team close more business, remember that in one way or another, every person in your business is in sales whether they like it or not - not just your sales people.

Creating a Culture of Superstars

Take a good look at your business. What is the prevailing vibe or mood in the office? Your company culture will have a significant influence on how your organisation performs. So the big question is, how do you create a culture to attract superstars?

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How to be Pitch Perfect Even if You’re Tone Deaf

Think of it like this; your elevator pitch needs to be a rehearsed performance appearing unrehearsed. Not an unrehearsed performance trying to appear like you ‘kinda know’ what you’re talking about.

How Well Do You Articulate What You Do?

As established business owners, startup founders or experienced entrepreneurs we’re often called upon to give some kind of version of an elevator pitch – a punchy précis of what we do, who we do it for, and why we do it. So why do we often find it so challenging?

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Minimum Wage Madness!

Should the concept of a minimum wage serve to protect the most vulnerable workers and ensure there is a realistic “collar” on what people need to earn to live, as is the case in every other developed economy in the world?

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7 Tips To Help Manage Your Team Remotely

Is managing a team remotely really any different from a normal manager’s role if you can stay in contact almost as easily as being face-to-face? The answer is yes, very much so.

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Australia’s Fair Work Laws: What We Know Now

As we find ourselves at the beginning of a new year, it’s worth reflecting on what we know now about Australia’s increasingly complicated employment laws.

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How to Promote Your Employer Brand to the Boomers

As we close out 2012, now is the time to review your current recruitment strategy and ask yourself if you are doing enough to attract all segments of the community.

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How to Manage Expectations Around Career Advancement

It’s important to be aware of the thought processes behind each of your team members when it comes to their career advancement.

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How to Enjoy the Spirit of the Season Without the Legal Hangover

Don't be a party pooper. But don't let your office Christmas party land you with a harassment claim either.

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Are Executive Restraint Clauses Really Enforceable?

Restraint and non-compete clauses can be a useful tool in managing employees' actions once they move on, whatever the circumstances surrounding their departure.

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Whinging Aussies? It’s Time to Toughen Up!

Under the Fair Work Act 2009, Australian workers are entitled to 10 days paid personal leave per year. Is it a coincidence that the average Australian worker takes over 9 days sick leave per year? Or are Aussie workers just taking up what the government owes them?

Why It’s Time For An Extreme HR Makeover

Guest Post: Human Resources needs to transition from old-school compliance to best-practice Employment Relations. David Bates from Workforce Guardian explains why.

Downsizing Dangers

Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Edward Mallett, Managing Director of Employsure. His opinions are his own. Times are tight, we all know that. There are less jobs being created and, sadly, an increasing number of redundancies. I had what is becoming a common conversation with a client recently. After years of business with a […]

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3 Great Ways to Improve Staff Productivity

Is your team productive? It’s one thing if morale is high. But are they really performing at an optimum level? While everyone works at a different speed and level of efficiency, there are some basic things you can do to increase your overall team productivity.

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Are You Really Adding Value to Your Customers?

The phrase “value add” is over-used in business today. You’ll read it on company websites, hear it used in meetings and even find whole sections dedicated to it in tender documents and pitch presentations. But what you might consider a “value add”, is often something your client expects as a natural part of your service.

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To bid or not to bid, that is the question

Business owners or business development managers can get very caught up in the idea of tendering for a new piece of business with a potentially large client. This could be due to the fact that the client is a “big name brand”, which would look great in a future testimonial. It might also be an […]

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How to conduct successful performance reviews

It’s coming up to that time of the year again. While there’s plenty of advice out there for employees on how to prepare for their mid-year or annual performance reviews, it’s just as important for employers to prepare for the process as well. Even in small businesses and start-ups, employees expect to have some kind […]

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A flexible workplace: How low can you go?

A popular talent-retention strategy used in business today is to allow people to work more flexible hours. Whether it’s a nine-day fortnight or four days in the office and one day working from home, it’s becoming the norm to never actually have an entire team in the office at the same time. Naturally, there’s a […]

How to use Linkedin for business

10 No-Brainers for Every Business Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way for SMEs to promote themselves and attract potential employees to their business. We attended a recent event hosted by LinkedIn, and according to the experts themselves, there are 10 no-brainer steps every business must take to ensure maximum effectiveness and exposure:

5 Creative Ways To Make Your Job Ad Stand Out

Put in the effort to write a great job ad and you’ll reap the benefits.

Horror stories from the frontline of employment relations (VIDEO)

Hot on the heels of announcing our partnership with Workforce Guardian, I sat down with Managing Director, David Bates to learn more about the world of employment relations in Australia.

RHUB: Highlights from the Recruiters Hub Conference (Day 1)

The Recruiters Hub Conference (RHUB) kicked off today in Sydney. It’s a 1.5 day conference, with a smashing lineup of speakers. Day one featured just over 100 attendees – mostly agency recruiters – and was very ably moderated by Ross Clennett. Here is a quick summary of speaker highlights, for those who couldn’t make it. […]

Can your employer brand help you attract the best people?

I can’t even begin to think how many organisations I have dealt with over the years in either my capacity as a recruiter or as a manager of recruiters. But sitting across the table from a business owner, hiring manager or HR manager, the questions “what kind of reputation do we have out there in […]

Finding new customers and knowing the psychology of your target market

I caught up with a colleague of mine last week. She runs a successful small business and during our quick lunch we got on to the topic of finding new customers and general business development strategies. She put half her toasted focaccia down and said, “It’s all about going right back to basics. Everything we […]

It’s time to think of your staff as your competitive advantage

In today’s employment market it is crucial for business owners and managers to engender a work environment where the staff actually want to stay. Staff attrition can be irritating, costly and have a negative impact on morale in any work environment. As companies grow and teams expand, people will leave – it’s a fact of […]

Attractive compensation plans: There’s more to it than the dollars

Having a candidate decline a job offer because he or she believes that (base salary aside) the compensation plan you are offering them is not attractive enough is a situation in which many employers are finding themselves in today’s market. With the war for talent as fierce as it is, the best candidates are definitely not […]

The importance of creating an effective team environment

I have spent many years in the world of recruitment working all around Australia as well as further afield. I was fortunate enough to have worked with some of the world’s most recognisable brands. However I can honestly say that my fondest memories involve working with some incredibly dynamic managers of various small and medium sized […]

Why I had to be “kept in the loop”

Hi. My name’s Paul and I’m a recruit-aholic. I have been in the recruitment game for a long time. In fact when I tell recruiters new to the  industry that when I first started there was no internet, no email, no online job boards, no  mobile phones,and no LinkedIn, the first thing they usually ask […]

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Running a Smooth Exit Interview [Infographic]

If you’ve been following the RecruitLoop Blog, you may have noticed we’re fans of ‘infographics‘. Why? Well, we love data… but data can be boring. With a bit of creativity and flair, the most boring analysis can become a wonderful picture of insight, easily digestible at a glance. For example, we could have written a […]

Employer branding: Be bacon, not white bread

Employer branding. What’s all the fuss about? It sounds complicated. Something best left for multi-nationals and large professional service firms with even larger marketing budgets. But, if you believe the experts, building a strong employer brand can make all the difference in attracting top talent in a tight market. So where does that leave the rest of […]