5 Ways for Recruiters to Attract Passive Candidates and New Clients

By Tanya Williams - Jul. 26, 2016
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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by digital strategist and blogger, Tanya Williams. Her opinions are her own.  

People haven’t changed but the way we communicate with them has. In our fast paced, ‘want it now’ society technology new digital tools and platforms are making it easier than ever to access information.

The same applies to the world of recruitment. The rules have changed and how we find clients and talent today relies on much more than just knowing a few people in our network. Your potential clients and candidates are starting the ‘people finding’ process online and if they cannot find you, then you are missing out on business.

Clients and candidates are mobile, social and want personal relevant information given to them on their communication channel of choice delivered on their favourite device. With this in mind, you need to take the time to listen to and understand your audience about how digital technology is impacting their everyday life.

The way people search for and apply for jobs is changing and a change of mindset is required by recruiters to remain relevant and avoid becoming redundant.

Digital technology provides a massive opportunity for recruiters to create valuable networks that are engaged and not just sitting in a database.  Using digital channels you can find, communicate and build relationships with clients and candidates. You can join in with various communities, show your expertise, share your brand culture, find prospects, build long term relationships and have two-way communication.

There are so many underutilised digital tools that the recruitment industry has yet to tap into.

If you want to find more candidates and clients then you should consider the following channels:

1. Video recruiting

Recruitment videos can make your clients stand out by sharing insights into the company and offering a more personalised and human approach which attracts a higher quality candidate that is a better cultural fit for the company.

Videos can be quick and inexpensive to create, they are easy to consume on the run by potential candidates and they allow companies to let their authentic corporate culture really shine through. With video, companies can share employee testimonials or footage of day-to-day operations and special events, all of which combine to give candidates the clearest window into the company’s world.

2. Multiscreen and mobile

Just like other industries, recruitment follows consumer trends. We live in a multiscreen world which allows for a more complete experience on any and all devices, especially those used at the same time.  Studies show that more than half of digital time is spent on a tablet or smartphone. More job seekers expect to be able to apply to jobs from their smartphones and tablets.

How well are you doing this?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your contact number (connectable) come up on the first page of your phone?
  • Can you get all the job information on your phone?
  • Can I see your address and Google map?
  • Can candidates apply from their devices?

Despite only 27% of digital job applications being able to be completed using a mobile device, 34% of us have used our mobile devices to search for a job on the move making a mobile responsive website a necessity.

3. Engagement trumps sales

Only 61% of global companies have a strategy for passive candidate recruiting. These are surprising stats, since the latest data on the passive/active candidate split shows that over 75% of professional are passive and would not proactively seek out and apply to jobs.

So with so many passive candidates out there, how do you connect with them in a meaningful way?

This does not mean sending them a LinkedIn message informing them you have a job they might be interested in. You need to create a relationship with both clients and candidates and this takes time. I want to know more about you, your values, your brand culture, what you stand for, your integrity, your professional profile – I want to know that you are credible and will be someone I want to do business with.

Digital allows you to do all this. With websites, landing pages, electronic mail, blogs, video, social media and search you are able to create a very clear picture of your personal brand.

4. Make data your friend

Believe it or not many recruiters do not take the time to review their own data, leaving a massive untapped opportunity that will not cost a cent. If you think about all the channels you are using to reach both candidates and clients, then there is corresponding data and analytics for those channels. More than you can probably use but at least start with reviewing some of it.

By reviewing data from your Google Analytics, social media channels, email opens to name just three you will be able to form a picture that shows you who is interacting with your brand, what device they are using, what pages on your website they visit and how long they spend there, how old they are, where they live, etc.

5. Social recruiting

There are plenty to reasons to use social media platforms for recruitment.

Recruiting through social networking platforms is a good way to find the perfect candidate. However according to Jobvite’s 2013 Social Recruiting Survey, 65% of recruiters currently use Facebook during the recruiting process but most of them aren’t using it to vet candidates. Instead, most recruiters use Facebook to showcase employers’ brands.

Social media is a great medium for prospecting, researching your audience and social listening. It allows you to get to know potential candidates from afar.

all social networks are not created equal in job search

Digital has changed the way you should be doing business as a recruiter. If you don’t adapt you’ll start to lose more and more market share as your smart competitors win more of the business since they have invested the time and resources into developed strong digital arresting strategies and platforms for communication.

People haven’t changed but the way we communicate with them has (and needs to).

Tanya has over 20 years experience in digital, marketing & sales and specialises in helping recruiters become more visible across digital channels to get more qualified candidates & clients. Her job is to build your digital footprint to make it easy for prospects to find you.


Tanya Williams

Tanya has over 20 years experience in digital, marketing & sales and specialises in helping recruiters become more visible across digital channels to get more qualified candidates & clients. Her job is to build your digital footprint to make it easy for prospects to find you.

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