Business Etiquette and Body Language Blunders [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Infographic - 2 years ago

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand.

How experienced are you at walking a tightrope? No, not the circus type. I’m talking about business.

Balance is what makes you successful. And I’m not referring to managing your budget.

Business growth requires interaction with people: Clients, employees, business partners and suppliers. Their perceptions of you determine how beneficial the professional relationship will be.

And your body language determines their opinions. But people easily take offence. You don’t even have to intend an insult. The mere hint of one can make someone distrust or dislike you.

How firm should your handshake be? Too firm could communicate aggression. A weak gesture could be taken to mean that you have no confidence. You have to find the balance between the two.

How close do people want you? Standing far away with arms crossed could tell people you don’t want to associate with them. If you get too close, it may make them think you have no respect for personal space.

Can you see the importance of finding balance in your body language and business etiquette?

And don’t forget your eyes. You can’t avoid eye contact, but don’t stare someone down either.

And what do different cultures require in order for you to show respect?

Yes, it’s tricky. But striking a balance is well worth the effort. Check out the tips in this awesome infographic from our friends at Swiss Canadian Capital.

Business Etiquette and Body Language Blunders

Infographic by Swiss Canadian Capital