Pro Email Marketing Tips from the Experts [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Infographic, Online Marketer, SMEs, Social Media, Startups - 2 years ago

Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand.
Even if you’re a seasoned marketing professional, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to email marketing. Email marketing isn’t as simple as sending out a company newsletter every month. It requires a special set of skills and acquired knowledge including understanding how to:

  • select and customize a proven template;
  • create winning design;
  • use data to better serve your customers;
  • optimize emails for mobile devices;
  • segment email lists for improved engagement;
  • personalize content to reach different customer profiles;
  • re-engage disinterested subscribers;
  • and more!

While it may seem tedious to continually skill up in the marketing world, it’s well worth it to keep tabs on the latest and greatest email best practices.
Because email marketing has the highest ROI out of any digital marketing strategy. Some reports show email campaigns generate a 4400% ROI or a $44 return for every $1 spent, which is well above any ROI for any other type of marketing tactic.
Furthermore, the average employee checks email 74X in a single day for an eight hour work day, and 33.8% of consumers check their email accounts throughout the day, and 39% of consumers check their emails 1-3 times a day. In other words, inboxes are an active playground for B2C and B2B brands.
When you get email marketing right, it’s a surefire bet you’ll engage your audience, provide a stellar customer experience, and increase the lifetime value of your subscribers.
With these compelling reasons to beef up your email marketing game in mind, you may be wondering where to even start, and what is missing from your current strategy.
This infographic from our friends at Campaign Monitor presents professional email marketing tips from 11 of the top email marketers out there. You’ll learn everything from why unsubscribers can be a good thing to tiny details that can make the difference between a happy customer and an annoyed unsubscriber.
Enjoy the tips and hopefully it motivates you to revamp your email marketing strategy this year for improved results.