How Health Impacts Productivity [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Building Culture, Infographic, Leading People - 3 years ago

The link between health and productivity gives employers the power to get more out of workers by helping them stay as healthy as possible.

Previously we’ve discussed the importance of work-life balance and how taking a proper weekend can have a huge impact on workplace morale and productivity. You also may not have realised how technology can in fact improve your health.

Encouraging physical activity, supplying healthy snacks, and hosting company lunches with healthy menus are all practices that can also generate positive impacts — all have a social aspect that can boost morale as well. With snacks and company lunches, hunger also can be eliminated as a productivity-killing distraction.

Our friends at ZeroCater have produced an easy to digest (pardon the pun!) infographic that includes a close look at the numbers measuring the connection between health and productivity, along with tips on how to keep your team healthy at work.

You might want to think about replacing the biscuit jar with a bowl of fruit; team drinks with a team fitness activity; and that charity box of chocolates (supposedly helping the team through their 3pm sweet fix) with a box of blueberries or almonds. Of course you should still make the donation to the charity … you just don’t need to ply the team with crisps and chocolates!

The difference in productivity between a healthy and an unhealthy team will astound you!

How Health Impacts Productivity created by ZeroCater