How to Best Incorporate Twitter Hashtags in Your Recruitment Process

By Michelle Lambert - Jan. 4, 2019
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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Michelle Lambert. Her opinions are her own. 

The people that you hire determine the performance and future of your business. Acquiring the right talent at the right time cultivates the success of your company. Technology has made recruitment easier for you as an employer and one of the most effective ways of hiring is using twitter tags.

Twitter is a micro-blogging and social media tool that is simple in posting messages in 280 characters or less. Though Twitter was not specifically designed for job hunting or talent acquisition purposes, you can use it to get high-quality candidates and make them develop an interest in your offer.

Using the right twitter tags is key when recruiting through the platform. It makes your tweets more searchable-enabling you to reach candidates who are beyond your followers making you known in your niche field. It also helps to locate users of a specific interest easier when using the search engine. You can incorporate the three types of hashtags outlined below in your job tweets.

Job keyword hashtags

These are hashtags which are relevant to the field and professional skills that you would like candidates to be searching for.

Locational hashtags

These can help you to alert job seekers who might be located within a certain area.

These can help you reach candidates who are actively looking for work through the Twitter.

As a recruiter, you can utilize twitter tags to follow conversations of a specific audience and engage the users  looking for employment opportunities. Below are the best niche hashtags you can implement as a recruiter to build a relationship and hire those who are seeking jobs in social media.


#hirefridays is a popular Twitter tags chat held every Friday at 12:00 PM EST. It helps job seekers connect with recruiters.

#hirefriday is meant for specifically allowing you as a recruiter to locate candidates as they tweet searching for employment. People use the hashtag #hirefriday in the tweet and requests those who follow them to retweet the news.

You will benefit most from the hashtag if you have a massive following on twitter since the best results come from having followers retweet the work information, i.e., having an enormous audience gives you higher chances of people retweeting your information. You can retweet for a stranger, and a stranger can retweet for you.


The first twitter chat for job seekers is a way to build a relationship with active candidates from different industries.

#jobhuntchat is meant for answering job seekers’ real questions. Your questions will receive answers from other hashtags for job seekers, bloggers, resume writers, career experts, HR professionals, and recruiters.

#jobhuntchat happens every Monday at 9 pm CST and was created by career experts, HR professionals, and former recruiters. The twitter tags cover only four questions per week though in some weeks you will see specific discussions based on the audience’s wishes.

As much as using recruiting hashtags is critical for recruiting experienced candidates, you should not overuse the key words since your engagement on Twitter will usually drop.

The Do’s

  • Perform extensive research on the keywords to use to create a twitter tag that will have the biggest following.
  • Always have hashtags aligned with your company and the position you are advertising.
  • To save on character count, use acronyms whenever possible

The Don’ts  

  • Do not get canning or too long
  • Do not add many words
  • Do not hashtag everything
  • You should not forget to proofread your twitter messages

In instances where you fail to understand which to apply, always utilize hashtag generating tools like all hashtag, seek metric, or hashtagify though the regular search engine tools like Google and

Tips on how to utilize a hashtag when recruiting

  • Minimize the wording to make your tweet be received loudly.
  • Have the correct tags through verifying trending tags through reviewing the history.
  • Before initiating, always ensure it is easy to understand and identify especially if it is a new hashtag.

Since tweets don’t last for long, make a habit of sending as many tweets as you can to reach to a significant number of people as well as the right audience. Always engage yourself and make your presence felt in chats, post content related to the industry, and also post messages. By doing so, a potential candidate will feel your involvement in the existing trends and consider to join your team.

Why you should use hashtags for recruiting

A massive active user base

Twitter has more than 330 million people who are engaged every month generating more than 500 million tweets every day.

37% of Twitter users are between the age of 18 and 29 years while 25% of users are between the age 30 to 49 meaning that more than 60% of Twitter users are in the age group of potential job seekers.

Minimal competition

Although Twitter has a significant active user base with two-thirds of job seekers using Twitter in their career search, only 52% of recruiters use Twitter to search for candidates.

Few companies actively promote their work posted on Twitter or use any active recruiting hashtags to help jobseekers find them.

As a hiring manager or recruiter, you can apply strategic methods to make your company become better known and get the right person from a pool of many job seekers.

Below are the best niche hashtags you can utilize as a recruiter to build a relationship and hire those who are seeking jobs in social media.

How to recruit on Twitter

When hiring, consider using some of these hashtags and help you locate people who are actively looking for employment.

#jobs – you can use it to announce any vacancy on Twitter.

#jobhunt – helps users understand more about the occupations posted on other sites .

#hiring – you can utilize the hashtag if searching for candidates since the tag will help you get connected with them.

#City Name – Implemented when looking to segregate job seekers from a specific city. It is the best used in gathering information related to vacancies and recruitment in the name of the city identified.

#bilingual – the tag indicates that the candidate requires should be experienced on bilingual. The hashtag will help you choose the exact candidate that you need.


Twitter can not only be useful as an engagement tool to reach a specific and targeted audience but also as a sourcing and search tool. Always perform research about your audience for you to know the right hashtag to use on a specific audience.

Michelle is a social media influencer who has a massive following on both Twitter and Instagram. Her content mostly revolves around online education platforms where she gives reviews on the best platforms among them being EduBirdie in the UK as well as updates.


Michelle Lambert

Michelle is a social media influencer who has a massive following on both Twitter and Instagram. Her content mostly revolves around online education platforms where she gives reviews on the best platforms among them being EduBirdie in the UK as well as updates.

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