Recruiting Talent

No matter how much you want it to, top talent probably won’t just show up at your doorstep right as you’re about to post a job opening that perfectly matches their qualifications. On the contrary, it takes a lot of work to recruit employees with the skills and experience you’re looking for.

To help you with this, we’ve written a series of guides that are designed to help you through the process, from promoting your job opening to interviewing candidates.

In our recruiting talent guides, you’ll find:

  • Top talent attraction strategies, including social media advertisements and recruitment videos.

  • How and where to promote a job opening.

  • Tips on how to hire for specific positions, from writing the job description to conducting interviews.

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8 Advantages Of Social Media Recruiting

Discover the advantages of using social media as a recruitment strategy, including its ability to reach a large and diverse pool of candidates, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to target specific demographics of candidates.

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What Is Technical Recruiting?

Summary. Technical recruiting focuses solely on finding candidates for tech-based positions. Due to the specific skills required for these positions, technical recruiting requires a specialized approach to evaluate candidates effectively. In an age where data is a highly valuable resource and nearly all industries are affected by the latest technological innovations, it should come as […]

How To Make A Recruitment Plan

Summary. A recruitment plan is vital to finding the right job candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible. Recruitment plans cover everything from the job description to employee onboarding, and they help you focus your efforts and get everyone on the same page. When it comes to hiring employees, you need to have a plan […]

How To Find Qualified Employees In 2023

Summary. A qualified employee is someone who has all the hard skills needed for the job in question. Depending on how specialized the job is or how competitive the market is, it may be difficult to find someone with that set of skills. If that’s the case, or even if it isn’t, the definition of […]

How To Recruit In 2023

Summary. To recruit new employees to your business, you should first work to understand your business and hiring needs to create a comprehensive job listing. Then, be sure you promote your listing and work with your team to coordinate the best interview process possible. Key Takeaways: According to Finances Online, the top priority of recruitment […]

Best Hiring Practices In 2023

Best hiring practices are the generally accepted best way to go about hiring new employees. There are several different techniques, tricks, and methods that are considered best practices, and it’s best to incorporate several of them into your hiring process. Most of these practices involve trying to see the candidate as an entire individual and […]

Recruiting Talent Highlighted Articles

Career Fair Guide For Employers

Summary. Careers fairs are an essential tool for employers to use when looking to attract new candidates to job openings. These opportunities give businesses a place to promote their company, distribute information about job opportunities, and make good impressions on candidates in only a few hours. However, there is a great deal of preparation and […]

Attitude or experience: What’s the Best Indicator of Future Performance?

The saying ‘past behavior is the best predictor of future performance’ is one that recruitment guru Lou Adler stands by. He believes the way to predict someone’s ability to succeed in a role is to look at what they’ve achieved in the past. Others are more inclined to ‘go with their gut’, basing their hiring […]

How to Really Add Value as an In-House Recruiter

I wanted to share the highlights of my presentation at the in-house recruiter LIVE! 2017 event in London – How to Really Add Value as an In-House Recruiter.

5 Ways To Protect Yourself When Invoking A Replacement Guarantee

5 Ways To Protect Yourself When Invoking A Replacement Guarantee

What happens if your new hire doesn't work out? Here are 5 ways to protect yourself when dealing with recruitment agencies offering a replacement guarantee.

Recruiting Secrets LinkedIn Probably Doesn’t Want You to Know

Recruiting Secrets LinkedIn Probably Doesn’t Want You to Know

Recruiting and job seeking have become significantly more challenging as offers are given out only to candidates who meet all requirements without fail. Sahat Yalkabov, a software engineer at Yahoo, was rejected multiple times and describes this trend in his post “F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken.” I empathize with Sahat and others out […]

How to Source and Attract Multi-Generational Talent in a Tight Labor Market

How to Source and Attract Multi-Generational Talent in a Tight Labor Market

Given the war for quality talent, we have an imminent need to adopt a multi-faceted sourcing and recruitment strategy capable of attracting the best candidates from every generation.

Your Thanksgiving Recipe for Great Recruitment

We dug out our “family recipe” for great recruitment. So let’s sit down at the dining room table, try not to break grandma’s china, and dig right in!

Do Perfect College Grades Make a Perfect Employee?

Many organizations use applicants’ GPAs in the hiring process. In the case of fresh grads who have just left their educational institutions and lack work experience, employers have nothing left but to use their grades as a hiring criterion. This information helps them to see how well prospective employees performed during their studies. Almost half […]

9 Tools To Help You 'Stalk' Candidates (in a non-creepy way)

9 Tools To Help You ‘Stalk’ Candidates (in a non-creepy way)

When you’re ‘stalking’ a candidate online, be sure to stay within the bounds of propriety, and don’t be too quick to judge. Look to their online presence to let you know whether they know how to manage an online brand, or look at whether they’re a culture fit. You can even use your ‘stalking’ to validate their claims.

What Is Sourcing And How Is It Different Than Recruiting?

Sure sourcing and recruiting overlap, however understanding and learning to distinguish the 2 functions will make it easier to hire the best candidate.

10 Ways Internal Recruitment Teams Can Use LinkedIn To Build A Talent Pipeline

10 Ways Internal Recruitment Teams Can Use LinkedIn To Build A Talent Pipeline

Here are 10 tips on how you can best harness some of LinkedIn's features to connect with candidates and build your talent pipeline.

The Seven Stages of the Modern Recruiting Workflow

The Seven Stages of the Modern Recruiting Workflow

In this blog post we take a look at the seven stages that make up the modern recruiting process and the goals for each stage.

The Essential Recruiting Metrics – From Startup to Enterprise

Recruiting metrics are absolutely essential, as long as you are tracking the most relevant activities for you and your team … and your priorities can certainly shift depending on the circumstances.

How to Get an 8x Response Rate to Your Cold Emails to Passive Candidates

The average cold email response rate is about 5%-8%! To put that in perspective, you need to reach out to 20 people to get one response. The key part of this statistic here is “average” and being “average” is not what you want. It’s possible to be an exceptional cold emailer and get a 40-50% […]

How to Understand a Candidate’s True Intentions When Hiring

As hiring manager, you come across the problem of employee motivation time and again. Employers do their best to keep employees motived and productive. It’s not that hard to do when working with long-term employees. But new entries are apples of another tree: managers don’t yet know them, so it becomes a resource- and time-consuming […]

How to Improve Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to Attract Candidates

In the current, competitive landscape where businesses fight for top talent, attracting good candidates is tough. The best talent know the value they bring to a business. In this post, our guest blogger explains how you can increase and improve your value proposition to potential new hires.

How to Create a Fair Assessment and Benchmarking Process

It is important to observe and maintain consistent standards when evaluating candidates objectively at every single stage of the recruitment process.

7 Steps To Turn Your Entire Staff Into A Recruiting Engine

What would you give for a group of talented, enthusiastic people constantly waving your company flag and acting as personal recruiting ambassadors to everyone they meet? Now what would you say if I told you that you actually already have one?

The Non-Recruiters Guide To Hiring Terms

Purple squirrels? Job Hoppers? Stay Interviews? Buy-Backs? Recruitment terminology can sometimes be confusing - especially for a non-recruiter. Check out our list of some typical recruitment terms and their meanings.

8 Signs You’re About to Lose Your Top Candidate

Maybe they're just not that into you! Here are a few signs that unfortunately you might actually be losing your great candidate.

5 Tools To Make Your Recruitment Process More Efficient

Finding the right candidate for your role can be challenging enough, so why not let technology ease the burden with some of these readily available tools.

How To Improve Recruiting When You Have A Bad Reputation

The reputation of any business is key to recruitment. Here are some tips to help change people's perceptions and attract better talent in the process.

Paid Ways To Promote A Job

While writing a job description is the first step in the process of looking for candidates, it’s only one piece. It won’t matter how good your job description is if no one has the opportunity to read it. Promoting your job posting can help draw in a larger number of applications, and a widely distributed […]

Recruiter Tips: Stay Close to Your Candidates During Their Notice Period

So much can happen between the time a candidate accepts a new position and the time they actually start in the role. You need to stay close to them in order to prevent any nasty surprises.

How To Hire A Manager

Managers are responsible for keeping the business running. They facilitate cooperation between different departments and make sure that inventory, scheduling, and projects get done properly. Hiring one can be a difficult process, as you need to find someone who can take care of your business’s unique needs. Thankfully, there’s a process to help you get […]

How To Hire A Sales Representative

Your business is doing well, and it’s time for growth. Hiring a sales representative can help your business explode and give you an edge over the competition. If you don’t already have a sales team, this first hire is critical, and it can be a little intimidating. The following information will help you hire a […]

How To Hire A Software Developer

If your company is at a point where you’re thinking hiring a software developer might be your next big move, this is the place to learn all about making that big hire. Whether you’ve never hired one before or you’re adding a new one to your team, we’ve got tips to help you hire a […]

How To Recruit Talent At A Conference

How To Recruit Talent At A Conference

Conferences and trade shows can be the perfect backdrop for 'talent spotting'. But before you try your hand at conference recruiting, it’s a good idea to review a few basic guidelines.

8 Ways To Avoid Stereotyping While Recruiting

Bernadette Eichner shares 8 tips on how to avoid stereotyping while recruiting for hiring managers and recruiters alike.

7 Tips to Researching Your Potential Candidates

7 Tips to Researching Your Potential Candidates

Here are 7 tips to help you quickly learn about the best practices in researching your potential candidates on social media.

9 Data Protection Tips for Recruiters

9 Data Protection Tips for Recruiters

All recruiters should be aware of any pieces of data protection legislation. This post contains various data protection tips for recruiters. A must read.

12 Recruitment Experts Share Their Best Networking Advice

12 Recruitment Experts Share Their Best Networking Advice

People do business with people they know and like. People refer business to people they trust.

Steve Jobs' Top Hiring Tip: "Hire The Best"

Steve Jobs’ Top Hiring Tip: “Hire The Best”

Steve Jobs was an amazing and unconventional leader in many respects. Apart from using his creative brilliance to design products, he applied his perfectionism equally to designing his team.

4 Reasons Why Candidates Have a Terrible Hiring Experience

4 Reasons Why Candidates Have a Terrible Hiring Experience

Brands today are heavily focused on the overarching experience that their business creates, and for good reason. A positive user experience has been proven to impact sales and customer loyalty, which is why many companies are making it their top marketing priority. However, one experience that is often overlooked is that of the candidates you […]

7 Ways Internal Recruiters And Hiring Managers Can Get Along

Many internal recruiters can often feel trapped between the pressures imposed by the HR team and the demands of their hiring managers. Here are a few suggestions on how to ensure a more amicable business partnership.

5 Efficient Strategies to Hire More Women In Tech

According to EEOC, there are 56% of women employed in various business spheres. On the other hand, tech companies demonstrate an opposite tendency: There are about 25% of women holding tech jobs. This problem is caused by different factors, and one of the reasons for such a ratio lies in the very beginning of the […]

How The Big Companies Hire

How The Big Companies Hire

Here’s an insight into how three of the biggest companies, Google, Apple and Amazon, manage their recruitment processes and what you can take away for your own company.

Get Candidates to Apply – Think Like an Online Marketer

Chances are, you spent so much time figuring out the perfect job description and title and skipped over the part where you told applicants what to do. It's time to take a focused look at calls to action on job ads.

6 Latest Recruitment Trends to Implement

6 Latest Recruitment Trends to Implement

Technology has revolutionized the way the world interracts and operates, and businesses are no exception to this! This post discusses the technology trends that will help in improving your business’s recruiting process.

7 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn

In 2016, LinkedIn had about 450 million users worldwide. But LinkedIn also has it's pitfalls. Check out these alternative recruiting tools.

What Is Talent Sourcing?

Talent sourcing is the process of identifying, researching, and networking with job seekers in order to hire the best new employees possible. It’s an important part of finding good personnel. Most of the time spent sourcing is looking for ideal candidates and crafting a company brand that people want to be a part of. It’s […]

How To Hire A Truck Driver

Hiring a truck driver can be a smart move that adds to your small to medium business offering and gives you an edge over the competition. Having your own trucking team, or even just one person, can make a big difference in your company’s responsiveness and customer service. The following article will help you learn […]

How To Hire A Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can be huge assets to companies, but it can be difficult to know how to go about hiring one. In this article, we’ll outline how to do this from the planning stage all the way through making a job offer. Key Takeaways: On average, it costs $49,450 a year to hire a full-time […]

How To Hire A Security Guard

Depending on the kind of business you run, you may consider hiring additional security to protect your business assets. Hiring a security guard can help protect valuable merchandise or help your customers feel safe when they visit your store. Employing an armed guard on your property is a great way to deter theft. Key Takeaways: […]

8 Recruiting Methods Guaranteed To Get Great Candidates

Attracting talent to your organization seems like it might be a simple task, but it’s actually harder than it looks. Depending on the job, requirements or skills may differ, and every company has unique needs and expectations for the individuals they hire. This means human resources and recruiters must use different hiring tactics to appeal […]

How To Create A Social Media Strategy For Your Small Business [2023]

If you’re looking to gain brand awareness or simply have an online presence, social media is one of the best places to start. However, many companies find social media overwhelming. There are a wide variety of different platforms that are constantly evolving. This is why it’s so important to have a comprehensive strategy for social […]

Free Business Advertising Online [14 Best Ideas To Get Started]

Advertising is important to most businesses; it’s the way you let people know about you and promotes your brand. Unfortunately, advertising can be very expensive. The good news is that there are some ways you can advertise online for free. Read on to learn more. Key Takeaways Advertising is essential for most businesses and brings […]

How To Make A Recruitment Video (The Right Way)

Video is one of the most powerful forms of communication, and as a result, it can be a highly effective recruiting tool for companies. If you’re considering making a recruitment video, keep reading: We’ll go over how to make a recruitment video and show you examples of excellent recruitment videos to use as inspiration. Key […]

6 Tips On How To Write A Cold Recruiting Email

When sending a cold email, you have one shot to make a good impression. Here are 6 tips to writing cold recruiting emails that candidates won’t laugh at.

8 Advantages Of Social Media Recruiting

Discover the advantages of using social media as a recruitment strategy, including its ability to reach a large and diverse pool of candidates, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to target specific demographics of candidates.

8 Recruiting Strategies To Attract The Best Candidates

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Michelle Deery. Michelle is a content writer for Heroic Search. Her opinions are her own.  Hiring new employees is one of the most challenging parts of running a business. Every new hire can have a huge impact of a business’s culture and performance, so the stakes are high. […]

What Is Talent Acquisition? (And How To Do It)

Every company has some manner of talent acquisition. Everyone hires, seeks out talent, and tries to hold onto the employees they already have. This is just a part of doing business and staying competitive. Talent acquisition, however, focuses on trying to get the absolute best people for your positions. Key Takeaways Talent acquisition is the […]

How to Set the Recruitment Goals

Knowing how to set the right recruitment goals and objectives might be difficult, especially when you don’t want to get behind on your responsibilities.

12 Killer LinkedIn Tips for Recruiters

12 Killer LinkedIn Tips for Recruiters

LinkedIn can be a powerful recruitment tool. Not only can you look up candidates that match your criteria, but you can also reach out to them directly, asking them to apply to your open positions. It can be tricky to know what to say in these messages, though, which is why we’ve written this article. […]

Why Recruiting Is Sales

When all is said and done (and whether we like it or not), as recruiters we must all understand that recruiting is sales.

7 Innovative Talent Attraction Strategies

Heather Page shares 5 innovative talent attraction strategies she learned from a recent podcast with Jim Stroud and Paul Slezak.

5 Reasons You Need A Recruitment And Selection Policy

A solid recruitment and selection policy will result in the appointment of the best candidate, based on merit and best-fit with your organisational goals.

8 Ways to Maintain an Active Talent Pool

A talent pool needs to be dynamic for it to be effective. Guest author Jade Parker shares six ways in which you can create and maintain an active and ongoing talent pool.

11 Tips To Attract The Best Candidates

Finding qualified candidates who will perfectly fit into your team can be a challenge. Top candidates always have numerous options, so no wonder they are extremely picky about the offers they accept. That means that combing through resumes from applicants and hoping to find some talent doesn’t work anymore. So if you truly care about […]

How To Write Irresistible LinkedIn Messages To Candidates

If you're going to approach candidates on LinkedIn you must stand out from the clutter. Here are some hot tips on writing messages to grab the attention - and the time - of the ones you really want.

What Is Blind Hiring And How Can It Contribute To Workplace Diversity?

Blind hiring is an HR practice that aims to reduce biases during the hiring process. The idea is to promote talent acquisition based on a transparent method and hire eligible candidates regardless of their name, gender, mother tongue, religion, and socioeconomic background. It also forbids hiring managers from asking about the academic qualifications and professional […]

7 Recruiting Metrics You Should Really Care About

Measuring your recruitment activities is critical. Here are 7 metrics you should really care about.

The 8 Advantages Of Internal Recruitment

When new position open up in your company, you’re going to need to hire someone for that position. The question becomes do you hire internally or externally? Hiring internally or externally depends on factors such as the skills needed to fill the position and your needs for the new position. If you have internal candidates […]

How to Best Incorporate Twitter Hashtags in Your Recruitment Process

The people that you hire determine the performance and future of your business. Acquiring the right talent at the right time cultivates the success of your company. Technology has made recruitment easier for you as an employer and one of the most effective ways of hiring is using twitter tags. Twitter is a micro-blogging and […]

The Importance of Professional Branding for Recruiters

It’s never been easier to jump from a being a cog in the corporate machine to starting up your own business as an independent recruitment professional. While the war for talent is fierce, it’s never been easier to connect with top talent in any location. It’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself from other […]

Candidate.Express your candidate sourcing accelerator, date science, technology, recruitment expertise

Why Efficient Candidate Sourcing is Your New ‘Silver Bullet’

Recruiting and sourcing are increasingly recognized as distinct activities with very different goals and outcomes, requiring very different skills and processes.

How to Use Boolean Search to Find Top Talent on Google

Companies can (and should!) use Google do the detective work to find top talent. We’re not saying you should use this instead of LinkedIn, GitHub, or a good recruiter. But skipping the power of the top search engine when you’re looking for candidates would be a big mistake.

Zippia Advice

Employers Beware! Common traps to avoid when hiring new staff

As a hiring manager have you ever really stopped to think just how important it is to find the best people for your business? Not just mediocre people. Not just someone who happens to be immediately available to fill an urgent vacancy in your team. Not just someone who may have attended the same university […]

How I saved my client $20,000 in recruitment fees

How I saved a client +$20K recruitment fees in 10 hours

My name is Bernadette, and I am one of the many independent recruiters working with RecruitLoop. With over 20 years recruitment experience behind me, I first started working with RecruitLoop towards the end of 2011. I really just wanted to share a great story – one where I was able to find one of my […]