How I saved a client +$20K recruitment fees in 10 hours

By Guest blogger - May. 10, 2012
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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from one of the recruiters in the RecruitLoop network, sharing a recent success story.

My name is Bernadette, and I am one of the many independent recruiters working with RecruitLoop. With over 20 years recruitment experience behind me, I first started working with RecruitLoop towards the end of 2011.

I really just wanted to share a great story – one where I was able to find one of my clients the perfect candidate for a managerial role and, in doing so, I saved him more than $20,000 in recruitment fees.

Don’t believe me? Well here’s how I did it.
Why I joined the RecruitLoop network

One of the things that first attracted me to the RecruitLoop model was that it was the perfect way for SMEs in particular, who might otherwise struggle justifying traditional recruitment agency fees, to still work with an experienced recruiter.

So when a leading Australian confectionery manufacturer connected with me through the RecruitLoop platform with a brief for a General Sales Manager (on a salary of $200K+), I knew I’d be able to help.

How I recruit with RecruitLoop

My recruitment process was no different to the way I have always recruited over the years: meeting with the client, taking a detailed brief, understanding core competencies and cultural fit, creating a performance profile etc. And then I just got on with it.

Another great feature of the RecruitLoop model is the ability to have my candidates complete an online video interview which I can then share with my clients. This can dramatically cut out lengthy phone interviews as well as any initial first round interviews with the ‘wrong’ candidates. So once my client and I agreed on the best filtering questions to ask, the shortlisted candidates completed their video interviews.

A huge time saver.

I then shared the video interviews of the best candidates along with my detailed consultant comments with my client who then watched them online.

He assessed my candidate shortlist and then went ahead with his face to face interviews and quickly identified his preferred candidate.

It was then a matter of doing my in-depth reference checks and the offer was made.

My client had identified a perfect match.

Unlike the traditional recruitment model, as a RecruitLoop recruiter I charge my client an hourly rate only for the time I spend working on their project.

In this case – 10 working hours.

A $20,000 saving (at least!)

I’m sure you can appreciate how delighted my client was not only with the calibre of my candidate, but also with my invoice! His entire recruitment cost – including my hours as well as the cost of the video interviews – had come in at under $1,000.

It’s not hard to calculate the sort of recruitment fee he would have been up for had he used a traditional recruitment agency. After all the salary of his new GM of Sales was over $200K – and executive salaries typically attract a fee of at least 20% of the candidate’s base salary.

I felt great and my client felt great.

Hopefully other businesses will quickly realise that they don’t need the stress of trying to recruit themselves. But they also don’t need to be faced with massive recruitment fees.


Click here to see Bernadette’s RecruitLoop profile, and ask her how she can help you save thousands in recruitment.



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