How to Improve Your Brainstorming Sessions [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Building Culture, Infographic, Startups - 4 years ago

I had a primary school teacher who was really into clichés and metaphors.

Great minds think alike“, she’d say when a group of us would solve some complicated maths problem. But then when I suggested that a larger group work together on a team project, she reminded me that “too many cooks spoil the broth“!

Mrs. Porter clearly couldn’t find a happy medium.

Primary school’s one thing, but solving problems in a work context or coming up with fresh ideas in a team environment is something else altogether. In an ideal situation the great minds can come together without spoiling the broth!

I know I’ve been a part of some awesome ‘think tanks’ throughout my career, but I’ve also been in some brainstorming situations where egos were bruised, prima donnas ruled the stage, and where we found ourselves going absolutely nowhere fast. A complete waste of time and energy.

Is there are art to the perfect brainstorming session? Our friends at WriteMyEssays have created a schmick Infographic highlighting the many ways you can make your brain work harder and your next team brainstorming session more organised.

Who knows, these tips could even help you develop your next ground breaking idea while letting you have some fun along the way.
16 Ways to Improve Your Brainstorming Sessions