10 Ways to De-Stress Your Employees [Infographic]


As an employer, you’ve probably heard all the clichés about pressure in the workplace. To a certain extent, many of them are true. A sense of urgency is necessary to push people into giving their all for the greater good, and many people do their best when the heat is on and the situation is critical.

However too much stress can inflict damage on your employees that will hurt your company in the long run. When employees feel stressed because of their workload, they come to work every day feeling on edge. That can hurt their ability to give their best efforts at their jobs.

They may start taking a lot more time off work. They may start complaining openly to other co-workers, thus lowering morale.

Excessive stress can be a serious problem no matter what the work environment, but employers can make some significant improvements through some very simple cultural changes.

The following Infographic published by our friends at The Jacobson Group lists 10 simple but effective ways employers can reduce the stress level in their workplaces, and help employees feel and work better. Many of these ideas — such as establishing an open-door policy and creating a more social atmosphere — are cultural changes. Others, such as setting aside time each day for meditation or stocking the break room with healthier snacks, require minor tweaks to your existing routine.

All of them can make a substantial difference in helping your employees feel more relaxed, making them feel better about their jobs and putting them in a better position to do their best work for your organization, as well. No work environment is or should be entirely stress-free, but maintaining a healthy balance in your workplace’s stress levels can be a key to greater success.

10 ways to destress your employees infographic from The Jacobson Group