Webinar: Cool Tools and Technology for Independent Recruiters

by Bernadette Eichner
Online Marketer, Recruiter Tips, Recruitment, Talent Professionals - 5 years ago


There can be lots of challenges when you strike out on your own as an independent recruiter – setting up your business, deciding what to charge, building your client base, marketing yourself, making sure you have enough money in the bank, and so on.

For me, by far the most confusing decisions I’ve had to make have been around what tools and technology I have needed.

Do I need something to generate leads and manage my sales activity for me? Do I need a bunch of different tools to be able to source and contact the best candidates? Do I need to be able to access my emails in the ruins of Machu Picchu while on holidays? Do I need more than a computer, a printer and a phone to run my business successfully? (You’ll note I’m advanced enough to have not mentioned a fax machine!)

You see, I’m not from the generation that was born with a microchip or a SIM card embedded in my frontal cortex – you know the thing that enables people to “just know” how to use the latest gadget on the market and “just know” what apps do what and how they can make you and your business more efficient.

But here’s the thing. Just because “there’s an app for that” doesn’t mean it’s good for my recruiting business. After all, recruiters are people recruiting people for people, and I’ve yet to come across an online tool that replaces my smile, my experience and my consulting skills or one that can understand my clients’ needs better than I can.

Not only that, learning what all the apps and hacks do and applying them to my business can be exhausting! And you can run the risk of spending more time satisfying the sometimes cloying needs of a piece of technology than actually getting on with your business.

All that said, there are some cool online tools that can revolutionise your business in terms of making it more flexible, more mobile, more responsive and better organised. And that means you can be wandering the ruins of Machu Picchu while still managing your business and making money. I’ve done it. Well, it wasn’t exactly Machu Picchu but I made almost $8,000 in 3 days between water-ski runs on Australia’s mighty Murray River one summer.

The past five episodes of our series “How to Build a $100K+ Income as in Independent Recruiter” dealt with all the challenges I mentioned earlier.

In the sixth (and final) webinar in this particular series, I’ll be joined by a few other successful recruitment technology ‘gurus’ to talk about …

  • What tools you absolutely need;
  • Whether sales and lead generation tools can help build your business;
  • How to decide what candidate sourcing tools work best for your business; and
  • Some online business management tools that can help your business.

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