Webinar: Get Your Head And Desk Into The $100K Zone

by Bernadette Eichner
Recruiter Tips, Talent Professionals - 5 years ago


Working for yourself can be the most liberating thing you will do. I know, because I’ve done it!

I decided to reinvent myself and strike out on my own when my daughter was born 16 years ago. I suppose I was an independent recruiter before we really knew what that meant!

While there have been some tricky times, I’ve done pretty well since then. I’ve never missed a mortgage payment, a school presentation day or dance recital, I’ve completed a University degree I’ve wanted to do for years (with First Class Honours!) and have loved the flexibility to be there for family and friends. I cannot imagine ever returning to a traditional corporate structure.

The time has never been better for professional recruiters wanting to go it alone.

The upside of being a freelancer or independent consulting professional is the wonderful sense of freedom it brings. You can pick and choose the clients and projects you work on. You can work from home in your pyjamas if you want to, walk the dog at noon and throw a load of washing on. All while you are effectively managing a workload that can create earnings of $100K or more.

Or the whole idea can be a disaster. Distractions, poor time management, a disorganised workspace, or not making time to stay connected to the industry can turn your dream into a nightmare.

But there is no big single secret to success. It all depends on how much you believe in yourself, how focussed and organised you are and how much you want to succeed.

Getting your head sorted is the first step. Reframing your thinking around “who” you are without a corporate title and a salary to match isn’t as easy as you first think. And then there’s the guilt when you are walking the dog while everyone else is “at work”. But returning calls while on that walk means you are are getting both jobs done! See where I’m going with this?

Get Your Head And Desk Into The $100K Zone” is the 1st episode 

in RecruitLoop’s How to Earn $100K+ As An Independent Recruiter” series.

In this episode you will learn how to:

  • Get your head into the $100K zone;
  • Apply the success formula to your own independent recruiting business;
  • Decide whether a home office or shared workspace is best for you; and
  • Make sure your workspace is productive and energising.

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Hope to see you there!

Bernadette Eichner