Will the Future of Work Rest on the Next Generation? [Infographic]


Gen Y and Gen Z - the future of work

A few months ago, we published a post about the ‘generation showdown‘ which highlighted how Generation X and Y, with their own professional attitudes and skill sets, have defined the modern workplace.

In it we asked how they compare to the next generation (Gen Z) and we stressed how really understanding the motivations and skills of each generation is vital when it comes to talent attraction, selection and retention.

But what about the difference between Gen Y (also known as the ‘Millennials’) and Gen Z?

Will they pull professional culture in opposite directions?

Our friends at Adecco have come up with an awesome infographic which shows the HR sector why the future of work rests on the shoulders of the next generation.

  • What are their concerns for the future?
  • What are their aspirations after university?
  • What do they really want from their first job?
  • How exactly are they looking for work?
  • Are universities and colleges doing enough to prepare them for work?

HR professionals will certainly have their work cut out when it comes to talent retention strategies for the different generations. And with so much uncertainty among both Gen Y (the Millennials) and Gen Z, recruiters, business owners and hiring managers alike should all consider what they can do to address the perceived shortcomings of skills development at universities and colleges.

Gen Y and Gen Z - the future of work