Will Your Employer Brand be Ruined by Social Media? [Infographic]

by Paul Slezak
Building Culture, Employer branding, Infographic - 4 years ago

I can’t even begin to think how many organisations I have dealt with over the years in either my capacity as a recruiter or as a manager of recruiters. But sitting across the table from a business owner, hiring manager or HR manager, the questions “what kind of reputation do we have out there in the market?” and “what do we need to do in order to improve our employer brand?” would come up time and time again.

What kind of reputation does your organisation have out there in the market today?

When organisations are competing for the best candidates, the organisation with the stronger employer brand will undoubtedly increase its ability to attract, select and retain the talent it needs.

Having a strong employer brand will reduce the cost of hiring, lower staff turnover and increase productivity. In order to win the best recruits, a company must know how the talent pool perceives their brand. Today many companies are trying to sharpen the way they market themselves to future potential employees by applying branding techniques to their recruitment process.

For a company to exploit its brand effectively when it fishes for talent, it must think of recruits as customers. Instead of asking yourself “why would somebody want to buy from us?” you need to ask yourself,“why would somebody want to work for our organisation?”.

Companies with positive brands get twice as many applications as companies with negative brands, and they spend less money on employees. So now more than ever, it’s important to build a positive employer brand.  But the rules for how you do that have changed considerably.

In the 90s, when employer branding started getting attention, it was something that came from the top down. These days, because of social media and sites like Glassdoor, employees also have a big influence on your brand – much the same as customers.

Our friends at Betterteam have put together a terrific Infographic outlining why now is really the time to get serious about your employer brand.