Breaking Ground: The State of Women in Construction [Infographic]


Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand.
Women are breaking new ground in many industries, even those that have traditionally been the least gender diverse. As gender parity becomes more of a priority for businesses across the spectrum, the fields that have been traditionally male-dominated, like construction, are particularly seeking to make inroads toward greater gender equality.

Leading the industry

At around just 9% of the workforce being female, the construction industry has had one of the worst gender disparities of any work profession.
However, with a recent 15% jump in the number of female leaders, this industry has also seen the most gains toward equal representation as more and more are actively seeking leadership roles. The effect is cumulative as the more women there are are in leadership, the more women will be recruited and promoted throughout the sector. The outlook is positive — women are expected to comprise 25% of the construction workforce by 2020.
Combined with the 1.6 million workers needed to fill construction roles in the next few years, this is an opportunity that applicants would be smart to exploit.

Women inspiring women

As a part of this growth, resources for women in the field have become more robust. The National Association For Women in Construction was founded in 1953 but has grown substantially over the last 65 years. They host their own awards, offer career guidance, provide educational opportunities, and lead apprenticeship programs.
The growth of female leaders has also created role models and mentor figures for women. This is crucial, as the presence of women in the field provides a source of inspiration for other women to pursue construction and advance in their career. The determination of these leaders in making sure that a path exists for other women is a testament to the possibilities that can be found for women today in the industry.
So how many female leaders are in construction and what does it take to lead the industry? To find out, our friends at BigRentz took a close look at female executives and managers at ENR’s Top 100 and Fortune 500 construction companies and compiled their findings into the infographic below.
women on construction