Zippia Poll: Half of American workers would rather work from home forever

by Kathy Morris
Study - 7 months ago

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  • Two thirds of all American workers are able to work from home
  • 75% of baby boomers want to work from home forever
  • Half of all Americans want to continue working from home following the coronavirus

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has more people than ever working from home.

With many states and cities closing down nonessential businesses, and others sure to follow, the number of workers working remotely will continue to grow in the coming days.

For many companies and workers that have never worked remotely this is all completely new. Companies hastily threw together guidelines and crossed their fingers in hopes that nothing would break. Workers wondered if it would all work.

We surveyed over 500 Americans to see how this unprecedented event is impacting the American worker. The survey found out how the coronavirus has affected Americans’ work lives– and if this event will fundamentally change how we work in the future.

Zippia found more than half of American workers prefer working from home and want to continue working from home when all this is over — it saves a considerable amount of time and money.

Below are some more highlights from Zippia’s survey:

Summary Of Findings

  • Half of millenials want to work from home permanently
  • While most people feel more productive, older people feel significantly more productive working from home than younger workers
  • 51% would rather work-from-home full-time than go into the office
  • More than half of Americans don’t believe their work will make remote work permanent
  • 17% of Americans DO believe their work will let them work remotely following the crisis

Closing Thoughts On Remote Work During The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has launched a national work from home experiment of unprecedented size. Many Americans are finding that not only can they work from home– they are actually more productive than in the office.

While it is too soon to say how much this will change the way the American workforce works, many feel optimistic that their company will let them continue working remotely even after the threat is gone.

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